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Merlin was pacing outside of Morgana's chambers. It was hours after Forridal had given him the location of the druids. Merlin was still planning on that being his back-up plan, but he was becoming more and more convinced that that was what he should do. He could take Morgana to the druids, and his secret would remain intact.

But that didn't seem right. Shouldn't he trust his secret to his friends? Especially if said friend was a sorceress herself. Morgana had just as much to lose as he did. She wouldn't tell. Hopefully. Merlin's hands clenched anxiously. His right hand tightened over a tiny glass bottle. His excuse for coming here at this late hour.

Merlin stopped in front of Morgana's door. He raised his hand to knock…then put it down again. He let out a long sigh. I can do this. My mind is made up. I will do this. I'm about to…I can't. I just can't. I'm a coward. I don't trust my friends. I'm a pathetic, useless, worthless piece of junk that doesn't deserve anything. Stop. I can do this. I will do this. I am going to do this.

Merlin once again lifted his hand, and gave the door a quick rap before he could change his mind. Oh no. I did it. She's going to open the door. What do I do? What do I do? It's too late. Maybe if I run…No. No. No. I won't abandon her. Merlin sucked in a deep breath right when Morgana opened the door.

No one said anything as she opened the door for him. Merlin looked at the bottle awkwardly as he entered the room. It was now or never. "Ummm," he started, "Gaius…asked me to…ummm…deliver this." Merlin winced as he stuttered over the words. He offered the sleeping draft to Morgana weakly.

There was another awkward moment between them until Morgana said, "I don't need any potion," Morgana looked at Merlin. She had heard him pacing and muttering to himself in front of her door. She new that he was considering telling her that he was a warlock, but was scared to. She didn't look at him when she said, "Thank you."

In truth, Morgana was scared to look him in the eye. Not scared as in fear, but scared as in worried. She was scared of the warm, tingly feeling in her stomach. She was scared that if she looked into his eyes, she would never look away. Morgana knew that as soon as she gazed into his eyes, she would be lost. She could stare at those eyes forever…Morgana blinked, trying to get back on task. She saw Merlin start to shift uncomfortably and his resolve begin to waiver. Morgana wanted to trust him, and in order to that, he needed to trust her. "Merlin, about last night…" she began. But to her relief ( and though she wouldn't admit it, surprise) Merlin cut in.

"Yes, about last night. Morgana, there's something I need to tell you." Merlin took in a deep breath. This was it. "imasorcerer." He said it all in a rush.

Morgana looked at Merlin. Immediately after he had said it, his jaw snapped shut. Morgana couldn't help but give a small smile at his antics. That was when she got an idea. "What? I'm sorry. I didn't hear you." Actually, she had heard him quite well, now she was just teasing him, but he didn't need to know that.

Merlin closed his eyes. No backing out now. Just get it over with. "I said: I. Am. A. Sorcerer." He said it as if each word was it's own sentence. He was calm when he said it, almost eerily so. Merlin's hands were clenched and by his side. His eyes remained shut. He didn't want to witness her reaction. She would surely feel upset and betrayed…

Morgana looked at Merlin. After he confessed, he got all tense, and his muscles bunched up. His eyes were closed so Morgana was free to stare. She looked at him. She wanted to close the distance between them…to touch his face…to comfort him…Morgana snapped out of her trance. What was with all of these feelings about Merlin? I can't possibly like him…can I?

"Merlin," Morgana said in a gentle voice. She frowned when he flinched. "Merlin, I heard you the first time, and…" She trailed off. Merlin's body relaxed a bit, and Morgana finished her sentence. "And, I already knew." She admitted. Morgana felt herself blushing by this point. What was wrong with her? It was never like this around other men! A little voice answered her in the back of her mind. But Merlin isn't like other men. He's more. Morgana couldn't disagree with the voice.

Merlin's eyes flew open in shock at this revelation. "Already knew? What do you mean?" He was quiet. Neither of them spoke. "How?" he asked.

Morgana didn't meet his eyes. She blushed, but this time in embarrassment. "I…I overheard your fight with Gaius."

"Oh." Was the only intelligent reply Merlin came up with. "Ummm, I wasn't expecting that." Morgana laughed. Merlin liked her laugh. It was like bells.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner. I wanted you to tell me first."

"I understand." Merlin said, and he did. Morgana looked shocked. "You wanted me to trust you." Merlin lifted her chin and looked her in the eye. "And I do." The world seemed to disappear around Morgana. She wasn't standing on the floor; she was floating. Not literally of course, but with magic you never know. It was just Merlin and herself. Nothing else mattered. Then Merlin ruined the moment.

Merlin stepped back with embarrassment. "Ahh, I better be going." He rubbed the back off his neck. "Gaius will be wondering where I am." Morgana didn't want him to go, and try as she might, she couldn't keep the look of disappointment off her face. "I'll be back though," Merlin said hurriedly, "I can teach you if you want. Magic, I mean. If you would like?" He said this last statement like it was a question.

Morgana almost didn't notice. Were his eyes always that blue? She wondered. "I'd love that." she answered, unable to tear her gaze away. The smile Merlin gave in answer to that was worth it. Such a lovely smile.

"That's great!" He said, enthusiastic about being able to share his gifts with someone other than a blood relative. "How about tomorrow? At midday. I'll be in Gaius's chambers."

"That's wonderful Merlin." Morgana replied. That's not the only thing that's wonderful. Morgana shook the stray thought away. "Really, it is." She smiled up at him. "Truly."

Merlin smiled back, his grin covering half his face. Then he blushed. "I got to go. Sorry." He did seem sorry.

"No, no, it's fine. I don't want to get you into trouble." Morgana looked at him one more time before ushering him out the door. She closed the door behind him and let out a long breath. When did everything get so complicated?


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