When you work with profilers you have to accept that you can't hide anything. JJ thought and she sat down behind her desk and sighed.

The moment she had walked into the BAU this morning Morgan had said, "You got laid last night."

She had blushed, because it was true, and went, "Excuse me?"

"JJ's got a new man!" Emily had exclaimed, jumping into the conversation.

They had all glanced at Reid, expecting a lecture on how to respect JJ's privacy, because now was when he would usually jump into the conversation, but he hadn't heard a word they had said. He was flipping through a Stephan King novel with headphones on.

"Tell us about him." Morgan demanded, enjoying the chance to humiliate their liaison.

"There's nothing to tell!" JJ protested.

"Oh, honey, there's always something to tell." Garcia insisted, appearing behind Morgan.

"Is he cute?" Emily inquired.

JJ sighed. She wasn't getting out of this one. "Very."

"Was this a one time fling or a boyfriend thing?" Garcia asked. Garcia knew that if she could get her hands on a name she would know more about that boy than his own mother in less than a minute.

"Boyfriend." JJ answered. One word at a time, she told herself.

They next thing she knew they were on a plane to Chicago for a case and every couple of minutes she would be faced with a new question from Morgan or Emily, who would call Garcia with their new information. Basically, the next four days of JJ's life went like this:

Emily: Is he blonde?

JJ: No

Morgan: Does he have a steady job?

JJ: Yes.

Emily: Has he ever been in a real relationship before?

JJ: No.

Morgan: Have you met his parents?

JJ: No.

Emily: Have you met his friends?

JJ: Yes.

Morgan: Have you met his co-workers?

JJ: Yes.

It was a very stressful four days.

JJ was glad to be back. She had just gotten into her car when Morgan and Emily walked over and motioned for her to roll down the window.

"We think we know who it is," chimed three voices at once. Emily, Morgan and Garcia from the phone.

"Oh really?" JJ raised her eyebrows skeptically.

"Is it-" Emily started.

"-the one-" Garcia added.

"-the only-" Morgan took over.

Altogether now, "-Dr. Spencer Reid?!"

Damn. "Yes." JJ said before driving off.

Yes, JJ had learned long ago there wasn't anything you could hide when you worked with a group of profilers.

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