Ranma's Little Pony

by K.M.

A Ranma 1/2 / My Little Pony Crossover

Ranma 1/2 created by Rumiko Takahashi (Isn't she the best?)
Copyright 1992 Rumiko Takahashi/Shogakukan, Inc. All rights reserved
Trademarked by Viz Communications, Inc. All rights reserved

My Little Pony is Trademarked by Hasbro, Inc. All Rights Reserved

This story was originally written for nonprofit entertainment only, please don't sue me. Pretty please?

Although Ranma, and the rest of the Nerima gang, don't appear in Chapter 1, they will definitely have large parts in this story. Particularly Ranma.

Chapter 1:

"Why?" she thought as she looked up at the rainbow. It was a question that had always been at the back of her mind, but one that she had never really tried to solve before. Until now.

"Why did the rainbow always take her, and the other ponies, to Megan's?" While it really wasn't a complaint, it was puzzling. No matter where the rainbow appeared in Ponyland, it always took them to Megan's when they flew over it. Oh, it was true they didn't usually arrive in the exact same spot every time, but they always seemed to arrive within a mile radius of Megan's home.

She liked Megan a lot, and definitely considered her one of her best friends. The one thing she loved to do most was talk to Megan about the human world. Earth. From all their talks, it seemed Megan's world stretched on forever. She knew this wasn't truly the case, but at times it seemed so.

She had learned long ago from Megan that both unicorns and pegasus' were present in the history of Megan's world. However, these myths, as the humans believed they were, were mostly depicted as being far from Megan's homeland on Earth. A country called America.

She had also learned that Ponyland and Earth shared other common languages other than English. Although most were only spoken in the farthest reaches of Ponyland, she personally spoke more than a few of them fluently.

The more she heard about Megan's world the more she wanted to explore it. Unfortunately, Megan often discouraged her from doing so. Although Megan told her she'd like nothing better than to show her world to her, she said it was too dangerous.

She noticed this was a subject that Megan didn't like to be reminded of. Although Megan loved Earth, she also knew how dangerous it would be for her friends. She told them there were dangerous people in her world that would surely try to capture a flying pastel colored pony. And if they discovered that her pony friends could talk? She shuddered at the thoughts of what might happen. Circus', laboratories, and who knows what else. And the worst part was, you never knew where these people were, or who they were. Some of them could just be average people trying to make some money by capturing and selling the ponies. This was one of the small reasons Megan liked to come to Ponyland, to get away from it all.

She understood, and appreciated, Megan's concern for the welfare of her friends, but it didn't extinguish the flame of passion she had to explore Earth.

The more she thought about it, the more she was convinced that the rainbow could send her to other places on Earth. At first, she tried going over the rainbow in a series of complex patterns, and speeds, but she still always wound up at Megan's. After trying dozens of ideas, with no success, she decided to hold off a while and contemplate.

It was today that the thought occurred to her. "What is the one common denominator that is shared by all who have gone over the rainbow to see Megan?"

"Of course!" she gasped. Could the solution really be that simple? Aside from being able to fly in the first place, there was only one other common denominator. Destination. They were all 'trying' to go and see Megan. When she tried to go elsewhere, she had no specific destination in mind, and so she simply ended up back at her previous destination.

The more she thought about, the more it made sense. Pegasus ponies did have magic within them. Perhaps it wasn't the rainbow alone that sent them to Megan's, but the rainbow, and the magic within them, directing them to a destination.

Suddenly, a small frown appeared on her face. "But I've never been anywhere else on Earth. How do I choose a different destination?" she thought.

Almost as quickly as it appeared, the frown vanished and was replaced by a smile. She turned and almost ran inside Paradise Estate. She walked into the study and over to a corner of the room. Megan had brought her many books and other things about Earth, but this one particular object just might be the answer to her dream.

She studied the large sphere until she found what she was looking for. There in bold letters on the sphere was the word "AMERICA." Megan's home.

She smiled. "Now...where to go?" she muttered to herself.

She turned the globe a little, and decided that for a real test she should probably choose a destination somewhat distant from Megan's. Finally, she decided on a spot on another continent. "CHINA" it read. She stared at the spot intensely, trying to burn it's image into her mind. After about a minute she decided it was time for the test.

She walked out of Paradise Estate and looked up at the rainbow, happy to see it was still there.

"Well," she said, almost shivering with anticipation "here we go."

She flew up to the rainbow, the image of "CHINA" still strong in her mind. As she was passing over the rainbow the mist started to get thicker, and thicker. This wasn't unexpected to her, as it was what always happened when she went over the rainbow. The real part she was waiting for was what she would see when the mist cleared. Megan's home, or somewhere else?

Slowly the mist became clearer, and she could begin to see again. She looked down to see a valley.

"Yes!" she cried. She didn't know if she was in China, but she definitely knew that she wasn't at Megan's. She was about to take a look at the valley, when a huge turbulent wind came up and started to toss her about. Before she knew what was happening she found herself rocketing downward out of control.

As she looked at the quickly approaching landscape, she could see pools of water in every direction. While this would normally be a blessing during a crash landing, she was terrified. The reason that she was terrified was because sticking out of every pool were huge poles pointing skyward. If she didn't get some sort of control over her descent, she was afraid she might end up impaled upon one of the poles.

She desperately tried to regain control as the landscape came closer, and closer. Thankfully, she managed to steer clear of the poles and crash into one of the pools unharmed. Now she just had one other problem. Not drowning. She desperately kicked all her legs, trying to reach the surface.

"Where's a Seapony when you need one?" she though, trying to keep herself from panicking.

After a few moments, she seemed to be making some progress. It even seemed a little easier. She crawled out of the pool and began coughing up what little water she had swallowed. She then looked up to see a man standing in front of her.

"Are you all right...miss?" the man asked. Oh, how he hated asking that question at this particular spring. He hadn't seen this person fall in the spring, but when he heard the loud splash he came immediately.

She looked at him with some confusion. He was speaking Chinese, she must be in China after all. She smiled slightly, glad that it was one the languages she spoke.

"Yes, I believe so." she said.

Noticing she had made no objection to being called 'miss' the man sighed in relief. He then reached down and helped pull her up by her arm.

She was completely startled when she found herself being pulled up onto her hind legs. What startled her most was, although she was having trouble balancing, it wasn't as much trouble as she usually had while standing on only her hind legs. Then she looked down and gasped.

"I'm...human?" she said in quiet awe.

"Are you all right?" the man asked, his concern renewing itself. He hadn't quite caught what she said, as she spoke too softly, and in English.

"I am uncertain. I seemed to have undergone some sort of metamorphoses. Any information you might have as to what has transpired would be most appreciated" she stated.

The man just stared at the young girl with the curious choice of words.

"Ahh...yes, of course. But first, here." he said as he handed her his jacket. The girl still seemed to be oblivious to the fact that she was completely naked, and he wasn't sure how much longer he could pretend he didn't notice.

She looked curiously at the jacket the man was offering her. It took her a moment to understand the strange offer, but eventually it occurred to her. She looked down as though to remind herself she was not only a human female now, but unclothed as well. From her conversations with Megan, she remembered that humans not only wore clothing to protect them from the elements, but that it was also customary. A human just didn't go out in public unclothed.

"Thank you." she said as she put the jacket over her shoulders and wrapped it around her, effectively concealing her new form.

The man then began to explain that he was the guide for this place. The place was called Jusenkyo, and he told her of it's past and the magic it held. He noticed the girl was most interested and encouraged him to go on with as much detail as he could.

She could scarcely believe what she had been told, but was anything but unhappy. If what the guide said was true, she now had a way to explore Earth incognito. And she could still regain her true form too.

"Sir, could I trouble you for some hot water?" she smiled and asked.

The guide led her back to his home. He was still more than a little confused as to what was happening. If she wasn't a girl to begin with, she sure wasn't unhappy about being one now. Not that such individuals hadn't visited in the past, but it was rare.

Shortly after reaching his home, he brought her a kettle of hot water and handed it to her.

"Thank you." she said as she raised the kettle over her head and let the contents pour out and over her.

The guide's eyes went wide as the girl before him quickly changed into small light pastel blue pony with wings. Wings!

She bent her head down and picked the kettle up with her mouth. She then offered it to the guide and he took it with numb fingers.

"Thank you again for all of your assistance" she said simply, as the guide's eyes went wider at hearing her speak.

The guide watched as the pony flew off in the direction of a nearby rainbow. He picked up the jacket she had discarded after transforming, and turned to go inside. He was extremely thankful that he was home. He needed a nap.

She was smiling happily as she headed over the rainbow and back to Ponyland. She was anxious to begin exploring Earth right away, but first she had some preparations to make.

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