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A Ranma 1/2 / My Little Pony Crossover

Ranma 1/2 created by Rumiko Takahashi
Copyright 1992 Rumiko Takahashi/Shogakukan, Inc. All rights reserved
Trademarked by Viz Communications, Inc. All rights reserved

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Chapter 3:
Wind Whistler?

For the moment, the two made their way back to the dojo in silence. Having talked with Ranma for a while on the walk back to the dojo, Wind Whistler's mind was currently going over several things. She was glad to have learned from him that she hadn't truly engaged in any mating rituals, and that Kuno's testimony was just the product of the boy's overactive imagination. She did feel a little bad though, given Ranma's somewhat colorful descriptions of Kuno, that the boy seemed to have difficulty establishing his fantasies from reality.

There was something else that was bothering her too. Two trips to Earth in a row, and she had found herself caught in sudden tumultuous winds which seemed to spring up out of nowhere. She highly doubted it was a coincidence, as she and the other ponies had traveled to Megan's numerous times without such incidences occurring.

Perhaps other entry points to Earth were unstable and caused these winds to arise? If so, which was more common, stable entry points like Megan's, or unstable entry points like her last two trips? She hoped it wasn't the latter, or she would be in for a lot of rough arrivals as she began to explore other places on Earth.

"I suppose I won't know until I try some more destinations first." she thought.

"First?" she thought again. The last word of that thought seemed to make something in her memory click. She tried to recall if she had ever had such problems on her first trip to Megan's, but she couldn't remember having had any. She then tried to recall if any of the other ponies had ever had such problems.

Suddenly her eyes widened slightly as a thought came to her.

"Firefly!" she whispered in astonishment.

"Huh, did you say something?" Ranma asked.

"Oh, no... I was just thinking of something." she said to him as she continued her train of thought. As they were nearly at the dojo, Ranma decided to leave the girl to her thoughts for the time being.

Firefly, Wind Whistler recalled, was the FIRST pony to visit Megan, and if she remembered correctly, Firefly crashed into Megan's well, AFTER a strong wind forced her down.

Since she couldn't recall any other real problems of consequence in traveling to Megan's, perhaps this meant that the entry points to Earth became stable after the first trip?

It would still be a rough arrival each time she went somewhere new, but if this theory proved true, then at least she could return to points she'd already been to without much concern.

"Well, we're here." said Ranma, bringing her out of her contemplation.

She looked at the home that she'd been lead to as she continued to follow her new friend. She didn't really know that much about Japanese dwellings, but it seemed to look pleasant enough. She then noticed that Ranma was leading her in the direction of girl who seemed to be a little older than Ranma, and who was hanging laundry at the moment.

"Welcome home Ranma. Who's your friend?" the older girl said.

"Hey, Kasumi," Ranma answered, "This is Wind Whistler, she had a run-in with Kuno and needs to borrow some clothes."

"Oh my! Are you all right?" Kasumi asked Wind Whistler with concern.

"I'm fine, thank you. Fortunately for me, Ranma arrived in time to render his assistance at my moment of distress." Wind Whistler replied.

"Oh, that's good." Kasumi said pleasantly.

"Come on, I think I can find some clothes that'll fit you." Ranma said as he led Wind Whistler into the house.

Kasumi watched as the two left. "What an unusual name." she thought to herself.

Once inside, Ranma brought Wind Whistler to a room where she could dress, and offered her some selections of clothing. The selections consisted partly of female clothing that he'd worn in his cursed form when he had to disguise himself on different occasions. As best as he could tell, Wind Whistler seemed to have about the same build as his cursed form, so he felt the clothes would probably fit her pretty well.

"You can borrow any of this stuff, I'll be in the kitchen when you're finished, or if you need anything." he said.

"Thank you." she replied, as he left to let the girl change in private.


"Your friend seems very nice Ranma" Kasumi said.

"Uh, yeah, she does." Ranma replied a little warily. It wasn't that he didn't agree with Kasumi, it's just that she had said similar things before about people who had come to the dojo to try and kill him. Even WHILE they were trying to kill him. It just made it a little hard to accept her assessments seriously.

"I believe I've found some suitable attire." came a voice from the doorway.

Ranma and Kasumi turned their attention to the doorway. Ranma could see that Wind Whistler was wearing the girl's soccer shirt that he'd worn from the time he helped Ryoga get rid of his tattoo, and a pair of blue shorts.

"You look very nice Wind Whistler." Kasumi chimed merrily, "Why don't you two go and have a seat at the table, and you and Ranma can tell me about what happened."

Wind Whistler and Ranma went to the table and sat down, followed moments later by Kasumi bringing refreshments. The two then began to relate their meeting at the Kuno Estate. Wind Whistler had to improvise a bit as she couldn't very well tell them that she had flown into Kuno. She informed them that she had just arrived in Nerima and stumbled into Kuno, knocking him out, and the two of them into Kuno's pond, when she inadvertently entered the Kuno Estate.

Ranma and Kasumi seemed to accept this, though Ranma thought her story sounded a little like she had gotten lost when she wound up at the Kuno Estate. A small part of his mind hoped he hadn't just stumbled onto a female version of Ryoga.

"Wind Whistler," Kasumi asked, "I hope you don't mind, but could ask you a personal question?"

"Of course, please do." Wind Whistler said. These new people she'd met seemed quite nice, and she was more than happy to answer whatever Kasumi's question might be.

"Well, you have a very curious name. Would mind telling me how you came by it?" Kasumi asked.

Ranma had also thought her name was a little odd, and had almost asked her about it, but after dealing with the Amazons' odd names he figured it might be something similar. He was pretty confident though that Wind Whistler wasn't an Amazon. She didn't move like someone who had had training in the martial arts, so he figured that her name probably just sounded like English words, not unlike some of the Amazon names he had come to know. In truth he didn't really know that much English, but her name sure sounded like English to him.

"Well," Wind Whistler began, "in my homeland it's quite common for us to be named after our birthmarks."

Ranma and Kasumi blinked at this. "Birthmarks?" they asked in unison.

Wind Whistler smiled at their confusion and stood up. She then began to pull the top of her shorts down a bit on the side. Upon hearing Ranma gulp, she stopped and looked up at him in confusion. The boy was blushing slightly again. She remembered that he had also done that before when she was unclothed. Perhaps he thought she was getting undressed? Since she was only planning to pull her shorts down far enough to reveal her birthmarks, she dismissed Ranma's reaction and continued to do so.

"See?" she said now that her birthmarks were visible.

Kasumi leaned closer to Wind Whistler to get a better view. She then smiled at the revelation.

"Whistles" Kasumi said cheerfully.

Unfortunately, Ranma didn't know the English word for whistle, so the revelation was lost on him. Kasumi, who's English was much better, translated for Ranma upon seeing his confusion.

"But what about the 'Wind' part?" Ranma asked. He at least knew what wind meant in English.

"Oh, sometimes we're also named after family traits. I come from a family of... aviators." she said.

"Oh, do you fly Wind Whistler?" Kasumi asked happily.

"Frequently." she said while smiling with amusement.

"Perhaps you could take Ranma flying someday." Kasumi said.

Wind Whistler looked over at Ranma and continued to smile in amusement.

"We'll see." she said a little mischievously.

"I'm home." a voice called from the other room. "Kasumi?" the voice continued questioningly.

"In here." Kasumi called out to voice.

A moment later, a girl with short dark hair appeared at the doorway to the room.

"Welcome home Akane." Kasumi said to her sister cheerfully.

Akane stopped her entrance into the room upon seeing the strange girl.

"Oh... we have... company?" Akane asked a little warily. Ever since Ranma and is father arrived, strangers showing up at the dojo weren't always a good thing. ESPECIALLY strange girls. For the moment, Akane wasn't sure what to make of the girl.

"Wind Whistler, this is my sister Akane. Akane this is Wind Whistler, she's a friend of Ranma's." Kasumi stated in her usual pleasant manner.

Akane's indecision over what to make of the girl was quickly resolved as three words went through her mind, "Ranma. Girl. BAD!"

Wind Whistler was confused to see Akane narrow her eyes at her, before turning to glare at Ranma.

Inwardly, Ranma groaned at the glare Akane directed towards him. Things had actually been going pretty well between the two of them lately. Akane had cut down on the violence and insults a bit, but anytime a cute girl so much as spoke a word to him, her jealousy would surface again. And at the moment, it looked like it was surfacing with a vengeance.

He really would like to figure out what her problem was someday. So she wasn't as cute as other girls. So what? It wasn't as if she still couldn't be cute at times, as amazed as he was at that fact. If she'd just lose the temper for good she could probably manage to be cute a lot more of the time.

Akane practically growled at Ranma, "Another fiancée?!"

"Fiancée?" Wind Whistler thought in confusion.

Ranma sighed. "No Akane, we only met today after that idiot Kuno tried to claim her as his latest 'love'.

Akane's temper was not swayed much by Ranma's answer, not that this surprised him much. Whenever Akane got like this, reasoning wasn't her strong point. He sometimes felt that he would be lucky if he could convince her that two plus two equaled four at times like these, let alone anything else.

"In case you've forgotten," Akane huffed, "I'm supposed to help you study. Unless you'd like to fail another test!"

"Hey! I didn't fail that last test!" Ranma angrily retorted. It had been close, but he didn't actually fail it. And it wasn't exactly like the idiots in Nerima, his father included, ever gave him a moments peace to study.

Wind Whistler's attention peaked at this point in the conversation. Perhaps she could help repay Ranma's kindness.

"Perhaps I could assist in your studies? It's the least I could do after all of the assistance you've given me."

"That's a wonderful idea Wind Whistler." Kasumi replied happily.

"What subject seems to be troubling you?" Wind Whistler asked Ranma.

"Math." Akane answered for Ranma in a flat voice, clearly not happy with the girl's offer.

When it became clear that Akane wasn't going to go into more detail, Wind Whistler asked for more specifics.

"What kind of Mathematics? Algebra? Geometry? Trigonometry? Calculus?..." Wind Whistler started asking in manner that seemed to clearly indicate that she knew each of the subjects quite well. Before she could continue her list however, Akane interrupted her.

"Fine! I guess you won't be needing me then!" Akane yelled at Ranma as she began to storm off.

"Oh, come on Akane." Ranma called after her with irritation.

"I... we would of course be happy for your assistance as well." Wind Whistler called after Akane. She somehow seemed to have upset the girl, and was trying to find some way to rectify the situation. Akane however, continued to storm off.

"Like having several fiancees isn't enough for him, now he has to go and get a girlfriend!" Akane angrily thought to herself.

"I'm sorry," Wind Whistler apologized to Ranma and Kasumi, "I seem to have upset her somehow. I assure you that such was not my intent."

"Oh it's not your fault," Kasumi said trying to placate the pink haired girl, "Akane can just be a bit... temperamental at times."

Ranma rolled his eyes at Kasumi's statement. "Yeah, a bit." he thought sarcastically.

"So Wind Whistler," Kasumi started, trying to change to topic, "where are staying while you explore Japan?"

"Oh, I'll be camping out." She answered matter of factly. She became slightly nervous at the looks of concern Ranma and Kasumi directed at her.

"Ah... perhaps you could recommend some good campsites?" Wind Whistler asked trying to disrupt their intense stares.

"Wind Whistler, it isn't very safe for a young girl to camp out on her own in Japan." Kasumi stated. "Especially in Nerima." she thought to herself.

"Oh, I've camped out numerous times before. Really, I appreciate your concern, but I can assure you I'll be fine." Wind Whistler replied, not entirely understanding their reasons for concern.

Ranma frowned. He could pretty much tell that girl didn't know any martial arts by the way that she moved, not to mention her early encounter with Kuno. It was in fact the Kuno encounter that was primarily concerning him.

"What if some other jerk like Kuno gives you trouble? You don't know any martial arts, right?" Ranma asked. He was confident he knew the answer, but he felt he might as well ask anyway.

"Well... no. I suppose I didn't actually consider that potential problem." She said as she began to understand her new friends' concern.

"Why don't you stay here?" Kasumi offered happily.

Ranma's eyes bulged as he looked incredulously at Kasumi. He didn't want to throw Wind Whistler out either, but Akane was already flipping out as it was. Still, he couldn't think of any better solutions.

"Oh no! I couldn't impose on you any more than I already have. You've both already been more than kind enough to help me as it is, and more than hospitable."

"Nonsense, I insist." Kasumi reassured the pink haired girl.

"Well..." she started, still a little uncertain of the offer, "if you're sure it won't it won't be any trouble?"

"Of course not." Kasumi replied.

"Very well then, I accept your generous offer." Wind Whistler said with gratitude.

"RAAANNNNMMMMMAAAAA!!!!!!!" a voice suddenly bellowed as it's owner entered the room.

Kasumi and Wind Whistler turned to the voice, while Ranma cringed while doing so.

"WHAT'S THIS I HEAR ABOUT YOU GETTING A GIRLFRIEND?!!!!!" Soun Tendo bellowed as he immediately loomed over Ranma.

"Have you no shame boy!" Genma quickly added, having entered the room along with Soun.

"Great," Ranma thought, "I wonder who could have told 'Akane's' father about Wind Whistler? Why does Akane have to twist everything around and blow it out of proportion?"

"I WILL NOT HAVE YOU CHEATING ON MY DAUGHTER!" Soun continued to bellow, not giving Ranma a chance to respond to his first accusation.

Wind Whistler had a feeling that the two men, whom she guessed to be Ranma and Kasumi's fathers from some descriptions she had been given earlier, were referring to her, especially after Akane suspected earlier that she might be Ranma's fiancée.

"Excuse me," Wind Whistler said politely, trying to get the attention of the two men, "but if you're referring to me, then I'm afraid you've arrived at an erroneous conclusion. I can assure that there is nothing of a romantic nature going on between Ranma and myself, and that are friendship is quite platonic. Ranma was simply kind enough to render his aid to me when I found myself in a distressing situation. You should in fact be quite proud of him."

Her statement seemed to momentarily bring Soun out of his rampage, though he seemed more than a little uncertain as to how he should proceed.
He wasn't completely prepared for someone trying to be calm and rational with him while he was berating his future son-in-law.

Wind Whistler however, was more surprised at Genma's reaction as the man turned to glare in her direction, though he didn't seem to be actually looking at her. It almost felt to her as if he were looking right through her. It only lasted a moment though, as Genma returned his attention to his son.

"Boy, it seems I'm going to have to teach you a lesson!" he said to Ranma in a disapproving tone. He wasn't about to have some girl's fancy words keep him from disciplining his son. The boy would marry Akane and join the schools, and that was that! He wasn't going to give some new girl the chance to interfere, there were too many girls interfering as it was. He of course conveniently ignored the fact that he was largely responsible for much of that problem however.

Genma's statement surprised Wind Whistler even further. She wondered if perhaps the man had trouble with his hearing, he was wearing glasses after all, indicating problems with his sight, so perhaps hearing problems weren't that unlikely as well. Maybe he really didn't see or hear her when he looked in her direction.

"No thanks," Ranma retorted to Genma's threat about teaching him a lesson, "I'm not interested in learning how to marrying off any kids I might have without even asking them." he finished sarcastically.

Wind Whistler's eyes widened as Genma began attacking Ranma. It was one thing when that Kuno boy attacked Ranma, as he seemed to be suffering from some delusions, but to see Ranma's own father attack him over a minor misunderstanding was a bit much.

Fortunately, she could quickly see that Ranma was quite capable of defending himself against his father. She may not have known too much about martial arts, but from what she could tell, it seemed that Ranma was using far more skill than he was using when he fought Kuno earlier. It was quickly becoming apparent to her that he had been holding back before with Kuno.

She continued to watch, a bit mesmerized. She was surprised at the skill of the overweight man. Even though Ranma had mentioned to her that his father had trained him, Genma's skill was still surprising for a man in his shape. In fact, as she watched the fight she wondered if perhaps 'both' martial artists were holding back quite a bit. She could have been wrong, but it looked like Ranma might have been holding back even more so than Genma.

The fight had carried them through much of the house and lead them outside. Finally, Ranma finished the fight, leaving Genma face down in the yard, instead of knocking him into the pond as he so often did.

Ranma walked back into the house where Kasumi, Wind Whistler, and Soun had been watching from the doorway.

"Sorry about that." Ranma apologized to his new friend, while grimacing.

"No need to apologize Ranma, I'm only sorry my presence seems to have brought upon this misunderstanding to begin with."

Ranma gave a small disgusted laugh at that. "Believe me, they would have found something else to complain about, or accuse me of. It's not your fault, you're just their latest excuse." he finished, trying to alleviate any concerns his friend might have had about the fight being her fault.

Soun was a little uncomfortable with the familiarity Ranma was displaying with the pink haired girl, but for the moment remained silent. His mind was so preoccupied by the events, and what to make of them, that he completely missed Ranma's insult regarding him and Genma.

"Maybe it would be good idea for you to start studying now Ranma?" Kasumi asked.

"Yeah, probably." he replied as he turned to Wind Whistler. "You sure you don't mind?"

"Of course not. As I've said, it's the least I can do."

That being said, the two headed for Ranma's room to begin studying.


Sometime later, Ranma was showing Wind Whistler around Nerima.

His study session with her had gone quite well, and he decided to show her around, since she mentioned that she was traveling the world to see the different societies.

It was really one of the best study sessions he could ever recall having with someone. He couldn't count on his father for any help with his studies, yet his old man was still quick to talk down to him concerning them. Nabiki would charge him for any help. Kasumi was busy enough as it was running the household. And Mr. Tendo would constantly bring up the engagement every five seconds.

"It's good to know you want improve your studies to be a better husband for my dear Akane, Ranma." Ranma could almost picture him wailing while saying such a thing.

And trying to get help from the kids at school was just as bad, as all they seemed to want to do when speaking to him was know where his and Akane's relationship was at. Exactly how many times did he have to tell them there was nothing going on between them?

And Ukyo and Shampoo? They had their own engagement issues. Though thankfully Ukyo wasn't as bad everyone else, but she'd still remind him of the engagement on a regular basis.

Wind Whistler was different. She didn't loose her patience when he had trouble understanding something, instead she worked with him and tried to find a way to help him understand. And she could find some pretty creative ways of doing just that. She could actually make some of the things he was studying seem interesting, or at the very least, not as boring.

She also tried to talk with him while they studied. Not pry, not twist around everything that he said, just talk. He really enjoyed that, though it was a bit irritating that there really wasn't much he could tell her.

Wind Whistler looked around as the two of them made their way through Nerima. She could tell from their study session that Ranma was smarter than he probably believed himself to be, he just found his studies to be a bit boring, and had trouble keeping his focus on them. She had run into such problems in Ponyland when she would tutor some of the younger ponies, she had simply learned that she needed to find a way to make the studies seem a bit more interesting.

With Ranma it quickly became clear to her what held his interest. Martial arts. Thankfully, she didn't have too much trouble finding ways to tie some of the mathematics to martial arts.

Wind Whistler's eyes suddenly went wide as she felt herself get splashed with cold water. Thankfully, she quickly realized that it WAS cold water that she had just been splashed with.

She turned in the direction that the water had come from to see a little old lady tossing water from a ladle onto the walk. The lady seemed to be completely oblivious to the fact that she had just hit someone with the water she was tossing about.

Wind Whistler knew from her talk with the guide at Jusenkyo, that a cursed individual would often find themselves splashed more often than the average person, but still, she was a little surprised that she had been splashed with cold water while she was already in her cursed form.

At the moment, she was more curious as to why the old lady was tossing water on the walk to begin with. She couldn't see any overly logical reason for doing so, so she considered that it might be some sort of custom or tradition. Perhaps Ranma could explain it to her.

She turned to ask him. "Ran..." she started, but broke off as she found she could no longer see the boy whom she had recently befriended. Instead, there was now a young redheaded girl standing beside her.

Her first instinct was to ask who the girl was, but before she even had a chance to voice the question she started noticing some things. She noticed that the girl was wearing the same type of outfit that Ranma had been wearing. Further inspection showed that girl's hair and face were wet. Perhaps she had been hit by the water too?

Wind Whistler began to study the girl's face closely, as a look of astonishment and realization came over her own face.

"Ranma?" she asked.

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Thanks also go out to SHADE, who informed me that the manga reveals that Ranma DOES indeed take an English class at Furinkan (apparently Miss Hinako teaches it later on in the series). It also seems to be the class Ranma is in the middle of when he's making doodles of Ryoga in the Koi Fishing Rod story arc.

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Willow Johnson (Kasumi Tendou)

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