In The SUV

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"Truth or dare Booth." Bones asked into the third hour. They had stayed warm for this long together playing this grade school game.

"Truth." He shamelessly held her, and it brought him great joy.

"Did you lie when you said you loved me in an atta girl way?" She evades his eyes for one of the few times in the game. Booth stopped and thought. Really thought. He knew what to say. He loved her like a man loves a woman: desiring her. He loved her like Parker: willing to die for her safety and finding her adorable. Like a friend he could always count on. Like an intelligent colleague and like a loyal constant in his life. The thought of being with her was wonderful even if it was wrong.

"Booth?" She needed him to answer.

'Yes Bones. I don't love you like that." Her face fell. He quickly amended.

"I love you in a personal way." She gasped and looked up at him. She had known since he called her baby after she got stabbed with the scalpel. She hadn't been the scared one running for a while.

"I love you too, Booth." She leaned in close, happy tears on her eyelashes. These two sexually experienced adults shared a kiss that was the prime example of a first kiss. It was breathy and chaste: freakishly tender. The radio was working again and they laughed at the random jazzy song that fit so well.

"I can't remember a worst December. But let those icicles fall1 What do I care how much it may storm? I've got my love to keep me warm."

And they did just that: kept another warm.

After another hour { one spent making out alternating with speculating how loud Angela would squeal at this new partnership established} they heard loud sirens and scraping noises. Bones would pay for their date, as Booth said it would be his team of Squints and cops, not local police that found them.

After the new couple warmed up, Angela had squealed at seeing them kiss, and Parker again with his daddy, the partners laughed. After everything they had been through :snow, a car wreck and a childish game had brought them together.

They were supposed to be at the new scene rather than in a hospital with heating pads. Try to tell either this wasn't the plan, and they would deny vehemently.

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