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A Vibrant Display of a Thousand Kisses

Chapter 1: A Vibrant Display of a Thousand Kisses

"Being a shinigami has never been an easy job to do, even for those who have found it to be their call. People from Rukongai either hate or fear them, and almost none has ever showed gratitude for being saved from Hollows." Genruysai said to the shinigami captains and their lieutenants, who stood in the meeting office in two perfect lines. "Hollows are not the only problem souls from Rukongai confront with. There is a lot of crime and over two thirds of its inhabitants are poor. Based on this, I have found a way to reduce poverty among them, in order to help them some more."

The captains and lieutenants listened carefully, interested in the new method the old man had obviously came up with.

"Considering that the Hollows are not the only issue for those people and considering that our duty is to protect them, I have come up with a plan how to aid them. That should, as well, increase our populartiy and decrease hatred and prejudices they have towards us."

"Two flies with one strke" Kyoraku murmured in Ukitake's ear. "Yama-jii sure is smart!" Kenpachi seemed to be bored with all of that, since he had an ominous feelings that fights were not to be included in the new way they would use to aid the souls. Kuchiki Byakuya had his eyes half-lid, as always, in arrogance, and he listened carefully. Whatever it was, he was determined to meet his superior's expectations. His lieutenant, however, was anxious, knowing that this would reduce his time for practicing his very, very bad kidou. He wanted to excell in that as well, in order to be stronger. He had realized that the mere swordsmanship wouldn't be enough to make him even better fight that he already was. He hoped that, if he learned at least some of it, he would be able to fight his captain on some new levels.

Komamura was the first to ask the Captain-Commander to continue, knowing, as well, that he wouldn't fail his superior. All the other captains acted pretty much the same.

"We shall use pretty common method that the humans from the real world do. It is called charity. I would now ask Matsumoto Rangiku to step out and tell the details." Everybody winced at this, surprised she knew what this was all about, and a bit afraid of the outcome. She had a mischevious smile on her face, as she bowed and stepped out.

"Dear captains and lieutenants, I will present you the brilliant plan I made!" she winked at her captain, who frowned in return.

"What is it, Matsumoto?" he asked in annoyance.

"Well, I thought about a manifestation that would be held in Seireitei and the shinigami could come and watch it, and pay for it. The money we collect, we shall donate to the poor in Rukongai, to rebuild their ruined houses, buy food and all the other necessities." she said, rising her head up to show how proud of herself she was.

"That is an excellent opportunity to help the poor and be more popular among the commoners indeed." Byakuya commented. Hitsugaya's expression changed, taken aback by the fact that Rangiku could do something productive to the society. Well, she was good when fighting, but neglected other responsibilities.

"Please continue" said the old man.

"Well..." her voice was now high pitched from excitement."We will be filming! I conducted a survey on this among the shinigami of lower ranks, because there are plenty of them, and most of them are women. They decided about the genre and the protagonists." she clasped her hands. "And the results are next!" she announced happily, fishing out of her bra some kind of a paper. She unfolded it and proudly exclaimed. "The genre is romance, and the chosen protagonists are the following: Hisagi Shuuhei" at this, Hisagi grinned in macho style at his colleague Iba, and the other inclined his head in acknowlegdement, being proud of him. Shinigami Men's Association had so many macho men who could show how to be a good lover, on screen, no less.

"Ayasegawa Yumichika" at this, Iba's heart sank. 'He's no man at all!!!' he screamed in his head, already thinking of the movie as a failure. "Please, Captain Zaraki, inform him of this and tell him that he has to attend this..." Zaraki rolled his uncovered eye.

"Fine" he shrugged. Rangiku continued with the list. "Kuchiki Byakuya, Abarai Renji, and Kira Izuru."

Silence spread through the room for a few seconds. Then some of the present gaped, when they realized that the list was not to be continued.

"Er..." Zaraki scratched the back of his neck. "Is this a gay movie? Geez..."

"Well...that's the outcome of the survey..." Rangiku said, blushing a bit. She expected this reaction from her superiors and from the lieutenants.

"No way I'll let Yumichika be in a gay porn! He's a soldier!" Zaraki said, annoyed. His reiatsu felt so heavy as it fell onto the others. "...despite his looks." he added. "And I don't wanna hear a word of protest! If that's all, I'm leaving." with those words, he swung around and headed for the exit.

Hisagi looked at perplexed and somewhat disgusted Iba. Suddenly, he wasn't so proud of him and content with his role. Iba frowned and cleared his throat.

"I have a complaint as well!" he exclaimed. "As the President of Shinigami Men's Association, I cannot permit my members, Hisagi Shuuhei nad Kira Izuru to participate in filming. It would be disgraceful."

Rangiku wanted to say something about the discrimination, but Genruysai spoke.

"Fine. Any other complaints?"

Renji suddenly felt his guts painfully clench in some kind of disgust and anxiety. Sweat drops were running down his face. "Er...Captain?" he looked at Byakuya in desperation. This was turning into a nightmare.

Byakuya was standing still, his face, as always, calm.

"We must carry out our duties. If this is for the sake of the commoners, then I have no complaints." That's what Renji was afraid of. His Captain would always be addicted to following the orders.

"Very well, then!" Matsumoto said cheerfully. "Since another survey I conducted says that you two are the main couple in the movie." Byakuya sighed.

"So, this really is a movie with a homosexual themes...It can't be helped, I presume." with this, Genruysai dismissed all of them.




They had been informed that it would be a half an hour long movie that did not require much effort and learning any kind of texts. It wouldn't content any sexual themes. That left the plot without talking and sex. And since it was a romance movie, their fighting skills were not necessary. The title was 'A Vibrant Display of a Thousand Kisses', inspired by the name of Byakuya's bankai, since he was the protagonist.

'Really wonderful!' Renji thought angrily. 'Now I have to make out with my Captain for a good half an hour!' his mind screamed and the contents of his stomach swirled. 'Seireitei has too many perverted women!' Rangiku had instructed that they should just kiss. A thousand times, preferably.

He was standing before Byakuya, feeling his entre body protest, and judging by Byakuya's face, the noble wasn't pleased, either. Now, this was their time to begin.

Slowly, Renji approached him, leaning a bit down, his lips closer to Byakuya's, their noses touching. He closed his eyes, encouraging himself to go further and press their lips together.

"Remember, people, it has to be exciting!"

Before closing his eyes, he saw Byakuya narrowing his. Gently, he brushed against the noble's lips, capturing the lower one with his own, parted ones. The first contact was strange; the raven haired man's lips were extremely tender although evidently masculine. The first taste wasn't that bad. It almost felt pleasant. Unexpectedly, at the first contact, Byakuya leaned into it, pressing their lips firmer.

It appeared to Renji, that his superior had done it as if hungry for kisses, as if he hadn't been kissing for a long while. He was a bit surprised by this. And how come that Byakuya reacted like this with him as a partner? They ware both males.

To make their position more comfortable, Renji supported himself by placing his palm on Byakuya's left cheek, pulling him closer. 'A duty is a duty' he comforted himself. He parted his lips, pulling his Captain closer. Byakuya gripped the sleeve of Renji's raised arm. Then they split, looking at each other. They could hear Matsumoto in the background whispering 'Keep going, keep going!!!!'

"It has to be romantic, as if you have feelings one for another"

'This is for the sake of those in Inuzuri, as well' Renji kept thinking, then nuzzled Byakuya's nose, running his fingers through his long, dark hair. It was so silky and felt pleasant against those rough, masculine hands. Byakuya pulled at Renji's sleeve and the younger captured his lips once again, in a short shallow kiss, separating with a loud 'smack'.

Then followed another, and another, and another kiss, the same as the previous one.

Those rough lips felt pleasant although they belonged to the redhead. It had been so long since Hisana's death, since they last kissed, and Byakuya's body had been immediately responding to the kisses. He was a male, after all. However, he hoped that they wouldn't use tongue. That was the line he wasn't ready to cross with somebody of the same sex.

In one moment, they locked their lips, creating some sort of a vacuum between them. Byakuya placed his hands on each side of Renji's slim waist, sliding them until his arms made a ring around the taller. His fingers gripping his uniform on his back, and they were even closer now, without space between the two bodies.

Renji opened his eyes for a brief moment, and was taken aback by Byakuya's dreamy face. 'It must be because of her' he thought. 'So nostalgic from his part' In that moment, he thought that he pitied the man. 'Or is it that he really enjoys this?' When he thought better, his stomach stopped having complaints and he had to admit that this didn't feel bad at all.

With a loud 'smack' they parted after two or three minutes. They had been having their lips in that kind of a vacuum, completely motionless.

Byakuya exhaled through his nostrils, eyes sleepy because they had been closed for a while, and because the warmth that their bodies had caused. It was surprisingly pleasant for him...

"But don't kiss like girls!"

His arms reached up to untie Renji's hair and it fell on the lieutenant's shoulders and over his face. Byakuya removed it gently from his face, the back of his hands brushing slightly agains the other's cheeks. Then he pulled him for another kiss.

'Captain surely is a good actor.'

This one was, to Renji's surprise, much deeper, involving their tongues a bit. He still couldn't believe that this was his captain's warmth, his lips he was kissing,, his mouth in which his tongue now resided. It felt so...warm, so wet, so...So human. Not cold at all, as he had imagined it would feel like.

He encouraged his tongue to move a little, gently wrapping around Byakuya's, caressing it tenderly, and Byakuya's tongue was doing the same to his. As they were kissing, they were shifting their heads from one side to another, half-shutting and then opening their mouths, as their teeth and tongues danced in the vacuum they had created.

Unaware of his ministrations, Renji's hand slowly reached to the kenseikan, untangling it from that thick, pleasant-to-touch hair, his left hand cupping Byakuya's porcelain cheek, while the other's hand fell down, still holding the headpiece. They parted their lips, trying not to make the noise again.

"Hmmm..." Renji exhaled, partly opening his eyes, and they met with Byakuya's. The other man seemed a bit dazed, shifting his look from Renji's eyes, seeking the other lips. 'Darn that dreamy face!' he thought, mesmerized by this man before him. But he didn't feel ashamed. Not at all. Stil, he couldn't understand why.

"Ok, gentlemen!" he could barely hear Rangiku say. "It's time for a short break!"

But Byakuya smashed their lips together in a more demanding kiss, his tongue more forceful and dominant. His hands were now wandering all over Renji's body, up and down his arms, his neck, his face, and end up in his crimson hair. They pulled away for a brief moment, a string of saliva connectong their mouth, and Byakuya pulled him again, making him moan into his mouth.

'Oh, fuck, why does it feel so good?! He's a guy! My captain...' Oddly, his hands found the way to the noble's buttocks, squeezing them firmly. 'Oh, sooo hard...none of the women have this much firm butt...Am I turning into a gay?! This is wrong...'

Byakuya moaned when Renji gripped his ass cheeks, and it only fueled his fire. 'Is this because it's been so long...?' He couldn't stop himself. Their body movement were synchronized, Renji slowly lied down, and Byakuya was now on top of him.

"Ok, guys.." Rangiku started panicking a little.

The noble's lips captured the skin on Renji's exotic neck, sucking and licking all the way up and down, as the redhead was gasping, getting more and more excited. He was so much surprised it felt so pleasant. He gripped Byakuya's hair, encouraging him to continue. The noble's mouth moved to kiss his jaw, all the way to his ear, and he bit the ear shell gently. At this, Renji almost melted.

"This will turn into a porn...please, guys...we already have enough material for the movie..." Even for a pervert like Rangiku, this was too much. Through half-opened eyes, Renji could see her blush furiously. He smirked.

"Captain...we shall get a hard on if we continue...that'd be bad, I guess..." he barely whispered through clenched teeth.

"Indeed" Byakuya retorted, separating his lips from Renji's cheek. Then he nuzzled it. He stood up, regaining his cold posture once again.

"I hope that we shall collect enough money for the poor." he said, looking at Matsumoto, then left.

The redhead was still on the floor, still peplexed, half-aroused, and left to take care of himself. Just when he wanted to swear something really bad, he noticed that the kenseikan was still in his right hand.

'Oh well...I should return this to him...' At this, he grinned micheviously.