Bren came face to face with a large blue barrier.

"Damn it" Bren thought as he drew his sword and tapped the barrier, it bounced off at the touch, there was no way to get through this.

"Think Bren think" Bren thought looking around, he saw an electrical panel

"This might work" He thought prying it open using his trench knife that he kept at his side.

It only took him 10 seconds to realize he had no way rewire this but perhaps he could disable it another way.

He punched the circuitry with the knuckles of the knife and it went off in a mild explosion which thankfully was cushioned by his power armor, it felt more like a person swinging a pillow really hard into him. However the barrier was still standing, albeit flickering.

"Hope this works" Bren thought walking through, what he felt was the worse pain he had ever felt in his life, it was like every nerve in his body was on fire, he barely could focus himself enough to jump away.

He landed on the floor, panting in the armor when he looked up to see a scared looking man, unlike the rest of the Enclave, he wore a jump suit, and Bren could see he did not have any Enclave weaponry at his side.

"You ok?" The man asked

Bren got up and nodded

"You got to be more careful around those barriers, they could really hurt you" The man said

"Kinda figured that, listen you might want to get out of here, I'm here to take this place down and I don't want you getting hurt" Bren said, he figured the man wasn't really a part of the Enclave judging by the reaction to a man who clearly wasn't Enclave.

"Wait you must be the Lone Wanderer people have been talking about, Bren was it?" Stiggs asked

Bren reached for his side to the magnum, fearing this man may call for help but he held his hands up

"Wait hear me out, my name is Stiggs, I'm not a part of the Enclave, you see…well they found me, dying of hunger and radiation, they helped me and I've been working on the robots ever since" He explained, Bren pulled his hand away

"But what they are doing is wrong, I may want to repay them but at what cost?" Stiggs asked

"Leave, they are going to fall today, don't fall with them" Bren said

Stiggs smiled but then they heard an alarm

"What the hell is that?" Bren asked

"They know your hear, Squad Stigma is coming" Stiggs explained and Bren drew his infiltrator

"We're gonna need more then that" Stiggs said running to a nearby crate and he pulled out two disk like items

"Plasma mines" He said and Bren smiled from beneath his helmet as he watched Stiggs lay the two of them near the stair way to the level

"Get behind cover" Bren said as the duo went behind some large computer systems and Stiggs went to work on a nearby terminal.

"Keep them busy" Stiggs said as he typed.

Bren watched as the group came down the stairs and he could hear an audible beeping and then he saw a green plasma done engulf them.

All but three fell, and they fired on Bren, the plasma shots missing him from behind the cover. Bren returned fire on them and they continued to trade shots from their positions. But then a rocket whizzed past Bren and hit two of the soldiers. Bren turned around to see a Sentry Bot right next to him.

"Alert. Hostile detected. Lethal force authorized for all units." It said in its monotone voiced and it activated its Gatling gun, firing on the last person behind cover.

"Damn it's the leader" Stiggs said looking over

"Tough guy?" Bren asked

"Almost as tough as the president" Stiggs said

"Right" Bren said as he watched the Sentry Bot roll over to the figure who was behind cover, the next thing both heard was the sound of metal crushing and the bot falling over onto the ground.

Bren and Stiggs could see the leader hold a super sledge, Bren could tell he was angry because he let out what sounded like a battle cry. Bren drew his sword and held it up.

"Bring it on" Bren called out running at the man, the man swung his sledge at Bren who barely had time to move out of the way and he swung his blade at the man who blocked with the back of his armored hand.

"Oh fuck" Bren thought as he got slammed into the side with the super sledge, he dropped the sword and flew into a wall, but thanks to the heavy duty armor, he was alright.

"Damn it" Bren grumbled, the man held his hammer up ready to give Bren an even bigger beating when Bren could see small sparks coming off his armor, Stiggs was firing his 10 mm at the man.

The man turned to the scared mechanic and walked over to him.

Bren took this moment to grab his sword and slam it into the spot between the armor and helmet of the man.

"Never take your eyes away from an opponent" Bren said to the man as he fell.

"Thanks Stiggs" Bren said flicking the blood off.

"No problem" Stiggs said walking to the other electrical outlet box from the barrier Bren came in.

He began to tinker with it and he soon got the barrier to dissipate

"I wish you the best of the luck" He said

"You two" Bren said but before Stiggs left he handed Bren a key card

"Use this on the robot control center, it will disable their targeting systems and make it so they will attack the Enclave" Stiggs explained

"This will be useful" Bren said

"I hope it will be for you" Stiggs said leaving the crawler.

"Time to light this candle" Bren thought walking up the stairs the Stigma squad came down, he hoped not to meet up with any more Enclave but he knew that was as likely as Fawkes learning to hack computers.

"Better keep going" Bren thought trying to keep a low profile, he made his way through hallways, thankfully he avoided Enclave patrols until he made it up onto a platform and looked down, he saw a large cage full of sleeping deathclaw, ones with brain control units.

"Well isn't this interesting" Bren thought looking around, he saw the nearby controls and got to work hacking them. He smiled because this time he got it right.

"Unlocking the cages right now" Bren thought hitting the key, the barrier's dissipated with a buzz and the deathclaw awoke, now alert of their new found freedom they looked around and then let out a cry for battle.

"Oh god they're free!" One of the Enclave scientist shouted as the deathclaw ran towards him, Bren watched as his hazmat suit was no match for the armor slicing claws.

"Shoot them!" Another voice was heard and Bren could see enclave soldiers and scientists preparing to fight back.

"Perfect" Bren thought walking along the upper level, he figured he find the robot control unit and mess with it for a bit.

The sound of Enclave fighting the deathclaw filled the air, and because everyone's attention was focused on the situation at hand, no one noticed Bren go through multiple doors and find the Mainframe

"Alright insert the key card" Bren said to himself, the machine whirled

"Welcome Stiggs, enter a command" The Screen said

Bren typed in a few commands and he smiled when he disable the targeting parameters, the problem was that he couldn't make it so the robots would only target the Enclave, it would only be they attack anything that moves.

"I better be careful" Bren thought turning around, only to come face to optic sensor with an Enclave Mr. Gutsy

"Well well, looks like I found a bastard to send to hell" Mr. Gutsy said activating its flame thrower, Bren barely had time to dodge the stream of hot death coming at him and he swung his sword at the side of the machine and with the electric shock, disabled it.

"Like I said, better be careful" Bren thought sheathing his sword. He looked around, he could see the dead bodies of many Enclave, and one deathclaw on the level below, he assumed that the other ones went deeper into the base searching for prey, thank god he still carried the scrambler or this infiltration mission would be a hell of a lot worse.

Bren looked around and continued forward through the base and he couldn't help but admire the military marvel, if the Enclave were good, they could have used this place as a new place to live in, similar to Rivet City, only mobile and more fortified, but alas Bren had no choice but to make sure it is destroyed.

He walked through the hallways, occasionally looking around to make sure he isn't being followed or he doesn't walk into an ambush or a fight between Enclave and Machine, so far he had seen signs of Enclave personally getting mowed down by their former allies.

Bren went to an upper level and soon found himself outside on the roof of the large crawler, he could see down below people fighting, machine, deathclaw, mutant, human, it was chaos on the battlefield.

"I got to keep moving" Bren muttered

"Going somewhere?" A voice asked

Bren turned to the voice and he saw a figure in a familiar hooded cloak, but the figure pulled the hood back, and it wasn't Jacob

"I am the President, Leon" The man said, his face devoid of emotions, and at his side a sheathed sword. Bren also figured he would have the same slim power armor like the late Skyler and Jacob.

"So you're Eden's Replacement huh" Bren said keeping his hand close to his side, ready to draw his sword at a moment's notice.

"Come now, can't we talk, or do you wish to die sooner?" Leon asked

"I do have a question, why are you trying to take over the Wasteland?" Bren asked

"Didn't that washed up pile of bolts tell you? To restore the glory of America" Leon said, his tone slightly annoyed

"Wait you knew Eden was a computer?" Bren said

"You think I would become President without finding out, Augustus Autumn's Intel was most useful, of course my other Intel has helped. Let me review what happened to you so far, you Lone Wanderer" Leon said

"First you came from the Wasteland but your father, James was it, yes it was, took you to Vault 101 where you came out at age 19. Yes you traveled the Wasteland with a former Brotherhood of Steel and met up with many allies, including the raider Jericho, that ghoul Charon, I believe a whore named Clover" Leon said and Bren glared at him causing Leon to smirk a bit

"As well as another Vault member Birch, no Butch. You even gained an ally from a Super Mutant, for that I am impressed, but nevertheless I must kill you" Leon said

"And after you seen so many things, Point Lookout, the Pitt, you have faced many challenges and yet survived, you even defeated my brother Skyler" Leon said and at those words Bren's eyes widened in horror from behind his helmet.

"Yes I know your exploits, I know your story, and today that story ends right now!" Leon shouted, he drew his sword and ran at Bren so fast he had no time to dodge, the sword with the deathclaw's claw fused at the tip of the blade went right through Bren's armor and cybernetic right arm.

"Hmm automail, that explains how you came out of that fight with your limbs intact" Leon said and Bren retaliated with a power armored supported back hand forcing Leon back along with him pulling out his blade.

Bren drew his magnum with his left hand and fired three times at Leon but two of his shots missed and the third just bounced off his unseen armor. Bren was right about him having the slim power armor.

"Come now, do you really think I would face you without some armor, I'm not a moronic President like my predecessors" Leon said, he may have been mocking Bren but his tone was still the same calm tempo.

"Fuck" Bren swore and he ran across the roof and heading to the next area

"So the hunt begins, as Skyler said 'time for a game of Deathclaw and molerat' " Leon said and with that he jumped onto a nearby pipe and followed Bren in hot pursuit

Bren found the door to the next area inside what looked like a military checkpoint and he opened the door quickly and continued through

"Fuck fuck fuck…." Bren thought as he tried to escape from this man but he looked back and saw him following.

"Damn it" Bren swore as he ran up the stairs, he knew Leon was faster and was catching up.

"You're not much prey, in this hunt" Leon said jumping on the railings to railings to get higher and he was face to face with Bren smirking.

"Any last words?" Leon said holding his sword up

"Leave him alone brother" a calm and familiar voice sounded and Leon turned his head only to be punched in the face by an unarmored fist, he fell down two stories but landed on his feet and Bren saw the cloaked Jacob Vaughton

"Jacob!" Bren said gasping for breath

"The controls are that way" Jacob said pointing further ahead

"I've taken care of the guards, I will take care of Leon" Jacob said holding his right fist up, it had his personal gauntlet of metal and domed knuckles

"Be careful" Bren said to him and Jacob just nodded

"I have a special weapon for him" Jacob said jumping down onto his brother.

Bren ran on ahead and Jacob sent an elbowing shove into Leon sending him out of the door back outside

Leon glared at his brother

"You dare fight me, the President, and your brother?" He called out holding his blade up

"Yes, because I know you would only corrupt this land if I stand idly by" Jacob said going in a martial arts stance.

Both sides looked at each other and Leon made the first move by sending a thrust at Jacob who side stepped and back handed Leon in the face smashing him even further out onto the roof

Leon wiped away some of his blood that was leaking from his mouth and he spat more out.

"Well big brother, it would seem I need to take this seriously" Leon said and with that he removed his cloak revealing his slim power armor, his features on his face seemed to become more gaunt and shallow, he snarled at Jacob

"Going feral huh, unlike you and Skyler, I don't need to go feral" Jacob said slipping his left hand beneath his cloak

"Think you can face me with one hand at your side?" Leon asked, his voice more raspy, he was like Skyler only his eyes were not changed, just his face and his stance was more arched forward

"Something like that" Jacob said preparing himself.

Bren was at the control panel typing

"Come on come on" Bren said, his helmet removed so he could see the screen better, he was furiously typing, trying to get the Satellite in the sky to get the right target. Hopefully he could get it done in time, time was running out for the people in the battle.

Leon charged at his brother, swinging his sword wildly while Jacob continued to dodge and then Leon roared and sent a thrust into Jacob's right shoulder, with the blade making contact

"I have you now Jacob!" Leon snarled but Jacob answered with his own blow

Jacob's left hand had the gauntlet of his late brother Skyler, and it was piercing the chest of Leon

"No my brother, I had you where I wanted you" Jacob said kicking Leon back and pulling the sword out

Leon coughed up blood as he tried to crawl away from Jacob

"Bren should be done now, knowing him, he will make the right choice. As for you, you can end your life on the foundation of your "Empire" Jacob said, and with that he ran and jumped off the Crawler.

"DAMN YOU!" Leon called out to his brother, he knew he lost this battle.

Bren was finished typing and he imputed the missile command to target the crawler…it was over….finally over. But he had no time to escape….this was why he didn't want his friends along, he knew this was the end for him.

He went out another door, one marked Exit, he clutched his shoulder and saw he was on a platform, he smiled from beneath his helmet, at least he could watch the fireworks…but then he saw something, a Vertibird, one going straight for him

"Damn it" Bren thought but then he saw a door open and a ladder fall down

"BREN JUMP!" He heard, it was a familiar voice, it was Sarah Lyons

Bren ran, he ran and he jumped grabbing the ladder just as the first missile hit the crawler, he turned his head in time to see the Crawler explode right before his eyes in an inferno of fire, but he smiled, they won, they finally won….

It shows a panning view of the Wasteland as the Narrator narrates

In the process of one year, the Enclave were defeated. Thanks to the heroic effort of Bren and his friends the war for the Wasteland's freedom was finally over.

There was much celebration throughout the D.C. Ruins, and many people rejoiced, but soon people's stories began to change.

Thanks to Bren's help, the DJ Three Dogs' radio signal was able to reach far beyond the D.C. Ruins, giving hope to those who needed it.

Bren also helped unify the Brotherhood and the Outcasts, they fought together under one goal and together decided to work as one, as they should have in the beginning.

Thanks to the new leadership of Amata, trade between Vault 101 and the rest of the world allowed both sides to thrive with new ideas, technology and resources.

The Wasteland's water was purified thanks to Bren and his father, if it wasn't for the hard work and sacrifice, the wasteland would be a hellish land in which no one could survive.

The sacrifices of those who fell were to be remembered, a memorial for the Robot RL-3, the former Raider Jericho, and the man who helped Bren in the beginning, Rick was created outside of the Megaton, thanks to their help, their goal for a peaceful land to live in was accomplished.

Fawkes became the leader of the Super Mutant, and left Bren's group to keep them in control, and under his rule, the mutant attacks were few and far between.

Butch and Charon remained at Bren's side, knowing no other friend who they would be willing to cast their lives out for.

The Swamp folk returned home, leaving Alex under the care of Bren, they knew he would be happy where he was, and thanks to the trade of Punga fruit between areas, the Wasteland gained a new food source and new allies.

The bounty hunter Artemis left Bren's group, saying she would see the US, her fate is unknown but perhaps she would affect America.

Rommel Autumn and the Star Paladin Cross decided to marry, and left for West to Nevada, to leave their former lives, and to help those in need.

The people living in the space ship left the Earth's orbit, they said their goodbyes to Bren and his world and decided to travel to others, perhaps to meet others and learn their ways.

The Pitt, thanks to Bren's choice, gained enough medical research to cure the plague, and in years to come, the Pitt would become independent of its slavery.

The warrior Jacob Vaughton was never seen again after the events that took place, but some rumors were whispered of a man who would destroy any Enclave he comes across.

Bren and Clover soon became married, with Clover learning to become a free will. Bren and Clover were happy together in this world, a land without war.

The camera pans to the Mysterious stranger who was sitting on an old brick wall, smoking cigarette and he spoke

"But war, war never changes…."

The End

AN: Thank you for following my story, guys…I'm so happy to have finished this. But this world isn't over yet. I will create the story of New Vegas, but not for months after it comes out. I hope you guys follow me again, and I hope to entertain you with it. Until we meet again…goodbye.