Title: Pan-Crew Fantasy
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek, and I do not make any money from these fictions.
Rating: M
Summary: The crewmembers of the Enterprise all get off thinking about the same thing – Jim Kirk's lips, and what they want to make him do with them…


"Hey, Bones," Jim greeted, setting his tray down next to his friend in the mess hall.

Bones grunted his greeting back.

Jim ignored his dinner in favor of a popsicle, sliding it past those pouty lips as his blue, blue eyes closed in bliss.

"Eat your dinner first, Jim," Bones ordered gruffly, eyes locked on those pretty pink lips.

His friend smirked in response, setting the popsicle down on his tray and shimmying underneath the table to unbelt Bones's slacks and slip those dick-sucking lips right where they belonged.

Bones started awake, his sheets sticky from sweat and...something else.

"Goddammit Jim!" he moaned into his pillow, cursing the fact that he was friends with that too-pretty sonavabitch.


Nyota Uhura imagined shoving the captain down to his knees and pressing that smug face with that smug smirk right against her crotch – bare, of course, underneath her too-short skirt. She would feel that smirk against her skin as those soft pink lips suckled...

Nyota snapped out of her fantasy. She knew she had been working too much when she relied on thoughts of Jim Kirk to get her off...


"Just imagine him on his knees in front of you. He'd be good, you know - much better than me. Those pretty pink lips would take you in and just suck you right down to the back of his throat, and then he would swallow you whole," Sulu whispered in Chekov's ear as he fucked his lover deep and slow into the mattress. "The captain blew me once - before he was the captain, of course. Adrenaline pumping after that fall and those pink lips around my dick – it was the best blow job I ever had."

Chekov whimpered underneath Sulu, twisting and imagining the captain on his knees before his lover.

"He's got the finest pair of DSLs in the Fleet, Pavel," Sulu purred. "And the captain knows just how to use them..."

Sulu continued whispering dirty, naughty tidbits about the captain into Chekov's ear until they both shuddered in release, thoughts of the captain's lips at the forefront of their minds...


Scotty gripped himself firmly, imagining those lips were his fingers. The captain had come to engineering to talk to him today, and Scotty had gotten so distracted by the way those lips moved as he talked and smiled and flirted.

He would grip that golden-blonde hair tightly, and just - force himself deeper and deeper. Kirk could take it, he knew - those lips were just made for sucking dick.

Scotty gasped a bit as he orgasmed all over his hand, wishing that the captain's wet, warm mouth had caught his release instead...


Spock imagined his captain on his knees in front of him, those lips that smirked and goaded and cajoled puffy and pink as they wrapped around his erection. The captain's blue eyes would be wide - his pupils blown in arousal as he swallowed Spock down his throat and looked up at him coyly through those blonde eyelashes.

Spock opened his eyes and looked down - the sight was just how he imagined it. He threaded his fingers through that mussed blonde hair and pulled his too-attractive t'hy'la up for a fierce kiss before placing Jim's naked form sprawled face-first across the bed.

After all, why settle for Jim's lips when he had - to quote his elder self - "The Finest Ass in the Federation" at his disposal?

Even if he did suspect that quotation originally came from another Jim?