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The rain was beating down ruthlessly, making her path even more of a unforgivable struggle. Drenched to the bone, yet not seeming to notice.

Scratched again this time on her face. Running forward with such force, bringing the snapped twig with her tangled in her hair.

She just kept running, her heart beating fast, fuelled by adrenaline. Blood coursing through her whole body, everything throbbed even her finger tips. She was out of breath panting, but pushed on, further, harder just to keep moving forward not stopping.

She lost her footing, the ground was moving up to meet her she closed her eyes, she hit the ground harder then she expected, her body rolled, she reached out grabbing the ground, her finger digging in to the wet soil and rotted leaves, she forced her self up and kept running.

This time the rain came again, with renewed hostility, the wind lashing it against her, each raindrop felt sharp and tearing against her skin. Her legs started moving slower, her chest hurt, desperately taking in quick shallow breaths. Her legs finally gave way, this time not even bracing her self, as her face connected with the ground. Her mouth still slightly open as she struggled for breath on the forest floor, the ground merging with the darkness as her eyelids closed, her consciousness slipped away.

She choked and spluttered, out the leaves and dirt that had collected in her mouth, as she regained consciousness. Opening her eyes she found her self still on the floor. Judging by the light it had been day for a few hours, yet she couldn't tell how long she had been lying there, it could have been a matter of hours or days.

She tried lifting her head, she found it heavier then led all she could manage to muster the strength for, was to turn her body so it faced up. She lay there staring at the forest sky, gazing at the grayish light trying to filter through the leafless dark branches. Closing her eyes again, immediately plummeting back to sleep. She was woken suddenly, by the howling scream of an animal. Night had already fallen; it was no longer safe to be here.

She found she had enough strength to push her body up in to a sitting position. Her limbs where stiff, her body was numb from the cold, though she found it painful to move, she gritted her teeth as she tried to put weight on her feet, but lost balance and fell again. She lay still for a minute trying to find the strength to try to stand again. She stood on her second attempt stumbling forward reaching out and holding on to a tree trunk for stability.

Glancing around, looking for any changes in her surrounding in the distance. There were none, it seemed like endless forest in every direction. Through the dark of the night, She set of walking; there was no distinction to tell from one path to another, she just walked in the direction she found easiest. She had been walking for what it felt to her hours, and not seeming to make much progress. It started to rain again, she was shivering, hyperthermia already set in. She found it hard to keep her eyes open as she stumbled on through the darkness.