I am back after two years I know, but I thought this story deserved an ending so I will be writing towards one in the coming chapters.

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After Pakkun had disappeared with his message, Naruto decided to take her to what used to be the location of the Uchiha compound.

The leaf had been rebuilt many times and nothing had remained of the existence of the Uchiha, other then a small plaque now on a tree out of respect for the fallen.

It simply read, "Here lay the Uchiha." Nothing else.

Hinata touched the plaque, running her fingers over the words. They didn't hold any significance for her, she was young when the massacre had happened, couldn't begin to comprehend what Sasuke had lost.

She was too trapped in her own life, to even think of him at the time.

She was selfish and young, never really seeing past the delusions of her life, those delusions of course encompassed Naruto and she saw how hard he tried, the courage he possessed to better himself, and in comparison she saw only darkness and self destruction in Sasuke then.

It was ironic how little he meant to her then, now… now she still couldn't grasp what he meant to her.

She stroked her protruding stomach.

"I promised to tell you the truth about Sasuke" Naruto began. Hinata raised her hand up and stopped him.

"It's ok, I don't need to know, Sasuke is who he is." It would feel like betrayal an invasion of his privacy, to hear his life told by someone else.

Naruto stared at the plaque "He gone Hinata" he stated distantly.

"Is he?" She turned to walk away this isn't where he would be, Khonoha would never be where she associates him to. He was broken and beautiful, lost but he never hid behind a mask, he never belonged here. He needed to be somewhere free with out rules or stifled by expectations of an oppressive society or clan.

Memories of running through the grass, kissing in the rain, seeing glimpses of his true smile, no one would ever know that but her. After the longest of moments she finally said. "Gather the rookie 9."

"Why?" Naruto asked baffled.

" I am sick of being forced to hide in the shadows." Her presence in the open would expose some of Khonoha dirty little secretes.

A lot can change in two years , she hadn't seen her friends in a long time, she wondered how they would react to her, as she sat on a bench waiting for them to gather, but most of all she was happy that having the opportunity to see them again.

The first to arrive was Choji and Shikamaru, they hadn't noticed her at first.

"This had better be important and not some dumb prank Naruto playing, this is my first day off in weeks" Shikamaru grumbled.

"He did say it was urgent, a matter that couldn't be ignored." Choji replied.

"This better not be about ra.." Shikamaru words cut off as he finally noticed who it was sitting on the bench.

"Hinata?" Shikamaru questioned he couldn't quite believe it, as if he was seeing a ghost.

"We thought you were dead." Tears forming in Chouji's eyes.

She smiled warmly at them and rose to give each a hug. "Your pregnant" Shikamaru noticed.

" I am" she replied simply " I'll explain everything once the others have arrived."

"Others?" Choji asked

"The rookie 9 I am guessing" Shikamaru answered him.

Right on que Ino and Sakura arrived "Hinata" Ino cried out in tears ran to her with an embrace. " Sakura smiled and nodded in greeting.

Shikamaru noted the lack of surprise and watched Saukra suspiciously " you knew" he said accusingly.

"Yeah" she replayed guilty.

The next to arrive were Tenten and Lee, they stood in place shell-shocked not knowing what to say. Until Lee broke out with " Thank god your alive."

Tenten simply hung back and whispered "Neji" not sure what to make of the situation.

Next to arrive was Shino he walked over to her and took her hand and pulled her into a hug, finally sitting down next to her. Hinata smiling and placing her forehead on against his arm rubbing his hands in a reassuring way.

The next to arrive was Naruto a little out of breath, "Neji and Sai are on mission, but every one else should be here."

"Almost" Hinata said as she watched a familiar figure come into view. She felt a sharp pain in her heart, she had been bracing her self for this meeting since she asked Naruto to gather everyone.

He stopped just to the back of the group, but she could feel his eyes bore into her, and for once she couldn't read him, he seemed so distant like a stranger.

And that broke her heart, standing and moving towards him, and then hesitating, his expression was so cold.

It was Tenten who first broke the tense silence, "What going on, where they hell have you been!" She yelled out in anger "For two years we all thought you where dead, for two years Neji mourned your death"!

"Calmed down Tenten, none of this is her fault" Naruto spoke out in her defence.

"How long have you two known she was alive?" Shikamaru asked looking at both Sakura and Naruto.

Ino looked to Sakura with dismay "You knew?"

" For a couple of month now" Naruto conceded.

"We've known for longer" Kiba final spoke " I wasn't expecting her to come back though."

"Kiba" Hinta whispered an reached out for him.

But he drew back away from her touch "Who's child is that" he asked every word he spoke sent an icy chill down her back. She'd never seen him this cold not, to her, he had always been warm, bright and familiar.

"Sasuke's" the answer brought gasp of disbelief to the group, Sakura looked to the floor to hide her tears.

Kiba didn't react however he still wore the sober detached expression, and asked again "Is that his ring on your finger?"

Hinata shook her head "Its Kakashi's "

"What, what going on Hinata" Ino asked anxiously

" Your married to the Hokage" Shikamaru asked astonished

Other voices stared rise in confusion, but they where all drowned out by the single word Kiba declared.


The words priced right to the core of her, like she had been physically punctured.

A hushed silence fell on them all, as he repeated the words " Your nothing but a whore." He said with such hate and disgust.

She could of taken this abuse from the others, from stranger on street she could of even taken it from her own family, but she couldn't stand taking it from him.

Then there was loud slap, knocking Kiba backwards. It wasn't Nartuo that stuck him or even Shino it was Sakura. "Don't you dare call her a whore." Tears and anger written on her face.

"Did you care about me at all." Kiba growled out "I was in love with you, there was nothing but you!"

"You left tearing this gaping hole in my heart." He thrashed at his own chest.

" I waited, I waited till the day you would return." He spurted out his words in such racking pain and fury.

"Not to this village, but to me!"

" I waited for the day you would come back to me!"

"I care about you Kiba, if I hadn't of been forced to go on that mission." Her voice cracking "I would of fallen in love with you, married you and this child." Placing her hand on her stomach "Would have been yours, but life didn't turn out that way."

Letting out a scornful laugh " No your right, instead you finally came back, married to someone else and carrying a traitors child."

"Things change" she tried to says impassively, but her tears deceive her.

" Your right, things change" Turning his back to them all " You should've of never come back Hinata, the girl I loved, died a long time ago." With that he was gone.

"Forgive me." She whispered to his retreating form.

Taking a few steps back as is she had suffered a blow, stumbling back on to the bench.

"He wrong, he's to lost in his own grief to see it, you may of changed but that strength, your inner strength that can withstand anything, is stronger" Shino placed a hand on her shoulder and wiped away one of the tears to fall down her cheek. "Its stronger than it's ever been."

Nodding and composing her self " I need your help, but first you must know the truth." So she told them everything.

They listened, to her recount the events, with Nartuo telling them additional information so they had as full a picture as they possible could get.

They listened and they judged her for her actions, they judged Khonana, they judge all those that were involved, Kakashi, Sasuke, the council.

Ultimately they would never really know how it truly was, because it wasn't their life, they weren't next to her, they didn't feel and hear what she felt and herd, they saw nothing.

"I need your help, this child is special" Hinata said with a rare warmth she didn't know she still possessed.

"I don't want this child to live a life as a weapon, being used and exploited till there nothing left."

"What is it your suggesting" Shikamaru asked already seeing where this could possibly be going.

" The child will never be safe in Khonaha, or any other ninja nation", she lowered her head " Or with me as it's mother, and Sasuke as it's farther."

"You don't have to do this Hinata" Naruto interjected "Kakashi will keep you and the child safe."

Hinata shook her head " They will all know, and Kakashi's just a man, he can't protect the baby from the world."

"No but I can and I will." Naruto expressed adamant.

She took his hand, in hers "yes you will" she looked to them all. "Please help me protect my child."

Later that night she stayed up in bed waiting for Kakashi, expecting him to be angry or frustrated or at least annoyed.

He slipped in to bed next to her, "I herd you met with your firends today".

" I did" she answered.

" What did you tell them?"

" Everything" there was no point in lying

" I expected as much." he laughed; it was so abrupt she couldn't help but laugh with him.

He turned on his side and rubbed her stomach gently, "Is it uncomfortable." He asked changing the subject.

"Being pregnant" she actually thought about it "huh, yeah actually it really is, you'd think after all I gone though, this wouldn't bother me."

" I hear It gets easier the second time round" he looked up at her with a sly grin,

"You want more children." she exclaimed astonished, "how many are you planning on having." A little taken back by the direction of the conversation.

" Oh you know at least a litter." He said with mock seriousness.

She did let out a giggle "oh well, if it only a litter of children." She matched his tone with her own mischievous one "I can picture it now, at least a dozen children running around with you weird owl hair."

He left out a nervous chuckle "I honestly hope they don't inherit that."

"I don't know" she said idly running her hand through the tired mans hair, he seemed to relax back at her touch "I think I may of grown fond of it."

"Really?" he asked a little hopeful.

" I still wonder what you would look like completely shaved though." She teased.

" I am going to wake up bald, one day aren't I? " He supposed it was better his hair took the brunt of her abuse them him.

"Only half, you wouldn't be much of a scarecrow without your hair." With that she placed a kiss on his forehead.

He was stunned she had never shown any genuine intimacy for him, that wasn't coerced, out of spite or for an agenda. He didn't know how to react something had changed.

Hinata contemplated what life would be like with Kakashi, She doubted they would fall in love, but perhaps they would grow to be friends, and they would both love their children, it would be amicable at least.

After all she had found out about what he had done, to protect Sasuke, to go so far as to marry the woman that carried his child. Starting a whole political movement.

He had set out to purely to use her, that much she knew from the start. However now it was becoming evident she had developed in to something more for him.

She couldn't truly hate him, it was too exhausting, nothing was ever black and white.