E/O Challenge: Road Trip
Tag to 2.7 The Usual Suspects
Word Count: 100

Dean staggered a little. "You said what?"

Sam smiled. "That we were on a road trip."

"No, the other thing."

Sam tried to keep a straight face. "I told her we'd seen the second largest ball of twine in the continental US."

Dean laughed. "The second largest. Awesome."

Sam chuckled. When his brother stumbled again, he casually draped an arm around his shoulders and pulled him upright. "'Frisky women'? Really?"

"Yeah. Ow."

Sam ghosted careful fingertips over his head. Stopped when Dean hissed. "Did Sheridan pistol-whip you?"

"No. Maybe. Don't like frisky cops."

"Now I wish I'd killed the prick."

A/N: The fact that Sam said 'second largest' always cracked me up. Why not the largest if you are making things up? This is the first place my mind went when I heard 'road trip'.