An Heiress and A Runaway

Chapter 1, Kidnapped

Summary: An heiress and a runaway; plus an heir, a genius and a foreigner. What could go wrong?

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Teen Titans.

A/N: I apologize if they're a bit OOC but I'm trying to adjust their personalities to their own individual circumstances. I would love to have some CONSTRUCTIVE critism.

Slowly her eyes fluttered open and drifted to the digital clock on her nightstand; 6:33 am. Pretty much on time... Then to her calendar, Monday, March 15, the first day of March Break; and to her window, the snow from the surprise blizzard was steadily melting into puddles of water.

Rachel Roth allowed herself a small smile. No school, no annoying, preppy schoolmates, a week of relaxing and reading. Perfect.

Raising her 4" 9 self from her bed, her satin silk purple nightgown falling to her knees. Her black shoulder- length hair and side bangs graciously framing her face. Then made her way to her dresser; picking up her towel and clothes that she had laid the night before. Took a shower and changed into dark, low- rider jeans, a purple long sleeve V- neck and a silver necklace of a raven with spread wings.

As she descended down one of the long, twin staircases; she found her father barking orders at the few maids that they hired. This was what he did every morning; when he was there anyway. Standing by him was a very nervous secretary, trying to jot down everything her father told him.

Obviously new. Rachel did not even bother thinking about the last one, as it was common that her father's secretaries changed almost every week.

Walking over to her father she politely greeted him good morning; unaffected by his daunting size and presence. To the secretary's astonishment; even if they were father and daughter, the CEO was a very intimidating.

Tyler Jason Roth was a man of 7"5, with piercing dark blue eyes; he always wore a dark or grey business suit, today's was a velvet navy blue. His black hair was turning a handsome silvery white; his jaw was square and his chin ending at a dull point. He was a very successful businessman, with a nasty temper; he started his own company, the Trigon Trading Industry, and took over several other companies of all kinds. When he was angry many were helpless, fired, some left with shredded pride, hurt emotionally or physically, and at times, both; an intimidating man indeed.

Tyler turned his attention to his daughter, "Good morning daughter. This is Mr. Alexander Reeds," he introduced.

"Nice to meet you Miss Roth," Alexander said offering his hand; Rachel looked at him over a short moment. He was in his late 20s, brown hair, black eyes, a nice face, and a grey suit. "Likewise."

"What are you to do at school today?" Tyler asked as only a doting father could; much to the secretary's surprise his boss always seemed unemotionally attached to anything.

"It's March Break this week, no school; so I'm just going to my study and read since Kory is back home in Romania." Rachel answered in monotone, gesturing upstairs to the room opposite her bedroom.

"Ah yes, then you shall come with me to work." He said with no question in his voice, Rachel sighed inwardly. There goes relaxing.


After breakfast and Rachel's daily herbal tea, they left in a sleek black limo at 8:30 am sharp; sitting in the back, Rachel stared out her window, half listening to her father tell his frantic secretary the changes he wanted in his plans with her now coming along.

"Rachel," Tyler called to get her attention, she turned her head to him. "I only have things to do at two companies today but I cannot miss this afternoon's meeting. You shall have to wait outside until I am done, alright?" She nodded her understanding.

Turning her head back to the changing scenes on the windowpane, she grinned slightly to herself. Good thing I grabbed my backpack, this could take all day; looks like I get
to read a bit after all,
she thought somewhat cheerfully, her grip faintly tightening around the bag with her new hardcover novel and things inside.

They pulled over in the underground parking lot of a tall, 20 story building and the rest of the morning went by smoothly.

"Sir it's 4:00 pm, we should head to the other building for the meeting; a traffic jam is starting up and it's all the way across town. The meeting starts at 5:45 pm, better early than late." Alexander reminded his boss with a small smile. Tyler just nodded his head and wished his head of secretarial department a good day; and led his secretary and daughter to the elevator.

'Ding!' went the elevator and they walked out briskly; then they made their way to the car, Tyler at the front and Rachel bringing up the rear. Just as they reached it, a dark figure grabbed Rachel and put a gun to her throat; and pinned her hands to her side. She flinched and frowned at the human contact.

"Stop," the figure ordered, "turn around slowly."

Rachel watched as they turned to face her attacker; her father's look stoic, while Alexander's was uneasy.

"Drop everything and put your hands behind your head," the attacker continued, and they did as were told, "good. Stay."

She frowned and sighed inwardly to herself in exasperation. When will these people ever learn?! She thought annoyed remembering all of the times that this particular situation had happened; as this was the umpteenth time.

Right now she was being led into a car and was shoved into a car as his hostage, a gun still pointed at her and they sped out. Rachel watched as her father and Alexander ran out of the building and tried in fruitless effort to chase after her; then the criminal took her cell phone and broke it in half on the dashboard, both causing her frown to deepen.

She took this time to observe her kidnapper; he wore an all black stealth suit with a matching cap, short, graying dark brown hair sticking out. With black sunglasses and a serious expression pasted on his face.

They darted their way through Jump City to the outskirts of town and stopped by a deserted neighborhood. "One sound and your dead." The figure stated as he pulled her out of the car and pushed her towards an abandoned warehouse; holding her by the back of her shirt, still pointing a gun at her.

She caught his reflection in a dirty window, he looked so arrogant. Typical. Kidnapper thinks he won and then something like this happens.

Rachel stopped suddenly and braced herself for impact, her kidnaper bumped into her; lost balance, and stumbled backwards. With her hands free Rachel elbowed him on the nose making him let go and fall; then knocked the gun out of his hand with a roundhouse kick, breaking his hand in the process.

"Aaaargh!" he screamed. Suddenly 4 men rushed out of the warehouse in the same outfit of the man on the ground. Rachel ran swiftly through alleys and narrow, deserted streets; 3 men trailing her only a block away.

She took a sharp turn at a corner and lost them momentarily; just as she was about to pass her 17th or so alley, a large, shadowed hand grabbed her from behind by the mouth and pinned her hands between her and his bodies. "Mmphhh!" she said as she struggled against his grip, but it only tightened.

"Shhh, they're almost gone." His whispering voice said in a deep tone, and she stopped struggling. What is with people today?! Ugh, I should have stayed home…

"Wow you run fast…" he said tiredly and rested his head onto her hair.

She could feel herself starting to blush from the physical contact, as well as his calming, rapid heartbeat under his shirt and his warm breath in her ear; he was slightly covered in sweat. Slowly relaxing she pondered the man helping her. Has he been trailing me or something? Is he one of them? No… if he was he wouldn't be helping me.

The men had long past and he still had not let go, but his hold had loosened. "Mmmph!" she mumbled. What the hell is wrong now?! Rachel thought in exasperation, and bit him hard, drawing a bit of blood; making him let go.

"Ouch!" he yelled. "What the fu- mm?!!" But Rachel's hand quickly covered his mouth, a vein clearly pulsing on her forehead.

"Shut up! Who are you anyway?" she said in a loud whisper, she let go of him, words dripping with venom.

"Yeah, well that's no way to say thanks to your savior." the young man muttered, rubbing his left hand.

Suddenly they heard the men footsteps approaching fast; the boy's eyes widened and he grabbed her hand from his mouth and pulled her deeper into the alleys.

"Over here! After them, don't let them escape!" They heard one of the criminals say.

They were chased into a dead end not long after; and were confronted by 4 men. Great the other one is back... Rachel thought with disdain.

"Shit!" the young man cursed, slamming his fist on the wall.

He let go of her, and got into an expert fighting stance; then motioned for her to step back. "Thank you." She said exhausted and resisted from letting her knees buckle from underneath her. Wiping the sweat from her face with the back of her hand she looked up at him as he stood there ready to fight; looking dashingly handsome, she noticed. Even in the dim lighting in the narrow alley…

He had ear length, dyed- green, slightly spiked hair striped with thin streaks of black but was mixed with dirty blonde from the roots; and striking blue- green eyes; he was about 6"5, his jaw was square and clenched, and even his slightly loose T- shirt showed off his muscled frame. Wow he is… Damn it Rachel now is NOT the time to ogle at some stranger like some giddy school girl! Rachel chastised herself.

The men spread out to block the only exit from the alley and surrounded the young man at the same time; then abruptly launched themselves at him, disgusting, greedy grins plastered on their face.

The young man dodged their attempts with ease, taking on all three of them, fighting like a beast; gave one man a bloody nose with an upper cut, followed by a heel drop kick knocking him out cold. And knocked another unconscious behind him into the wall with a roundhouse kick, and simply punched the other at the temple to put him to sleep. He won without a scratch, except the bite marks on his left hand.

Rachel clapped, wide-eyed at his performance and he took a short bow; after quickly counting the unconscious heaps on the floor, she only found three. "Where's the other one?" she asked in a worried tone.

Suddenly a man jumped out of the shadows with a knife and aimed straight at her.