An Heiress and A Runaway

Chapter 9, Never Think Never! part 1

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He didn't like himself this way.

That he was scared of a damn storm like that little boy the he was so many years ago.

That daunting recollections caused him hysterics and grim remembrance.

That he trembled as the lightning flashed through the curtains and flinched at the thunder's cackle.

He despised that he shook as the dark, haunting memories rushed into his already frightened and confused head…

He barely registered her coming to sit beside him. He was so tired, so… spent… He craved the day when he could appear as his original self once again and put that bastard in his place!

… Just so he could stop the nightmares.

He remembered all the nights similar to this one… as a child his solution to the fear was to cower under his bed, hiding himself with a fragile fort of pillows and blankets. But now, now he couldn't. It just wasn't an option. Now he could only lay restless on his bed wide awake, warily watching the ominous shadows cast by the blinding flashes of lightning, still hugging his sheets like they were a lifeline to his sanity.

No one knew of this.

He refused to let anyone see him, the cheery, outgoing class clown so depressed and worn. So he always locked his door and stayed in unwanted silence.

When sleep finally claimed him on these restless nights, he was plunged into grim remembrance. Nightmares formed from harsh memories of a night long past... Never would he let anyone see him, yet here he was being a wuss, in front of a stunning girl who he happened to be developing a crush on no less!

"Are you okay?" he heard Rachel ask, her voice laced with angst. He paid it no attention and continued to stare blankly ahead, her presence tearing at his pride.

"I-" he heard himself start to say, so he forced his gaze to turn to her, "I'm fine…" he cut off at the sight of the sincere concern in her enchanting amethyst eyes, he sighed resignedly. "No… I'm not." Damn those lovely eyes!

"Uhm… what's the matter?" Rachel asked with apprehension.

"It's well… the storm reminds me of my parents…" He made himself reply, it was gloomy but it was a reply. I can't believe I'm confiding in someone who's practically a stranger… but she has this thing about her… like you can just trust her. I guess I can at least get some of this off my chest. Oh please God… I'm going to go insane like this…!

"They… it was really stormy that night… so dark… I couldn't shake off this bad feeling and I was so scared… I-this-that's why I hate storms, it just reminds me of so much…" he trailed off and Rachel's stoic face softened little by little as he talked to her.

A comfortable silence, disrupted only by the storm's rumblings, settled in and he was suddenly aware of her gentle touch stroking his back. Sleep slowly claimed him and into his dreams… and into his dreaded nightmare. At least that's what he expected. It started like it usually did… happy…

'Crunch' 'snap' 'crunch.'

'Crunch' 'snap' 'crunch.'

'Crunch' 'snap' 'crunch.'

He was running through a lush green jungle, snapping twigs and rustling leaves. He could feel his legs dashing, racing towards his smiling parents with their picnic basket. They were going on a picnic!

He ran, ran, ran and ran, but he wasn't getting any closer… the happy scene melted away like waves retreating from sandy shores. It was replaced by a fierce jungle being pelted by angry raindrops, flooded by muddy water. Ahead were his distraught parents, waiting for him to take their outstretched hands as they slowed to a jog, waiting for him to catch up.

A few meters in front of them was a boat bouncing through the overflowing rivers with muddy brown rapids. Now only a few meters away, his legs started pumping harder to propel him closer to his loving parents… then all he could see was the ground rushing at him. He tripped...he tripped over a tree root… always the same damn thing!

Someone picked him up, he didn't like this man; he had a creepy vibe, and so he struggled.

"Mom! Dad!" He cried, reaching for his distressed parents, but his tiny voice was drowned out by the brutal winds.

"Go! I got him!" The man carrying him shouted successfully over the harsh weather. His parents reluctantly rushed to the boat, his mom boarded it to start up the engine while his father waited for him with open arms… thinking that their – supposed – friend would bring his son to him.

The man ran clumsily through the rough terrain, closing the distance between them and the anxious couple.

His hand was just an inch from his parent's hand when he was suddenly jerked back, his father kicked into the bobbing boat by the man carrying him. The same man unexpectedly hit him hard on the temple with something blunt and threw him at a nearby tree – winding him as he slammed against the unyielding bark. His dream-self slowly faded into unconsciousness… he watched helplessly as the man stalked the boat, knife in hand towards his parents. The man drew his knife-wielding hand up and—

The scene abruptly faded away to reveal him lying down on his mother's lap, her warm hands caressing his messy blonde hair. Chatting in whispers with her husband sitting beside them on the picnic blanket... He was a bit taken back by the change but reveled in the comfort of parental love. The great tree they were under providing cool shade against the brightly shinning sun. The blue skies—


He felt himself again.

Gar jumped into a defensive stance, looking around with bewildered eyes, his gaze fell upon the startled Rachel.

"Dude! Wha—" He started but was drowned out by a:


He cringed at the uncanny noise.

… 'BZZZT'…

… And all was dark.

"Friend Rachel said it is fine, and to be careful and to observe for suitable weather for driving back to her home." Kory sighed as she hung up. She had really been looking forward to their party of slumber.

"You should call your parents now; tell them that you're stuck at Etoile Hotel because of the storm. We'll go get you a suite after. Okay?" Richard asked Kory, she nodded and dialed once more.

"Hello? … Yes father, I am well… I am stuck at Etoile Hotel for tonight… I was going to stay with friend Rachel but… because it is too dangerous to drive in this harsh weather… Yes… Yes, I'll be careful… Goodnight father." She ended the call and handed it back to Richard.

"Alright let us go get us a room of sweets!" Kory beamed and rushed for the door when Richard noticed something sure to raise unwanted rumors and blushed.

"Uhm… Kory?" she turned back to him and he shifted his eyes to look at anything but her. "Why don't I go instead? I don't think it's a good idea to go out there with my clothes on." Kory blushed as well and nodded.

"I understand… Please inform them to send the bill to the Anders' estate." She added but Richard finally looked back at her and shook his head.

"No I'll take it. It's my fault we're stuck here anyway." Richard walked to the door and smiled at her as he passed.

She smiled back but took a hold of his forearm - like he had done before at Rachel's house – and gave him a lingering kiss on the cheek.

"That is to say thank you friend Richard, it is very kind of you to do so." Richard grinned goofily and hurried to the door.

To say that the lobby was packed would be an understatement. The whole room was abuzz as it swarmed with people and tourists struggling to get to the front desk, each of them yelling out their problems.

Richard nimbly worked his way through the rowdy crowd to the front and slammed down his platinum gold credit card.

"One suite please!" He shouted over the ruckus.

"I'm sorry sir! I'm afraid that all the rooms are occupied!" the manager replied at equal volume and handed him back his card.

"But I—" his protest was lost as he was shoved to the back of the line.

Richard sighed and took the stairs, with the elevator already being overused. On his trek he nervously started analyzing the situation. His attraction to his new acquaintance was already getting to him… Okay, calm down, assess the situation calmly. Alright two major problems:

One- Can't get back to Rachel's house.

Two- Alone with Kory.

Alright good not many negatives, now the positives:

One- We're safe and dry.

Two- There is two beds in the suite.

Three- …Hmm, what else? ...Alone with Kory…?

"…" He paused his climb a moment and started again.

Let's try that again…

Three- … Alone with Kory in one suite with her wearing my clothes…?

"I have got to get my head out of that hormonal gutter…" Richard continued muttering incoherently to himself all the way back to his room.

"Friend Richard! Which room have you selected for me?" Kory skipped happily to him as he entered.

"Uhm… welltheydon'thaveanymoreroomsoyou're," he said, his explanation getting faster and faster, "theydon'thaveanymoreroomsoyou'reprobablygoingtohavetouseGar'sbedbutheisatRachel's..."

"Friend Richard!" Kory tried to get his attention.


"Friend Richard!!" she said giggling and covered his mouth. "Are you alright?"

He blushed and nodded, not trusting himself to speak. Kory removed her hand and smiled brightly at him.

"Good! But I understand that there are no more rooms?" Richard nodded.

"Then may I take the extra bed?" He nodded again.

"Joyous, we may still commence with the party of slumber!" Kory exclaimed merrily and hopped on the bed meant to be hers - the one closest to the door.

"What shall we do first?!" she cheerfully asked Richard as he walked towards his own bed.

Richard frowned and looked at the clock, 8:14 pm. "I think we should take a shower, we'll catch colds while we're so cold like this." Kory pouted but nodded.

"You can shower first, if you want." He continued Kory shook her head and smiled.

"No, I wish to take a long shower and I do not wish to be an inconvenience you. So please, go first." She smiled sweetly and ushered him into the bathroom.

"Okay…?" Richard managed to say before Kory shut the door.

"On second thought and I will be gone for a few minutes, I wish to park my car in the underground place of parking." She said to him over the door after a few moments.

The door opened slightly and a keycard poked out. "Here take it, show it to the guard there… and if you don't mind, could you ask him to move my motorcycle in there as well?"

"I do not mind," Kory heard him give a sigh of relief, and giggled as she took it from him.

Richard heard the jingle of her car keys and the door to the suite shut and proceeded to take a shower.

10 minutes later, Richard didn't hear Kory come in yet so he just came out with a towel around his waist. It's going to be a long, cold night. He thought with a sigh.

10 more minutes had past… Richard sat on his bed in the same black shirt but with sweatpants and his sunglasses, feeling slightly worried. Where is she? She should be back by now it, doesn't take twenty minutes to park a car… Did something happen? He could feel his anxiety rising and he quickly shot up from his seat and rushed to his door.

He had just stomped into his dry pair of sneakers when the door opened to reveal a very soaked, very tired looking Kory covered in mud and leaves. Her usually perfect posture slumped in exhaustion, her hair plastered onto her still gorgeous face – even with her generally cheery face frowning and annoyed. In her hands were his keycard and car keys, both caked with dirt.

Richard stared at her in shock as she trudged angrily past him, threw the items on the floor beside him and into the bathroom, leaving a trail of muddy footprints.

He blinked stupidly for a few moments until he heard the shower running. He got up and took a seat on his bed again, wondering how she ended up in such a state. Okay…? How'd that happen?

Richard was in the same spot 30 minutes later when she poked her head out the door, he saw that she was blushing prettily and sat silently, curiously staring at her, head tilted to the side.

Kory saw how he was looking at her and thought he looked rather cute like that. She blushed even deeper.

"Friend Richard…?" she called apprehensively.


"Do you have another set of clothes I could borrow? I'm sorry, but I got first ones very muddy." He watched as her silky red hair swayed as she talked.

"Yeah, and its okay," Richard got up and got her more clothes from his drawer and walked back towards her. "Here, close the door and I'll leave them in front of it and then turn around." He blushed a bit as he said the last part and they proceeded as he said.

It seemed that he was going to blush a lot with this girl. He heard the bathroom door close and turned to it. His stomach started growling.

"Are you hungry?" He asked her through the door as he rubbed his tummy.

"Hmm, yes I am actually."

"'Kay, I'll get room service. What would you like?"

"I do not know… what would you recommend?"

"Sure… how about something simple? … Pizza!"

"Alright," Kory stepped out the bathroom door with a cheery smile, "as long as I get a bottle of mustard… please!" she added, remembering her manners.

"Sure…" he drawled.

He shrugged it off, dialed 4 for room service and pressed the phone to his ear.

"Hello? ...Yes, a pack of soda and pizza please… One moment," he covered the mouthpiece. "What kind?"

Kory looked thoughtful for a second, "Hmm… I cannot choose."

"How's mushroom with bacon and extra cheese?" she nodded.

Richard uncovered the phone and repeated their order… and, upon Kory's insistence, Richard's curiosity, and the man on the other end's wonder, for two bottles of mustard and a straw.

The pizza was made directly in the hotel's kitchen so it (and the mustard) arrived in about twenty minutes. They thanked and generously tipped the employee and sent him on his way.

"C'mon let's eat this in the kitchen." Richard inclined his head towards a beige door close the corner out of the room that Kory hadn't really noticed at her arrival.

They took the food, beverages… and condiments to the completely white kitchen, with the exception of the stainless steel, and planned out Kory's stay. Or "party of slumber" as she phrased it. She was completely oblivious to the fact that she was alone with a guy in a hotel room, while Richard's head buzzed about it.

He had had been in many relationships, all beautiful girls, girls that guys would kill for. But Kory, Kory was drop dead gorgeous! Not one - except maybe Rachel Roth, but she wasn't his type - not one of his previous… acquaintances could compare to the exotic woman in front of his eyes… she was innocent and naïve, something uncommon in his world. Something he adored and envied about her… then he mentally slapped himself.


He wasn't falling in love.


People just get hurt when they fall in love.

People just get disappointment when they love.

Love, he decided long ago, was not worth it. So he pushed all thoughts of it away and focused on the conversation once more.

"… then we should watch a movie." Kory finished and took a sip of her mustard. He nodded as if he had actually listened.

"So why the mustard?" he asked with raised eyebrow.

"I just find it delicious!" she beamed and took another sip through the straw. Richard sweat-dropped but nodded anyway.

"So movie?"


"Alright, we'll order one. Let's eat the pizza while we watch." She nodded and they stood up and walked back into the room.

"What do you want to watch?"

"What would you recommend?"

"How do you feel about scary movies?"

8 minutes later they were getting settled in their own individual beds, each with half of what was left of the pizza, Richard with his soda and Kory with her mustard. The lights were off, so that the only light came from the TV.

The screen went black and "Axes and Saws II" was slowly etched into it with blood, eerie music building up the suspense.

(A little more than halfway through the movie...)


'Bang!' the screen showed a masked man suddenly knock down the door just as the couple in the movie started to foolishly make out in a dark room as they hid from their mystery attacker.


The masked man had a bloody axe in his left hand and a roaring saw in his right.

The two men circled each other, the young man, Jack, standing protectively in front of his fiancé, Carina, guiding her to move with him. They now had the only exit, the door, in between each other. He gave Carina a glance over his shoulder signaling her to run for it and then lunged at his opponent.

She ran, ran, and ran down the seemingly infinite flight of stairs – they had only been on the second floor – when she heard glass breaking and 2 thuds, one a sickening thump and splash, the second an uncanny sound that was too muffled to accurately tell.


She warily went out to her backyard pool.

"Aaaah!!!" the high pitched scream came from the speakers.

"Jack!" Carina had just found her lover's beheaded corpse sprawled out on the tiled flooring covered with shards of glass, one arm submerged in the water.

Richard took a peek at Kory, her pretty features set in a frown but showed no sign of being scared at all. She finished her last slice of pizza, set her plate down on the floor and laid back into her pillows. He was greatly impressed, Most girls would be screaming at a headless corpse… he had long ago finished his own snacks and turned his attention back to the movie just in time to see the guy's head float up to the surface.

Jack's dead eyes stared back at the camera, his head bobbing in the water, messy brown hair spread about it. Carina reached out for it while a pair of hands reached out for her and—


Kory screamed and jumped from her bed to Richards just as he was about to stand so they fell abruptly on his pillows, the mattress bouncing and his ears ringing as Kory continued to scream.


The eerie sound of splintering wood.

She had him in a vice-like grip, but had stopped her yelling.

… silence…


The TV screen turned black and all was dark.

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