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"Kakashi, retreat, and go look for your students!" Gai yelled as he scanned the battle field for any more opponents.

The silver haired Jounin nodded and waved at the Green Beast. He quickly ran out of the coliseum and used his sense of smell to track down his students. First off, Sakura, she was running towards the hospital.

"Sakura, where's the rush?" he used his calm appearance to calm himself.

The pink haired Genin turned towards him, "Kakashi-sensei, you're okay!" he could see the relief in her eyes, "Well, I heard that Sasuke-kun and Naruto are in the hospital."

He nodded and placed a hand on her shoulder, "Well, let's not keep them waiting." He shunshined with her inside the hospital lobby and quickly ran towards the nearest nurse.

"Nurse, do you know which room are Naruto and Sasuke?" Sakura asked quickly.

The woman looked at the clipboard on her hands and scanned over the names, "Ah, there's a Naruto in room 262, he was being accompanied by a Hyuuga and Uchiha Sasuke."

"Thanks!" Sakura quickly ran through the corridors and up stairs, Kakashi walking lazily behind her.

Suddenly, the whole building shook and a loud explosion penetrated the silence of the hospital. They could hear the concerned murmurs of the patients in their rooms. Quickly they ran to the room where their teammates were placed.

"Naruto, Sasuke!" Kakashi called when he opened the door.

"Kakashi-sensei, do you know what's happening at the coliseum?" asked Sasuke pointing outside the window where the column of smoke rose up into the cloudy sky.

The silver haired Jounin looked out of the window and saw the smoke, "This is not good," he mused and heard a shift in the air.

"Kakashi-senpai," a voice rang behind the Jounin, his hand crossed over his chest in salute.

Kakashi turned towards the ANBU that called behind him and saluted as well, "What is it Neko-san?"

The Cat masked ANBU bowed, "Senpai, Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen has died in battle."

The Genin's eyes widened when they heard those words echo in their ears.

"No, NO! Jiji cannot be dead!" Naruto yelled devastated.

Neko turned to him, sadness laced in his voice, "I'm sorry, Uzumaki-san, but Orochimaru managed to somehow kill him in their struggle. The man is now on the run once again."

Kakashi stared at the blonde, knowing that he looked up to Hiruzen as a grandfather and now he died by the hands of that snake bastard. Naruto's eyes were wide with shock, tears running freely down his face, his hands tightened into fists.

- One Day later -

The whole village gathered at the cemetery, all dressed in black kimono and yukata, and mourned the death of their elder Hokage. Many had laid a white rose upon his grave, but the last words were said by his son, Sarutobi Asuma and his grandson Sarutobi Konohamaru. They finished the gathering shortly and everyone left.

Naruto remained in front of the grave with something on his hands. He was dressed in a black yukata which had a hole on its back to make way for the wings, and wooden sandals on his aching feet. Looking down at the object on his hands, he made a silent prayer and placed it, the Hokage's favorite pipe, on the grave. A hand rested on his shoulder, suddenly, and he lifted his eyes to see who was still there, it was Kakashi.

"Let it all out," he said simply and hugged the blonde as he broke down and cried.

The Hatake rubbed his back in gentle circles and the crying eased. "Come on. Let's get out of this rain."

Naruto nodded silently and walked behind the Jounin sensei. They made their way down the street and walked up to a building not far from the book store next to the convenient store. Kakashi opened the door and led him inside.

"Why don't you go take a hot shower and I'll fetch you some fresh clothing? I'm going to make some hot chocolate, too," Kakashi suggested.

"Sure," Naruto replied numbly. He sighed and walked over to the bathroom of his sensei's simple apartment. He grabbed a towel and walked in towards the shower. He turned it on at the hottest it could go and peeled off his wet yukata.

Kakashi heard the bathroom door close and placed a pair of sweat pants and a black shirt on his bed. He stared at the pictures atop his bed's headboard. "Minato-sensei, if you were alive you would know what to do this very moment. I'm trying to compensate for the time I didn't search for him for my own selfish means, but this is proving to be quite difficult," he sighed and looked at his Team 7 photo, "When you all make Chuunin, I will take a new picture… definitely," he chuckled.

He changed into warmer clothing and walked to the kitchen to make hot chocolate. He readily made the recipe, 'Just like Rin-chan used to make it,' he thought and smiled at the memories that flashed before his eyes. He was so focused on what he was doing that he didn't hear as the shower turned off and the door opened up to reveal a Naruto wrapped in a towel.

"Kakashi-sensei?" he called.

The silver-haired turned at his name being called and saw the blonde, "Oh, Naruto, I placed some clothes I found on my bed. My room is the one at the end of the hall."

Naruto nodded and walked toward the room. It was hard to believe it was so tidy, but he guessed it was because he was barely there because of all the missions and training. He picked up the clothes and began to place them on. He was amused to see that Kakashi took his time to make a big enough hole on the back of the shirt to fit the wings.

As he finished placing on his cloths, he looked at the headboard and saw two pictures: one was the familiar Team 7 photo, but the other one consisted of another 4 people. He took the picture in his hands and examined it. There was Kakashi as a kid who had an arrogant expression on his face, beside him was a black haired kid with orange goggles on, making the peace sign at the camera, in front of both boys was a red haired girl with a purple marking on each cheek, and just behind the three with his arms crossed wearing a charcoal gray trench coat was a blonde haired man with azure eyes, who looked vaguely familiar.

"My Team's photo," Minato responded the unsaid question on Naruto's head.

/ Wait, that's you? And you were Kakashi-sensei's sensei? / Naruto exclaimed.

"Yeah, he was quite the kid back then, now he's really laid back, much like his teammate. I guess it suits him considering that both of his teammates died in war and then I died that night…"

Naruto didn't reply, but place the picture back onto the headboard. He turned around and was startled to see the very one he was talking about carrying two cups of hot chocolate.

"I see you saw my Team's photo, ne?" Kakashi said and handed the blonde one of the cups.

"What were your teammate's names?" he asked.

Kakashi sat beside the blonde and looked at the picture. "The one standing beside me is Uchiha Obito. He was my best friend and rival, and just when we had settled our differences, he died while we were on a mission. His entire right side was crushed under a large rock; his last wishes were for me to defend our teammate and to have his Sharingan transplanted into my eye socket.

"The kunoichi of our team, Rin, she was like the mother hen, always looking out for us, and scolding us for whatever reason Obito and I fought over. I remember she had a crush on me when we first met, but then she started falling for Obito, knowing that I wouldn't want to be in a relationship, and Obito was always there to listen to her.

"And our sensei, Namikaze Minato, he was sincerely the most amazing man I have ever met. He was always trying to make me get along with Obito. He always had this warm smile on his face, but the only times it would ever disappear from his face would be on times when he got really serious. I guess his charm and all his determination and kindness is why he got the position as Yondaime Hokage."

Naruto smiled for the first time since the funeral. "I bet it would've been great to meet them."

Kakashi looked at the blonde and ruffled his hair with a smile tugging at his mask, "I bet they would've loved you."

They sipped their chocolate in a comfortable silence and Kakashi glanced at his alarm clock. "Well, Naruto-kun, I need to get you home. It's getting quite late."

Naruto nodded and stood up. Kakashi took both cups and placed them on the sink and returned to lead his student safely to his home. They walked out to the deserted streets and remained in their silence as they heard the gutters empty out the water they carried. They stopped in front of the old building where Naruto's apartment lies in.

"Thank you, Kakashi-sensei, for everything," Naruto said.

He eye smiled at him in reply and said, "Stay safe, now go inside before you catch a cold."

The blonde nodded with a grin and ran up to his apartment, closing his door behind to let the warmth stay inside.

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