The challenge word is road trip. Okay I've taken a little license with the version of road/rode I've used! Thanks to Impaladreams for help with the dénouement and to Kripke for the boys and the chance to play with them. 100 on the nose.

"Well, boy, you look like you been rode hard and put away wet!"

Bobby reached forward; grasping Dean by the shoulders as the exhausted younger man tripped over his feet and all but fell into his arms.

The hunter was covered in mud and blood and God knows what else, his clothes torn, cuts and bruises all over his pale skin.

"Did you sort him out?"

The older man questioned as he eased the groaning Winchester to the tattered couch.

"Yeah..." Dean wheezed an exhausted but happy smile on his dirt-streaked face. "But next time, Bobby, you bathe Rumsfeld yourself!"

Hope it makes you smile!