Plot Twisted

Part 1

"Phineas! Ferb! Candace! Can you kids come down here for a moment?" called Linda, waiting in the kitchen.

"But Mom! Ferb and I are trying to figure out what to do today!" Phineas explained on the way down the stairs, followed by his stepbrother Ferb.

"Yeah, and I'm trying to find a way to bust them without looking like an idiot!" Candace snorted behind them. Linda placed her hands on her hips.

"Ugh, you kids are so…never mind. anyway, my friend Charlene from cooking class is bringing her family here so we can present a new dish we made- so I want you three to be on your best behavior! …and that means no outrageous accusations Candace…"

"Whatever. Not like it'd be worth it anyway…" Candace sighed, jumping onto the couch and instantly dialing Stacey. Phineas and Ferb stayed in the kitchen, still thinking of something to do. Perry suddenly walked into the room and hopped onto Ferb's lap, making his little chitter noise.

Out of curiosity, Phineas asked, "Hey…what's the family's last name?"

"Oh? Um…Doofenshmirtz, I believe…"

"Well that's awfully serendipitous!" Phineas decided. "That's a cool last name!" Perry, at the sound of "Doofenshmirtz", instantly put on an angry face until Ferb started to pet him. Once he stopped, Perry jumped off and pretended to walk away.

"Hey, let's go outside to think-that's where we usually get our ideas anyway…"

As Phineas and Ferb left, Linda went to get something out of the living room, leaving Perry alone. He suddenly stood on his hind legs and threw on a secret agent hat. He jumped onto the counter, dialed a secret code onto the microwave, and climbed into it. He slid down a tube and landed comfortably into a red chair in front of a screen.

"Good morning Agent P," Major Monogram greeted seriously. "We think Dr. Doofenshmirtz is about to hatch his most evil scheme yet- coming over to your secret base where you live as a mindless domestic pet!"

Perry scribbled all the info down and nodded for him to go on.

"Of course, it's only natural that he has a evil plan up his sleeve, and you're going to have to stop him without blowing your cover!"

Perry saluted, then quickly exited. He placed his hat back where it belonged and turned into his alter ego.

This would be the first time he went into a mission without it.


"Ferb? What are you doing?" Phineas wondered, watching Ferb longingly stare at a picture of Vanessa Doofenshmirtz. "Hey! Isn't that Charlene's daughter Mom said was coming?"

Ferb nodded.

"…and it's quite obvious you have a thing for her…" A light bulb suddenly flicked on in Phineas's head. "That's it! I know what we're gonna do today! With the invention we're going to invent, Vanessa will be impressed and amazed and will go out with you!"

Ferb looked nervous.

"C'mon! We're geniuses! We can pull off anything- even if it means attracting an older woman!"

Ferb relaxed.

"That's better. Now, what does Vanessa like…"

Ferb suddenly pulled out a long list of things, rolling out into the full extent of the backyard. As Phineas read, he was slightly unsure about suggesting the idea in the first place…


"So yeah, some weird family is coming over later…mom says they have a daughter my age, but she's all Goth and gunk like that…ha! There's no way she can be prettier than me- after all, I am Jeremy's total love interest…" Candace ranted to Stacey on the phone. "I can only talk until they get here though, so hurry up with whatever you have to…WHAT?! This will NOT be fun at all and I can't believe you'd say that…Phineas and Ferb are- no, no…I gotta go!"

Candace started to run out to the backyard where the brothers were carrying large hunks of metal. A few builders began to help, them, and an important looking-man with a clipboard came up to Phineas.

"Aren't you a little young to be building…whatever you're building?"

"Usually, I'd say, yes-yes I am, but this time it's more of a probably…I don't know where Ferb's going to go with this," explained Phineas. Candace's eye twitched.

"Ooh! I'm so telling Mom that you two are…doing…something…aw, who am I kidding?" cried Candace. "I'm already a laughing stock in her eyes- I'll be ruined if I bust them for doing nothing!"

Candace turned heel and headed back inside.

"Besides…I have to get ready for that Goth freak…"


Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated Vehicle! -

"See Mom? Even this vehicle is evil!" Vanessa pointed out from the backseat of the car. Charlene turned around and gave a stern look to her daughter.

"This vehicle is not evil-the only bad thing related to this car is your good-for-nothing-father driving it!"

"Hey! It's not like I'm not here, you know…" Heinz Doofenshmirtz, from this time on known as Dr. D, pouted. "The nerve of some people these days…just getting the family together and they start insulting you…honestly…"

"We're only doing this because I want to show you two a recipe I actually created, and to show Linda I can handle a normal family…"

Vanessa leaned back in her seat and folded her arms. "Ha! How are we supposed to be a normal family when Dad is evil, you're obsessed with cooking-"

"-and you're a sassy, sarcastic Gothic teenager, now stay quiet until we get there!"

"We are there…" Dr. D pointed out, showing they were in the driveway. Charlene instantly got out and stared the other two down.

"Vanessa, try not to bum everyone with your dark outlook and do not mention the nonsense that your father is evil!"

Dr. D put up a finger. "But I-"

"-and you…don't be a dork like you usually are…" she proceeded to knock on the door. "For Vanessa's amusement, don't be evil either."

As Vanessa scowled, Dr. D tried to explain he was evil, but Linda answered the door before he spoke.

"Charlene! You actually came!" Linda exclaimed.

"Of course! This recipe could be in restaurants for crying out loud!" Charlene chuckled. Linda laughed too and called for Candace.

"Yeah Mom?"

"I'd like to you to meet Charlene Doofenshmirtz, Heinz Doofenshmirtz, and their daughter Vanessa."

Vanessa and Candace made eye contact before simultaneously hissing "You."

"Why don't you two girls head up to Candace's room and get to know each other while we adults talk over a nice baked batch of-" Charlene began.

"Shh! Don't ruin the surprise!" Linda warned.

"We can always have a spot of tea while we wait for whatever it is to cook!" Lawrence suggested, arriving and putting his arm around his wife.

"oh yes, I DO enjoy tea…" Dr. D agreed.

"Urgh, they'll be drinking tea forever- let's just get this over with…" Candace muttered, leading Vanessa up to her room. Linda poured some for everyone and brought it to the living room.

"Ah, it's nice just to sit and talk to people who understand what you go through…" she sighed, taking a sip.

"I know- my daughter constantly tries to say my ex-husband is evil!"

"My daughter thinks my sons are always up to dangerous and irresponsible stunts!"

They shared a laugh while Lawrence and Dr. D exchanged glances.

"We know nothing about what you're talking about."

Dr. D quickly finished his tea and while everyone else got lost in the conversation, his mind was wrapped in evil.

"Hmm…if Vanessa is right about me being evil, then maybe this Candace is right about her brother's stunts! Perhaps I can convince them to build me something...for evil!"

He excused himself and exited out the back door.


"I can't believe you actually sleep here!" Vanessa complained. "This room is way too soft, sweet, and…PINK!"

"Well, we are what we wear…" Candace grunted under her breath. "Yeah, maybe I should get a makeover though…"

"Should? More like need!"

Candace gritted her teeth. "I don't even use my room! I sit in the living room talking on the phone or trying to bust my brothers!"

Vanessa blinked. "Did you say…bust?"

"Yeah, no matter how hard I try to show my mom what Phineas and Ferb are doing, it magically disappears!"

"I have the same problem!" Vanessa gasped. "Whenever I try to show my mom that my dad is evil, is just vanishes like it wasn't even there!"

"Someone finally understands!!" they squealed simultaneously. Suddenly, the sound of building and clanking could be heard, and they both ran to the window. Phineas and Ferb had started the construction of their project, and Dr. D was making his way over, an evil smirk plastered to his face.

"Aw man! My dad is about to do something evil!" "Aw man! My brothers are about to do something impossible!"

Both girls were suddenly still, then grinned and turned to each other.

"You ready to do some busting?"

Catchy music started to play, and Vanessa started dancing on the floor. She glanced out the window and smirked at her dad trying to be sneaky.

"I can see the things you doin'…And you think that I'm naïve!"

She makes a face and pretends to take a picture.

"But when I get the goods on you…She'll finally believe!"

Candace taps her foot to Vanessa's singing, then glances out and stares at Phineas and Ferb, thinking of her own mom.

"She says it's all just drama, but every bubble's got to pop! She's gonna see just what your doin'…"

They both jump up and hold their hands out.

"-And then your finally gonna have to STOP!"

They pointed out the window, Dr. D thinking on how to pull off his plan from behind a tree, Phineas putting some finishing touches on the machine, and Ferb staring at the picture of Vanessa.

"Don't think your gonna win this time, Cause' you better believe I'm gonna drop a dime…on you…"

The girls started dancing freestyle, but similarly dancing to the other, still singing in perfect sync.

"I'll get ya! I'll get ya! And when I do you're gonna be busted! BUSTED!"

They head down the stairs, after their cell phones to have proof.

"I don't wanna put the hurt on you, But you better believe me when I tell you….That I finally got the dirt on you!"

"If only…" they both sighed, looking at their moms still sipping tea and chatting. Shaking their heads, they ran outside.

"YOU'RE BUSTED! Yeah, she's finally gonna see the light-This is how it's gonna be…When she finds out that I was always right…"

Candace and Vanessa jumped out into the backyard and shouted "YOU'RE BUSTED!"


"Okay Doof…you can do this!" Dr. D constantly told himself from behind the tree. "They're just harmless kids…building an invention that can help me dominate!! …but that leaves the problem of actually getting it…"

"All right Ferb! One more twist…" Phineas suddenly announced. "Little more…perfect!"

They stepped back and stared at what they created.

"This is perfect! This machine can create a machine that has the ability to let Vanessa have things her way! She'll love you Ferb!"

"Yes hopefully…" Ferb responded, in his awesome British accent, with wide eyes full of hope.

"Now we just need to name it…" pondered the younger of the two. "Hey…where's Perry?"


Perry peeked around the corner of the house, spying on Doofenshmirtz. He prepared to throw on his hat and spring into action, but with Phineas and Ferb in full view, he wasn't able to and cursed himself for choosing "mindless domestic pet" for a cover. Still, he laid low and kept an eye on his nemesis.


Dr. D saw his chance and stepped out.

"Um, I-I could probably help you with that!" he announced. "I am good at creating names!"

The boys turned, and Phineas eventually smiled.

"Oh hey Mr. Doofenshmirtz! You wanna help?" Phineas asked.

"Of course! But please, you can call me Dr. D!"

"Okay then. Can you help us think up a name for this gizmo we whipped up?"

He placed a hand on his chin. "Hmmm…what does it do?"

"Well, anyone who scans their hand on the little scanner instantly gets a ride based on their personality! But the best part is that the vehicle can make things the way you want them to!"

"Maybe Whatever-you-want-inator? But that's too long…perhaps Personalinator? I like that one!" he decided. "But it seems-"

"-too overrated. The whole "inator" thing has been used to death…"

"Hey! How dare you steal my line-I mean, c'mon! Personalinator sounds cool!"

Phineas shrugged. "All right then! Personalinator it is!"


Candace and Vanessa finally reached the backyard after their music number. Candace squealed at what she saw.

"Look Vanessa! They're finished, and your dad's up to no good!"

"Two birds with one stone, huh? I like the way you think!" Vanessa then pulled out her phone. "Let's call our moms!"

Candace grabbed hers. "Lets."


"-and she was in the panic room, and said some nonsense about robots-" Linda's story was cut off by two cell phones ringing. Both moms answered at the same time.

"Hello? Yes dear…in the backyard? Now? Immediately? Sweetie- again? Oh…okay, I'll be there, and it'd better be worth it!"

"I wonder why they called us?" Charlene pondered.

"Must be a force of habit!" Lawrence suggested. They started to head out, but Charlene suddenly remembered their special recipe still baking in the oven.

"Oh no! I was so caught up in your tea, I forgot about it!" she gasped, running to the kitchen.

"I was so wrapped up in our stories!" admitted Linda.

"I thought both were smashing personally…" Lawrence pointed out.


Both teens shut their phones and winked. "Now we just need to make sure the machine doesn't disappear!"

"Hey Vanessa!" "Come over here sweetie!"

Vanessa made a noise and headed over to Phineas and Dr. D.


"Ferb designed this amazing gift for you!" Phineas explained. Ferb waved slightly shyly.

"He built me a hunk of metal?"

"No! Put your hand on the scanner over here on the-"

"Personalinator!" Dr. D belted out, getting weird looks. "…what? I wanted to promote my name! What's wrong with that?"

"Um…okay, but this is going to be used as proof against you, you know!" she warned. Dr. D. put up his hands.

"Why with the offensive? I'm not doing anything evil…yet…"

Vanessa gave an unsure face, then put her hand on the scanner. The screen next to it showed a picture of Vanessa, then sent out a red light, and shut down. A slot in the front opened and a small motor bike wheeled out. Vanessa screamed and jumped onto it.

"A new ride? Wow! Dad would never give me one…" she said in awe. "Thanks Ferb…and Phineas."

Dr. D just stared at the black gothic bike. "Now that is the ultimate evil…"

"Don't mention it Vanessa, but remember, it was mostly Ferb!" As they went to show her how to alter reality with the bike, Candace impatiently waited for her mother.

"Grr…I told her immediately!! Now something's going to happen and she'll miss it!"

The teenager furiously stomped back into the house.

"So…if I want to change anything at all, I just hit this weird bell thing?" Vanessa wondered. "For example, a…darker sky?"

She hit the bell, causing the sky to slowly darken-key word: slowly.

"Yep! It just can't effect people, platypuses, or other machines that come out of the-"

"Personalinator!" finished Ferb, always willing to speak in front of Vanessa. At the sound of "-inator" Vanessa glanced at her dad who was obviously up to no good, messing with the scanner and cackling evilly.

"Aah! Evil!" she hissed, scrambling off her bike. "Where's mom!?"

As she followed Candace into the house, the sky continued to blacken until it was almost impossible to see…


"There. It came out perfect!" cheered Charlene, placing the Blueberry-Tomato cake onto the counter to cool. Lawrence made a face, but after sneaking a sample found it was actually pretty good!

"That's great! Now…didn't Candace and Vanessa-"

"MOM!!" screamed said teenagers. "Hurry! Personalinator! Evil!"

Each girl grabbed their respective mom and dashed outside, leaving Lawrence in the kitchen with the cake.

"Am I not good enough to know these things?" he wondered aloud. "Oh well. I'll have more cake then…"


"I, Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, have created an evil riding machine, which I will name…the Doofinator!!!" He jumped on his new reality-ride right before his eyesight was darkened.

"Hey! Who turned out the-"

Perry instantly saw (or didn't see) his chance and used his hidden platypus skills to sneak his way over to Doofenshmirtz.


"See Mom?" the teens asked at the same time.

"I can't see a thing out here!" Charlene grumbled.

"Maybe it was daylight savings time a little early…"

Candace smacked her head while Vanessa let out a distressed wail.

"We're going back inside before your dad eats the cake…"

Linda and Charlene made their way back inside, leaving Candace and Vanessa screaming at Phineas, Ferb and Doofenshmirtz.