Okay, yes, it is a double drabble, technically. But it was a two-word term this week! Plus, I threw in another old word, too, just for good measure. Please don't lynch me! LOL

words: dry, road trip
word count: 200

Truth or Dare

His desire to fit in got him into these situations. Playing "truth or dare" around the campfire had seemed like such a normal thing to do. It would be fun, Jess'd persuaded. To Sam, it'd sounded as fun as skipping through a minefield, blindfolded. But potentially more hazardous.

Since "truth" was obviously out, he'd chosen "dare" on his turn, consequently jumping into the freezing-cold pond near the campsite amid hoots and raucous cheers. Luckily, he'd packed extra clothing—always be prepared was the John Winchester motto…or was that the Boy Scouts?

He changed into dry clothes, made it back in time to hear a stuttered description of Roger's ideal vacation—which apparently involved playing pinochle and ballroom dancing. Sam couldn't help but laugh at the idea of his stocky, football-player friend doing either.

Hoping to deflect attention, Roger challenged, "So what's your idea of a great vacation, Sam? Let's hear it."

Without thinking, the truth popped right out of Sam, "Road trip with m'brother." A pang of loneliness for his arrogant, stubborn, obnoxious—loyal, self-sacrificing, protective—big brother hit hard and he looked away.

Across the fire, Jess smiled softly. It was the truest thing she'd ever heard him say.