Danny drives about 15,000 miles each year. He is planning to buy a new car. The car he wants to buy averages 20 miles on one gallon of gasoline. He has decided he would buy another car if he could save at least $200 per year in gasoline expenses. Assume gasoline costs $1.20 per gallon. What is the minimum number of miles per gallon that would fulfill Danny's criteria?

"Sigh.... How is anyone supposed to solve this? I don't know what to do! This is nothing like what we did in class. Why do we even have homework? I'd rather be with Ed than doing this. Speaking of which, where is he? He was supposed to pick me up at 7:00, and it's now....."

I looked at the clock, and went back to my blog.

"7:15. Maybe his rehearsal ran late. Yeah, that must be it." The doorbell rang. "Hey Mom, will you get that? I have to sign off!" My mom's voice rang through our house.

"Alright, but you owe me one!"; I love my mom. She's so cool. She always puts my needs before anything. It's probably because she feels bad for me, but that's okay. She adopted me when I was a baby, and it's been me and her as long as I can remember. She was married once, but he died before I came into the picture. Mom yelled for me. "Ed's here! Hurry up!"

I smiled.

Only my mom would actually encourage me to go out with a guy, and it's because of her that Ed and I are going out for dinner for our 1 year anniversary. I grabbed my jacket and walked to the front door.

"Bye Mom! I'll be back later! Ed was standing by his car, holding the door open for me.

"After you Miss."

God, he's such a gentleman! I giggled. He closed the door behind me and climbed into the driver's seat. "So Melia, where to? Your choice, I promise."

"Hmm... You pick. You know what I like."

Please say sushi.

"To Yokohama Sushi it is!" He knows me too well. A few minutes pass in silence, so I start talking.

"So, how was your rehearsal?"

"Oh, you know how they are. Another protest was outside the performing arts center."

"Protest?" I raised an eyebrow. This was new.

"Yeah, the stupid mutants were protesting that they weren't even allowed to audition. As student director, I couldn't allow those beasts to ruin my show."

This was Ed's one fault.

He believed humans were superior, and mutants should be treated like livestock. I think that, on the inside, we're all the same, and should treat each other with respect. Oh well. No one's perfect, including Ed. A few more minutes passed, and we pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant. He hopped out of the car, and opened my door for me. I smiled. He closed the door, and turned back around towards me. He fell silent.

"Ed? What's wrong? Do I have something on my face?" Something had to be wrong. He loves sushi almost as much as me, so normally we would already be inside ordering. After another silent moment, he spoke.

"Nothing's wrong. I was thinking how lucky I am."

"Lucky? Why are you lucky?" "Because the most beautiful girl in school is out. With me!"

I didn't know what to say, so I let my blushing cheeks do the talking.

"Let's go Melia. I'm hungry." He grabbed my hand with his and led me towards the inviting entrance.