Author's Note: Woohoo! 10th chapter! A little shorter than usual, but I think you guys will like it. Not really funny, or romantic, and is kinda short, but it introduces some key players in the story. It's set in Melia's mom's point of view. By the way, Melia, I am so mad at you for making me get up to finish this. To the rest of you, here are some cookies!!!

What am I going to do with Melia? First she's happy with her boyfriend, then she's skipping school, and now she's in New York! Westchester, of all places. She's going to get herself killed if she doesn't watch it. That's where all of the mutants hang out!

I closed my laptop, figuring I would finish my rant in my journal later. Here I am, in San Francisco International Airport, waiting for my flight. So maybe Melia's just expanding her horizons. It's not like she's getting herself in any trouble, right?

I looked around, figuring I'd people-watch for the few hours I had to kill. Hm, he's a pilot. There are some stewardesses. A family going on vacation. Oh look, there's a couple going on their honeymoon! So cute…. As I began to reminisce about my honeymoon, I started to see some people who didn't look quite right. There was a guy with a cape and a weird looking helmet. Wait, now there's a guy wearing spandex from head to toe, even over his face! And is that girl… blue??? Oh dear. Now I know why they look a little bit off. It's Magneto, Deadpool, and Mystique! There's no need to worry, just calm down. They're not going to do anything to you, there's no reason to do anything to you. Look, the mutants are already gone! I looked up, and almost screamed. All three were standing right in front of my chair, almost as if they wanted to prevent me from running away.

Deadpool spoke. "You are Julia Rolias, no?" Oh god, they do want me. I'm not going to panic, I'm not going to panic…. I'm panicking!!!!!!

"N-no, my name is…." I looked around, hoping to discover some inspiration. I saw a crystal chandelier, which is really weird for an airport, now that I think about it… "My name is Crystal…." Look, there's a McDonald's! "Crystal McDonald."

"She's lying," Mystique said. Before I could blink, it seemed as if I was looking in a mirror. "Your name is Julia Rolias, and your adopted daughter is Melia Otulp-Rolias." My god, she even sounds like me! "Where is Melia?" She was starting to look angry.

"I-I don't know!" I lied through my teeth. I just didn't want anything to happen to my baby! "I haven't seen her since yesterday morning."

"Uh huh," Deadpool said. "Then why did we find you in the boarding area for a flight to Westchester, New York?"

"Ummmm…" He's got me there. Now Magneto began to speak.

"I told you that Charles had already got to her. Come on, let's get to New York before he can turn Melia over to his side." Charles? As in Charles Xavier? He has Melia???? She told me she wasn't anywhere near the mutants!!!

"Wait, what do you want with Melia?? Don't you dare harm one hair on her head or I'll… I'll…"

"What are you going to do, use your mothering skills to scare us away?" Mystique laughed. "I've been you, you're not a mother. You act more like the kid than your daughter does!" Okay, I know they're villains, but that really hurt!

Magneto's face light up, as if he had just had a brilliant idea. "Mystique, you know what to do." He started walking, leaving Deadpool and Mystique behind.

"What are you going to do to me? What's going on—" I was cut off by Mystique punching me in the face. I started to see spots, and I could feel myself fading into unconsciousness.

"No!" I tried to say, but it came out as just a mumble. "Don't hurt Melia!" Another mumble. Just before I let the soothing darkness take me, I felt someone pick me up and start carrying me towards some unknown destination. "Melia…"

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