Okay, this is a really short first chapter but i promise that they get much bigger. This is just a little teaser to get you interested. :)

"Come on," she whispered to herself as she searched for the herb that would stop her shaking and help the wound on her side.

Her small hands deftly combed through the shrubbery until finally she found what she needed. She crushed the small red berries in her hand and put them in her mouth. The effects were immediate as strength pulsed through her veins. She let out a small sigh.

She crouched down again and pressed her hands into the dirt, feeling the vibrations of the earth around her. The wings on her back twitched. Someone was approaching from behind. She pushed her hands further into the moist soil and understood who the intruder was.


She held still as he stealthily made her way forward. His hands reached out to touch the black pointed tips of her brown wings.

In her coldest voice, she said, "If you value your life, I wouldn't touch those."

The hand stopped and she stood quickly. She shook out her brown wavy waist-length hair so it settled around her. Slowly, she turned. She knew who she would see. She had been hoping and dreading this moment for a long time.

"Bella?!" The vampire boomed.

She lifted her chocolate eyes to his golden ones and gave a small smile, "Hello Emmett."

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