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"Come on Jakey!" Carlie shrilled, bouncing up the steps of her home, "We're gonna miss the party!"

Jake laughed and caught up with the ten year old, opening the door for her. She surged forward straight into Edward's arms "DADDY!" she screamed in delight.

Edward joined in Jacob's laughter. He loved his daughter with all his heart, "Are you ready for a party for your brother, Carlie?"

The little girl nodded enthusiastically. He carried her into the extravagant dining hall. There a huge family had gathered around an antique wooden table. The Cullens were all smiles to celebrate the fifth birthday of Edward Anthony Masen Cullen the Third. The family that had started with eight had grown to twelve. Rosalie carried a sleeping one year old boy in her arms and Alice was fussing over her four year old princess.

Edward set down Carlie who ran over and hugged her little brother. He then proceeded to go over to his wife. He wrapped an arm around her and she kissed him swiftly on the cheek.

"Everything looks wonderful Bella," he whispered in her ear.

"Alice helped me a bit with the decorations," Bella admitted sheepishly.

"Regardless," he murmured but their attention was distracted as Esme brought a perfect cake with five glowing candles.

The birthday boy in question with his bronze curly hair bouncing and his deep brown eyes sparkling, danced on his feet. At five years old he was full of life but the opposite of his energetic and somewhat forceful sister. He mimicked his father in his tastes for music and his quiet reserved nature. Bella already knew her little boy would be a heartbreaker when he grew up. And her daughter would be a rebel from her head to her toes.

Several hours later the kids were put in their beds in the huge mansion. As custom the adult portion of the Cullen family congregated to the living room, which was unique in the way that it was open to the sky. A piece of nature in the middle of the house. Carlisle and Esme were already there talking quietly in the corner. They had refused to have any children, saying they already had their share.

Alice and Jasper had one quickly after Bella's second child was born. They had a girl and named her Cynthia Jasmine and spoiled her rotten. She was already catching up with her mother's styles. Rosalie and Emmett had one recently, a little boy they named William John. Emmett was already looking forward to teaching him pranks and fighting moves.

Jacob was laughing with Emmett about some prank when Bella and Edward came in. Bella's royal blue wings glowed under the moonlight and she automatically smiled when she saw her family gathered. The capacity to love had grown exponentially as new additions came into their lives. Carlisle and Bella had made sure that Alice and Rosalie had successful pregnancies and to accommodate, Esme got a bigger house with some rooms that were part of the outdoors.

Alice blurred up to her. "Bella aren't you excited? Lily and Seth come tonight!"

"Of course Alice. I love seeing my sister. Especially when we get to team up against Emmett." Bella laughed.

Jake leaned against the wall. Bella knew he would much rather be upstairs with Carlie but Edward had strong views about what he called 'stalking'. Bella tried reasoning with him, after all he had watched her sleep plenty of times when she was human and he would be able to hear if Jacob actually did anything. He didn't budge though. Bella had a suspicion that he was trying to keep his girl from growing up. An impossible feat.

Bella closed her eyes and sent out her senses to the forest floor. She heard Seth running through the forest. Bella smiled and counted down under her breath. Just as she reach one Seth and Lily bounded into view.

Lily hugged her sister once she jumped off Seth's back. Those two were nearly inseparable for ten years but had not grown up at all. Bella wondered briefly if Lily wanted children. She shook her head. It was Lily's decision. Bella would wait until she was ready.

As night wore on, the family laughed and joked. Bella watched as Jake snuck upstairs and when Rosalie and Emmett traded off to take care of Will. She sighed in contentment. Her family was whole and happy.

Sleep started to take control of Bella when Jasper approached her. Edward smirked and gave Bella a hug and moved over to talk to Carlisle on the other side of the room. She looked at Jasper curiously and he smiled at her.

"Anything wrong Jazz?" She asked.

"No," he paused "but I came across something that I thought you would find … amusing to say the least."

"Oh? Ok." She looked back at Edward, "Does Edward know about it?"

Jasper laughed, "Hard to keep anything from Eddie boy with him in your head. He didn't think much of it though."

"Well, then what is it?" Bella asked, honestly curious now.

"I went digging into the history behind that story Jake had told us earlier. It had seemed so intriguing, the references to the blood of the flower. There were so many of them in a wide range of cultures. Lily with her drink, Sara's heritage, your scent. I thought it was so intriguing." He smiled impishly, "You know how much I enjoy learning history."

"What did you find?" she asked, knowing he would not have started this conversation had he not found something of interest.

"It all came down to you," he said simply.

"Me?" she asked disbelieving, "What do I have to do with any of it?"

"There was another, older legend the Quiluete's had about what is literally translated into Flower's blood. It talked about a girl who would bring peace between enemies and races so far unknown to their kind." He started, his eyes going blank as he remembered the particular myth.

"That could mean anything though," Bella protested. She shifted uncomfortably as she realized her family had stopped talking and were listening in.

"It gives very specific details about a young woman of great prowess that would endure great pain and hardship for love and would find her family with the wings on her back." Jasper said with a smile.

Edward returned to her side and pulled her in an embrace. "It means nothing," he murmured.

"Exactly," Bella assented, "Because it's not me."

"Because," He continued as if she hadn't spoken, "I knew you were extraordinary without a silly story telling me."

"A girl whose beauty lay in her brown hair and eyes, whose flowery blood called to those who refused their own nature. A girl who would leave her human roots to take up wings. Loved by all, only this girl can stop the fighting and forge new friendships amongst old enemies.'" Jasper's voice had taken on a different tone, his eyes half closed as he seemed to be writing the history himself.

Carlisle stepped forward at this point. "What else did this legend speak of?"

Jasper met Edward's eye and they both smiled and then simultaneously looked to their wives. Edward held his wife close, "It speaks of a bright future we have ahead of us."

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