Final Chapter

Holy guacamole Batman, this has been crazy! I left this story as other things in my life came up and always felt bad about leaving it like that. I'm going to complete it for now, though I'll be working on an epilogue whenever I get a chance. I put in dialogue from the movie (the english version) so be sure to watch after reading this. This story is a little more special than others because it's one of the last one's I'll be doing. That's not to say I won't continue writing but chances are they'll only be One Shots from this point on. Anyway I digress, here's the final chapter of Inuyasha: A Prologue, read it, devour it, review it!

The day was at its end. The sun's dying rays, with their energy spent warming the earth during the day, turned their fading tails westward to accompany their master as it drifted behind the peaks surrounding the village. All around the small hamlet lanterns flickered to life in the approaching darkness, beckoning the people of the village to end their day of work and prepare for the next chapter of their lives. A befitting setting for the Inu group as they prepared for the end of their own story.

They'd taken a moment from Myoga's tale to eat dinner and were slow to reassemble, some wanted the story to linger for a little while longer, some didn't want the story to end as it meant departing soon after to continue their pursuits, others were grappling with all the new information they had learned.

One such person was Inuyasha.

He sat on a branch in his usual style, arms crossed within the folds of his red haori. Patiently he waited for the group eating below him to disperse before pulling out the scroll Sesshomaru had given him and looking at the image of his father. It wasn't easy to adapt this new perspective of his Inutaisho, he'd grown accustomed to the idea of a nonexistent paternal figure and with the help of his doting mother was able to keep from putting much more thought to it, now the subject had been forced into the limelight of his cognitive stage. Still, he couldn't deny that the things he learned were better than he thought; Inuyasha was loved, as was his mother by a man who ultimately laid his life down for them. Only now did he understand where his mother drew her strength from.

"You've become fond of that picture haven't you?" Kagome asked, startling Inuyasha. The hanyou shoved the scroll back into his haori, becoming so distracted that he lost his balance and fell to the ground.

Kagome stared at the heap that was the hanyou of her dreams before bursting into a fit of laughter.

"Is everyone ready?" Myoga asked.

"I have a question."

Everyone turned and looked at Inuyasha as he joined them and sat down.

"Yes, my lord?" the flea asked.

"Why hasn't Sesshomaru killed me?"

Myoga spit out his tea and bounced up and down, "What kind of question is that?' You've become a formidable foe, that's why! Sesshoamaru-."

"Stop," Inuyasha snapped, "Sesshomaru…is stronger, faster and more powerful. It kills me to admit that, but it's the truth. Why am I still alive?" his eyes bored into those of his subordinate, pleading for the answer.

Myoga thought for a moment, trying to figure out himself the answer to his master, with a sigh of defeat, he lowered his head, "I…I do not know my lord." The group fell silent, half if not all of them hoped the flea had some anecdote to explain Sesshomaru's hesitation in dispatching the brother he claimed to despise.

An awkward silence had fallen over them, "Maybe Sesshomaru is waiting for Inuyasha to become stronger," Miroku was the first to try to break the weird air with a proposed hypothesis, "Inuyasha has come far but he's not quite there yet."

A vein had formed in Inuyasha's temple, "What are you trying to say?"

Miroku only shrugged, "You were the one who asked, I'm simply trying to put out ideas."

"Maybe Sesshomaru's waiting for Inuyasha to lead by experience instead of his usual brutish fighting style." Sango decided to chip in.

"You too, Sa- maybe Inuyasha isn't a good enough trophy yet."

The once focused group had successfully disintegrated into one of chaotic bickering. Kagome, the level headed peace maker had been wrestling with an idea of her own so much so that she let the argument teeter on a fist fight before piping up, "Inuyasha sit." She said rather calmly.

The hanyou subjugated in the way he does best.

"I think I know why Sesshomaru hasn't killed Inuyasha." She stated, walking over and flipping the dirt faced half breed into his back, Inuyasha was taken aback by her claim so suddenly that he forgot to be angry with her for sitting him.

"I'd like to hear the end of this story, however before telling you my idea."

"As you wish m'lady," Myoga said and started.

The valley was alive with movement, from the ground that quaked in response to the heavy blows it was receiving to the sky that blazed with fire and lightning. In a mere month the daiyokais Inutaisho and Ryukutsusei had changed what took nature millions of years to create, the mountains were all but diminished to rubble.

"Centuries of peace betwixt us two and you seek to destroy it, why?" The serpentine dragon known as Ryukutsusei still wrestled with the shocking affront to his kindness by the Great and Terrible Lord of the Western Lands. He brought his tail up and swiped at the silver haired demon, his efforts were in vain as Inutaisho side stepped the attack and leapt to the peak of what was left of the north mountain.

"Will you step down in the face of my son as I have asked?" Inutaisho reiterated the question asked when he first arrived.

"Never, I am Ryukutsei, daiyoukai of the north mountains, I would rather die than acquiesce such a nepotistic request! Stand down for your pathetic son, NEVER!"

"Then you leave me no choice, Ryukutsusei. Prepare yourself for hell!"

"Fool!" the dragon roared, unsheathing the clawed arm he had until this moment refrained from using. As Inutaisho barreled towards his jugular, the pale toned serpent punched sideways, digging his claw tipped digits into the silver dog's exposed side.

Inutaisho gritted his canine teeth as something sharp sliced through fur and flesh, digging it's way between his ribcage.


"Inutaisho," Izayoi had sat up in the chair she was resting on and looked towards the Northern mountains. It was back, that feeling of dread that had settled into her heart when Takemaru arrived had resurfaced ten fold what it was. What was her love doing at this moment, was he safe?

'I must go to him,' the thought drove her to her feet and out towards the garden. She pretended to meander towards the sakura tree for some flowers, keeping the wary guards in her peripheral vision until they lost interest and continued their trek around the perimeter of the House of Tenshimaru.

"Izayoi, what are you doing?" someone whispered, the former lady of the house turned to see Yukiko heading towards the outer yard to hang some wet linens.

"It's Inutaisho, something bad has happened I just know it, I need to see him!" she pleaded.

"And how do you intend to escape, you're swollen with child and guards are everywhere?"

Izayoi thought for a moment, the dye Izayoi made was stronger than she thought, in other words Yukiko still looked like her. Perfect! She grabbed the linens from the basket and began shoving them into Yukiko's haori.

"Izayoi, what-? Pretend to be me," Izayoi explained, "Takemaru doesn't come to see me, you just need to fool the guards." She removed the maids head piece that was on Yukiko's head and put it on her own, tucking her hair inside, she then removed the yukata she was wearing and draped it over Yukiko's shoulders.

"You're the only one here that's pregnant, how will you hide that?" she asked pointing to Izayuoi's belly. Izayoi picked up the now empty wicker basket and ripped a side of it off; she slipped her stomach into the basket and draped linen over it, looking like a maid carrying some clean linen out rather than a pregnant lady escaping the dojo.

Yukiko shook her head, "Don't leave Izayoi, I'm scared of what he'll do if he finds out."

Izayoi placed a small hand on Yukiko's shoulder, "I need to see him, if anything else to keep him from coming back here and killing these men." She then turned and started with the basket over her stomach out to the yard.

"Relent Inutaisho," The dragon hissed, cracking through the dogs ribs and tearing into his lung, "Your son's life has nothing to do with your own, let his arrogance cloud his mind and lead him to certain death. I lust for such a fight, give me the rush of victory, the knowledge that I felled such an ignorant dog demon, make a new heir to your throne, a wiser one."

Inutaisho growled, choking back the warm, coppery liquid fighting it's way up his throat, sweat began to drip as his demon body fought to fix what the dragon had broken, "My…son…will never fall to someone as weak as you."

"Are those really the words of someone so close to death, with one flick my hollow claws can inject your pathetic body with a venom that will keep this wound from closing, you will die a slow and painful death." He leaned closer to the heaving hound, his tongue flickering in and out as he spoke, "Your efforts are in vain, you are too weak to defeat me, flee and let your son die."

"Baka," Inutaisho growled.


"My sons are of great importance to me, I care not for myself. If my death ensures their lives, then so be it."

Izayoi's heart was pounding in her chest, partly because of the escape, but most of the fear was still concentrated on her love. What was happening at this moment to the her dog demon? She bustled through the hallways, fearing discovery every time a guard passed her. Despite their cruelty, she worried for them. Her lover was a relentless man when it came to things he desired, for Takemaru to put their lives on the line filled her with sorrow for her jilted ex-lover and the men involved. She prayed her disappearance would not anger Takemaru, if anything perhaps the man would pursue her, at least then he would be out of the collision course with Inutaisho.

"Maid!" a familiar voice barked from the common room she was almost past, she stopped and turned to see Takemaru lounging alone on the silk floor pillows that used to be her mother's, her heart nearly stopped, had he discovered her?

An eternity seemed to pass before he spoke again, "Do you not hear me, maid?"

"Y-yes, m'lord?" she asked, lowering her voice and breathing deeply to calm it's quivering tone. Takemaru had yet to realize or was pulling her along when he reached his hand out, "Those linens are fresh are they not, give me one."

Izayoi fought to keep her hands from shaking, her throat had suddenly gone dry, there was only one linen in the basket and it was covering her stomach, "They are still wet my lord."

"All the better, the winter fire has coagulated in the house, it's stifling in here."

"Permit me to open the windows, my lord." Izayoi offered, she prayed he'd buy it.

Takemaru stared at her through the dimly lit room, Izayoi was grateful the fireplace was the only source of light at this moment.

The lord of Setsuna had paused to sip from his sake, as Izayoi waited there, she began to recognize the smell of alcohol that permeated the room, and with it the realization that the situation had gone from bad to worse, Takemaru's drunken state could send him into a fit if he realized who she was, she needed to leave fast.

He hacked at the liquid searing his throat, "No, just give me the linen and leave me."

Izayoi took a deep breath and turned the basket upwards as she lifted the linen and handed it to him, she prayed as hard as she could that he couldn't see the cut lines in the basket.

Takemaru grabbed the cloth and draped it over his face, sighing as the cool linen absorbed his sweat and cleared him slightly of his drunken state.

The lady of Tenshimaru had turned to leave when Takemaru called out once again, "Maid."

"Yes, milord?" she asked, not daring to turn again.

"Have the cook prepare something for me."

Izayoi breathed a sigh of relief, "As you wish my lord." Her heart calmed, knowing she's gotten past the worst part of the gauntlet unscathed. The pregnant girl had started towards the hallway so hurriedly that she failed to see the sake saucer on the floor, her heel fell right in the middle of the saucer, causing it to slide underneath her. She cried out as she fell, the basket flew from her hands as she tried to break her fall, bouncing on the marble floor and rolling to the feet of Takemaru.

Izayoi landed on her side, hard. Adrenaline coursed through the apex of her thighs and back upwards through her stomach. The child within her kicked against her ribcage, almost protesting the ride it's mother suddenly sent it on.

Within her Izayoi felt something begin to tighten, it was not painful but it made her stomach uncomfortable.

"Izayoi," the young girl suddenly remembered who she was with when she took her little tumble, her eyes scanned frantically for the wicker basket, the key to her escape, only to find the stick-bare thing dangling back and forth from the finger of Takemaru.

He stared at the basket, then looked down at the girl below him, "Once again you try to make a fool of me," he said, almost entirely to himself.

"No, Takemaru, it's not what it seems." Tears of frustration and fear began to bite at the corner of Izayoi's eyes.

"Where were you going, TO SEE YOUR BASTARD DEMON LOVER?!" he closed the distance between them and seized Izayoi by the wrists, jerking her across the floor and practically throwing her onto the pillows. Izayoi winced as the act of being thrown so roughly caused her stomach to tighten once again.

Takemaru began to pace manically, he laughed to himself and shook his head, "You break my heart, refuse my offer of forgiveness and add further insult to injury by trying to fool me?"

"I have to go, Takemaru, he will kill you, please!"

"SILENCE, I am the lord of this house and I shall pass judgment on all of those who wrong me, prepare yourself Izayoi."

Ryukutsusei scowled at his opponent's foolishness, as promised venom rushed through his claws into the body of Inutaisho.

Sealing the fate of the Great Dog Demon.

And his as well.

Inutaisho knew Ryukutsusei would be distracted and ignored the searing venom pulsating through his veins long enough to lunge forwards and dig his fangs into the unguarded throat of the dragon. He pushed the writhing snake backwards into the cliff side, pushing so that his fang pierced through Ryukutsusei's neck and drove into the rocks itself. With a jerk of his snout he broke off his fang.

The dragon howled in pain and writhed like a fish out of water against the craggy mountain, he released Inutaisho as his claws frantically scratched at the fang. To his horror the tooth would not budge, the magic within spread through his body faster than the venom coursing through Inutaisho. His body grew rigid like the rocks around him, "Damn you Inutaisho!" he bellowed.

Inutaisho was on one knee, grabbing at the open wound, but he was smiling. "You're right, I can't defeat I'll seal you away."

Ryukutsusei had either calmed or the seal kept him from moving, either way he became still, "For now, but these seals are not forever, I know this spell, your descendants will be the only ones able to free me, since you are dying. You've only prolonged the inevitable Inutaisho, I will once again be free, and when I am I will rip both of them apart limb by limb."

"With only half of your power, I doubt it."


"My son's will become strong enough to defeat you, of that I am sure, but if they are as impatient as their father, they might try prematurely, if you are brought back, your power will only be half of what it was."

"ONLY HALF?!" Inuyasha nearly shrieked, the dragon had nearly killed him when they fought and it was only half as good as it was when his father fought him.

"Well your father knew you would be a little hard headed milord. It was insurance against you."

Kagome restrained Inuyasha from grinding Myoga into the ground, "Relax Inuyasha, your father did it to protect you, he knew you and Sesshomaru would one day be strong enough to kill Ryukutsusei but he knew you might not wait that long, and you didn't. Even in death he saved your life."

"You think he loves you, I loved you, I still…love you…" For a moment Takemaru's anger subsided, his fingers tapped along his mouth as he stared at the fire to his left, his mind contemplating something, "How much would a fickle demon such as yours still love you if you've been touched by another human male I wonder?"

Izayoi's heart plummeted into her stomach, she backed away from her ex, "Takemaru, don't, don't do this. The Takemaru I knew was kind and gentle-,"

"The Takemaru you knew is dead, turn and face the cruel husband you yourself created." He said as he dove downwards, seizing Izayoi's wrists and pinning them against the floor.

Izayoi cried out as his grip increased, smashing the bones in her hands together. Takemaru had straddled her, his knees pushing her milky while legs apart. With little effort he managed to untie her haori and pulled the folds apart, exposing her swollen breasts.

"Takemaru, no!" she cried, the tightening in her stomach had intensified and was slowly becoming painful.

"Silence, the youkai has touched what was mine, now I will touch what is his!" he took both of her wrists into one hand and with the free one dove into her under clothing, his fingers parting her folds.

A smile spread across his face, "You're so wet, Izayoi." He brought his hand back out to show her, but was shocked when the liquid dousing his digits was not clear but clear and red.

It became clear to Izayoi then. She then clenched her jaw as another wave of pain overtook her.

Two guards rushed in, when they saw the scene before them they hesitated, "Uh…"

Takemaru turned to them, "What is it?" he asked.

"Sir, we've spotted a daiyoukai walking along the beach east of here, silver hair, yellow eyes as you described."

Izayoi gasped, "No."

Takemaru rose and started toward the men, "Finally, prepare the men for battle, and have someone escort Izayoi back to her room, let this be the last time she escapes."

When the men departed, Yukiko and two other maids rushed in to help her.

"My Kami, Izayoi, what did he do to you?" Yukiko asked.

"Nothing, he...didn't get the chance," she said between ragged breaths, she then turned and looked out the window, the moon was out and bright against the cold night sky, as she stared she realized tonight was the lunar eclipse; another wave of pain shook her.

"Izayoi! What's wrong," Yukiko asked.

The raven haired girl looked up at her friend, "I think the baby is coming…"

"You're a fool Inutaisho! You've gone and killed yourself and for what, a son who will never know his father and a son who will despise you for the rest of his days? WHY DO SOMETHING SO FOOLISH?!"

"Because I love them." Inutaisho breathed.

Ryulutsusei's breathing slowed to almost nothing, his eyes glared at Inutaisho as the last of him succumbed to the spell, "Until next time Inutaisho, until…next…time." The stone engulfed his face silenced the dragon for what Inutaisho would hope but not expect to be forever.

And with that it was over, the dog demon sheathed his sword.

"Inutaisho-sama!" The dying dog demon turned to see a speck bounding towards him, "Myoga, what are you doing here?"

The servile flea kicked upwards, landing on his masters shoulder armor, "I came to…Inutaisho-sama, what's happened?" he asked staring at the gushing wound in his lord's side, it couldn't be…there was no way that his master was…

"I'm dying, Myoga." Inutaisho stated as calmly as though nothing was happening to him.

"Y-you cannot die milord! There's so much to do, so much to conquer, this can't be happening!" The little flea fell to his knees, weeping in disbelief.

Despite everything Inutaisho laughed, "The way you carry on, you'd think you were the one on death's door. I'm not long for this world, Myoga, state your business."

Myoga wiped at his tears, he had to remember for a moment that he was after all a youkai, he couldn't be swayed by such human-like emotions, there was so much he wanted to say to and ask his master, but there was business at hand, important business, "Sesshomaru sent me, he waits for you at the northern beach."

"I see," Inutaisho breathed, the time was here. What would his son say, in his heart of hearts he knew his son learned of his father's interference. Would Sesshomaru come to hate him in his last moments. Inutaisho would soon find out.

Izayoi screamed, all around the maids and Yukiko bustled with towels and warm water. Her body crashed and contracted together in the most excutiating of ways, her inner walls widened with every painful tense, "I have to stop him!" she cried.

"What you did was foolish, Izayoi, he could have killed you!" Yukiko yelled.

"Please Yukiko, call him to me." Izayoi pleaded.

"Are you mad?! He's furious enough as it is, to call him to you while you're birthing this child will send him on a rampage."

"I need to try, I was the only he'd listen to, I need those men out of here, he'll kill them!"

"ENOUGH!" Miki rose to her feet, "Enough of this foolishness Izayoi, how much more will we sacrifice for your decisions?!"

Yukiko stepped in, "Miki-,"

"I won't have it Yukiko, none of us will, we've been silent for too long. We love Izayoi-sama, but this child, this child has brought us nothing but pain and suffering!"

"You're out of line Miki!" Yukiko yelled.

"If I am I am not the only one we all think this way!" Miki gestured to the other maids, who nodded. "This dog-demon stole our mistresses' heart and brought nothing but misfortune to the house of Tenshimaru! From the moment Izayoi started venturing into the forest, bad luck has followed us, the war, the death of the master and mistress, the seizure of the house we all came love!" She rose to her feet and stared down at the lady, "I've helped raise you since you were a child Izayoi, my love for you will not falter, but I cannot stand by and watch you throw your life away for a demon." She reached into her haori and pulled out a knife, "I care not if I die at the hands of the youkai, so long as I rid you of this child!"

"NO!" Izayoi screamed, Yukiko pulled the umbilical knife from the fire that was cleansing it and sliced it across Miki's face.

The old maid screamed and fell backwards, the other maids staring in horror and fear.

"You disgust me, get out!" Yukiko seethed.

"You're making a mistake, Yukiko." Miki quivered as she clutched to her bleeding cheek.

"Trusting in you was the only mistake I've made, begone from here!" Yukiko yelled.

Izayoi stared through watery eyes as her nursemaid, the woman she'd known as a second mother, stared at her with disdain and turned on her heels, the other maids following close behind.

He stood at the top step of the palace, dressed for battle in gleaming red samurai armor. At his hip, itching for blood, hung the sword he would use to kill he who stole his love away.

As the men below him fell into formation, what was left of his sane mind began to wander. In his haste to verify what Soranoriko told him, he had never really given himself time to process everything that had happened, ' did it come to this? Izayoi, my pure virginal bride, where did you go? Who is this person who claims to be you and where did she hide you away?' When did leaving to do battle and waiting for the day he'd marry Izayoi turn into this?

And Inutaisho, once again the hatred that consumed him flared with jealousy, how many innocent maidens like his Izayoi had fallen victim to the beast? How many hanyous roamed the earth, poisoning the gene pool of the human race as a result of the devil's lust? He hated Inutaisho and he hated Izayoi!

His anger faltered, tripped up by the heart that still loved Izayoi. Could he, did he really hate her? Takemaru's eyesight fell to the ground, he was never the type to lie to himself, he saw the facts for what they were. Izayoi betrayed him, but she did not lie to him. He recalled the clear look in her eyes, the unflinching acceptance of what she'd done and the heartfelt apology she gave him. Her heart did cry out for his broken one.

"My love..." he quickly shook the thought away, 'No! Her heart was consumed by that damn dog, he defiled her, stole her from me. My Izayoi's soul has been replaced by one enslaved to that thing!'

"Takemaru-sama!" the lord of Setsuna was shaken from his thoughts and turned to see who was calling him. Miki, flanked by two visibly shaken maids jostled their way through the marching soldiers and up the steps, kneeling at the feet of their lord.

"Is that youkai here?" Takemaru asked, assuming the scratch on Miki's face was the work of Inutaisho.

Miki shook her head as she tried to catch her breath, "The lady Izayoi has gone into labor. She seeks an audience with you."

The final staw had been laid upon the camel's back, Takemaru froze for a moment, 'My Izayoi is in labor, how I I wished for that day to come, for her to bring into the world a son she and I created...but's not will never be mine...'

He turned and started towards the southern wall where Izayoi's room was, "Be wary my lord, 'twas Yukiko who scratched my face, I tried my lord, I tried to rid Izayoi of that thing, Yukuki is her supporter."

"Worry not Miki," he said as he disappeared into the darkened palace, "I will free her...once and for all."

On the northern beach, in the light of the waning winter moon they stood alone, the last great dog demons. Icy waves crashed against the frozen sand, trying but failing repeatedly to reach the boots of the Daiyoukai's son.

He stared at Inutaisho with rage and contempt swirling within his amber eyes.

"Will you say nothing, Sesshomaru?" he asked.

"What is there to say to someone such as you?" he spat.

Inutaisho smiled, "Such anger, and you have every right to be, I've interfered with your conquest."


"You'll know in time, my son."

"Is that what you intend to leave me with? That human-like fatherly advice is unbecoming of you, you whom I aspired to be, whom I aspired to defeat!" Sesshomaru yelled, it was only in the company of his father that the youkai ever showed any emotion, and by the look at the bleeding wound on his father's side it wouldn't be long before it was the last time.

"I'm sorry-DON'T TELL ME THAT!" Sesshomaru was far from finished, "Don't you dare tell me you're sorry. You've robbed me of two victories, you will not rob me of another. Fight me!"

Sesshomaru charged Inutaisho, claws drawn, the dying youkai would not be the one to block but rather Sounga, who emerged from the sword and sent a Dragon Twister at the oncoming youkai.

Sesshomaru barely managed to side swipe the attack, he did not retreat, but stopped his onslaught.

"There are those who need me Sesshomaru, I'm sorry for my shortcomings, but I will not be able to battle you."

"If you refuse to fight then there's no point, this is not an admission of defeat, nor is it one of understanding, I will never forgive you for this, father." Sesshomaru spat.

"I understand. It's not my place to ask, but will you acquiesce a request?" Inutaisho asked.

Sesshomaru winced, "I owe you nothing."

Inutaisho reached into his haori and produced a small pearl, "Give this to your brother."

"That thing is no brother of mine and you should know that one day I will kill him."

"Will you?" Inutaisho asked.

Before Sesshomaru could speak, Saia, Sounga's youkai seal appeared from the sheath, "Master, the youkai on the winds have informed me Izayoi has gone into labor, however the palace in which she resides has been seized by her ex-lover Takemaru of Setsuna."

Inutaisho turned, "I leave you my final request, my son. I will not blame you if you do not agree to do as I have asked."

"Father, do you insist on going?" Sesshomaru asked.

"Do you intend to stop me Sesshomaru?"

"I will not stand in your way, however before you go, you must entrust the swords Sounga and Tetsusaiga to me." Such swords will help his dying father little, and such swords would assist him on his rise to power.

But Inutaisho had other plans, still he had to know just what was in his son's heart.

"Do you desire such power so much, why do you seek power, my son?" He tried to remember the time in which power was all he himself sought, ever since Izayoi however, it had all become so fuzzy.

"The path I walk is the one of supreme conquest, and it is power that will reveal the way for me."

Inutaisho looked down, "Supreme conquest." He re-iterated, there was such a power, he himself discovered it not too long ago, but without him there to guide his son, how would he assure he found the way? He fell silent for a moment before asking, "Tell me Sesshomaru, have you someone to protect?"

Sesshomaru did not understand his father's question, "Protect?" He repeated, why would someone such as he have or need someone to protect, protection was a human trait, a youkai such as he needed no such motivation.

"The answer is no, I, Sesshomaru have no need of such."

Inutaisho however, knew that the gears had begun to turn in his son's mind. The rest was now up to Sesshomaru.

With nothing left to say, Inutaisho transformed into his true self and took off into then night, leaving Sesshomaru alone on the beach.

The eldest son stared at the place where his father once stood, before turning and departing with a disdainful, "Rediculous."

Within the inner walls of the House of Tenshimaru, all was quiet. Takemaru of Setsuna padded his way down the hallway towards Izayoi's chambers.

Yukiko spotted him and ran towards him, "Is there something I can help you with, my lord?"

"Izayoi has summoned me." He stated.

Yukiko's heart plummeted into her stomach, "A-all is well my lord, the lady is resting. Please go back and continue preparation for your battle."

"Save your facade, Yukiko, I know you side with the child of that monster." He spat.

Yukiko threw herself to the floor, "I implore you not to enter, Lord Takemaru, the lady is in labor!" She prayed the vulnerable state of Takemaru's ex-love would deter him from entering, it didn't.

Takemaru passed her without so much as a glance, "She will birth a child fathered by a demon, there is no need for decorum."

"The birthing room is forbidden to men!" Yukiko screamed.

Takemaru turned and stared at the girl, at the eyes and hair that resembled his love's, this woman consorted with Izayoi to fool him, she sided with the youkai's child, there was no place in his future for a woman like her. He started back towards Yukiko and raised his yari, "Takemaru!" Yukiko screamed as the lord reamed her with the spear.

Izayoi was now alone, a prisoner of her own body as it pushed the child towards her loins, "My dearest..." she breathed.

"PLEASE MASTER I BEG YOU NOT TO BE SO RASH!" Myoga screamed, the little flea clung to dear life as his master bounded through the forest towards the House of Tenshimaru, "You must reconsider, my lord, the wounds from your battle with Ryukutsusei have not yet healed, this is sheer madness!"

"That doesn't matter, I cannot afford to lose her!" Inutaisho barked, he knew the flea still held some hope that he would get better, but it was nothing but a wish, "Besides, I am not long for this world."

With Yukiko dead, Takemaru took no time reaching the entrance of Izayoi's chambers, he paused for a moment and gazed at the moon, "The night of a lunar eclipse, excellent. It's a perfect time to slay a demon."

Izayoi was towards the end of her labor, her tired body fought to push the last of the infant into the birth canal, a noise outside pulled her attention away momentarily, "Who is it?" she asked.

"It is I, Takemaru of Setsuna." The person replied.

"Takemaru..." Izayoi knew it was her last chance to convince the man to stand down, "Thank goodness you've arrived, you must gather the men standing guard outside and leave the ground at once, please do as I say, I fear there is no one who is strong enough to challenge him." She knew Takemaru knew that, but if it helped to drive the point home, if it helped to save the lives of the people she cared for, she'd do anything.

"My lady," he replied in a more cordial manner that usual, "I have always felt a deep connection with you, as I'm sure you are aware."

"Takemaru, please..." Izayoi begged.

He raised the yari he used to end Yukiko's life, "Even though I know full well that your heart has been captured by a demon!" he seethed as he rammed the blade through the screen.

Izayoi screamed as the spear pierced through the wall and into her side, the pain of the stabbing was too much for her labor worn body to take and so she fainted.

Takemaru rose to his feet, pausing for a moment to see is she was still breathing, when he heard nothing he turned and started back towards the entrance, "My feelings will never change for you, my lady." He murmured with a tear.

Izayoi fought from succumbing to the quickly encroaching darkness, though her life was fading, the child within her still lived, it's tiny legs kicking at her sides as if to say, "I'm still here!" Her body was shutting down, too tired to continue, but her spirit called for the life of her baby.

Inutaisho had finally arrived at the palace, roaring into the night, he prepared himself for the final battle.

Lifting her arm Izayoi grabbed the spear and wrenched it from her sides, each agonizing second feeling like hours before she was able to remove it. Free from the yari, she raced against death to free her infant from her. She pushed downwards, screaming as each push tore the wound between her ribcage more and more, hot blood was soaking through her winter kimono, her lung capacity was ever shrinking, but she pushed on. Finally with one last push, the baby slipped from her womanhood and began to cry just as the moon was concealed by the eclipse.

Takemaru heard the cry and thought to turn back when a loud crash sounded from the front of the palace.

Her heart was slowing down, with the last of her strength, she reached down and gingerly pulled the slippery, crying infant from between her legs. It soothed a little as she opened her haori and weakly placed him against her breast. Her vision was fading but she could still make out the baby's features, "Whi-white hair...just like your father's...golden eyes, Inu...taisho's eyes, little dog precious..." as her heart beat it's final beat she stared down at it and smiled, "Yukiko...we...were's...a...boy..."

The men watched in shock and disbelief as a massive white dog landed at the entrance of the House of Tenshimaru before transforming into a terrifying demon adorned with swords and armor. Inutaisho unsheathed Tetsusaiga and raised it above his head, "KAZE NO KIZU!" he screamed as he brought the huge blade downwards, energy errupted from the sword and stormed towards the men, blowing the entrance open with little effort. The men that weren't blown away from the explosion quickly set after the silver haired demon, archers laying down a barrage of arrows towards the approaching enemy.

Inuyaisho side-stepped the initial attack and with a twirl sent another Wind Scar towards the remaining men.

"Izayoi, IZAYOI!" he called out.

Takemaru, the last man standing stepped forwards from within the darkness of the palace, the moment was finally here, the chance to kill he who ruined his life.

"At last you've come, demon, a little late though."

"What?!" Inutaisho demanded.

A wicked smile spread across Takemaru's face, "Lady Izayoi is beyond your reach now, I dispatched her myself."

Rage filled Inutaisho, "DAMN YOU FOOL!" He yelled and charged Takemaru.

Takemaru mirrored the action, drawing his sword and rushing the demon. The two clashed for a split second before Inutaisho continued past him and into the palace.

A second passed before Takemaru's severed arm fell to the ground, the rest of him shortly after. He cradled his bleeding nub, "Set the mansion afire, with that demon and everyone inside, BURN IT TO THE GROUND!" He ordered.

Once again a barrage of burning arrows rained down on the House of Tenshimaru, within seconds the palace was ablaze. Inutaisho weaved through the burning maze, his only guide Izayoi's fading scent and the cry of his son. After what seemed like an eternity to him he found them under the burning birthing tent, "Izayoi! Izayoi..." he muttered when he saw his love dead, her arms locked around the baby in an attempt to shield it from the blaze.

He grabbed the new sword Totosai forged for him and unsheathed, "Please work." He prayed, like with the bird the sword caused the world to change from one plain to the next, already the youkai's of the after life were binding Izayoi's soul with their chains, "Carry out my will Tensaiga." He pleaded before slicing the reapers in half, to his relief the world returned to normal, the wound in Izayoi's side sealed and her heart began to beat once more. She stirred after a moment and gazed up at Inutaisho, "Dearest."

"I've returned, Izayoi." he said with a smile. He then rose and pulled a red kimono out from his belt and draped it over Izayoi and the baby, "This is the robe of the Fire Rat, it will protect you. Leave this place."

"What about you?" she asked.

"I've something to attend to." He stated simply.

"Please come with me, Inutaisho!" she pleaded.

He flashed her a sad smile, "I'm sorry, my love, but it seems I'm going to be leaving you alone again." He turned to show her the wound in his side.

"No! I'll heal you, I'll figure out a way-," she fell silent as Inutaisho knelt down and kissed her deeply. He pulled away, "There's no cure for this," he then looked down at the baby in her arms, silver hair and golden eyes, this child was his father's son alright. He ran a clawed hand over the infant's forehead, "My son, please grow big and strong." He then turned back to Izayoi and traced the scar on her neck, "I told you there would be a time in which I explain this, our son would have out lived you, this mark will prolong your life, please Izayoi, live long, live for our son."

A presence called their attention to what was left of the entrance. In the blaze stood Takemaru, his eyes set on Inutaisho. The youkai rose and unsheathed Sounga, "I have no regrets about fighting you to the death," Takemaru stated as he started towards Inutaisho, "Let us journey together into the netherworld."

Inutiasho prepared himself, "Live long."

"My dearest." Izayoi whimpered.

As the building began to crumble around them, Inutaisho bestowed one last thing.


"What is that?" Takemaru asked.

"The infant's name," he explained to Izayoi, "the child shall be called Inuyasha."

Izayoi looked down at her son, "Inuyasha..." she repeated.

"Now go!" he ordered.

A selfish part of Izayoi wanted to stay by her lover's side, wanted to die in the flames alongside Inutaisho, wanted to be with him as the palace came crashing down around them, but she could not, she had to live now, for her son.

"With a nod, she turned away from the fight and ran towards the forest that began this story, she lived as long as she could for her son, you, Inuyasha-sama." Myoga stated.

There wasn't a dry eye among them, even the tough hanyou turned away from the group to blink back the tears for his father.

"Sugoi..." Sango breathed.

"Wonderful." Miroku agreed.

"So that's how it all happened." Shippo said, committing the wonderful story to memory.

Myoga nodded, "So I hoped this answered all of your questions." He stated and with that, packed up his things and bounded off to places unknown.

"Did it?" Kagome asked Inuyasha.

The hanyou nodded, "Yeah...but wait! You didn't explain why Sesshomaru hasn't killed me yet.

Kagome smiled, "Isn't it obvious? You're his brother and he loves you."

Inuyasha snorted, "Funny, now what's the real answer."

Kagome shook her head with a smile and patted Inuyasha's head, "That is the real answer, it'll just take time for you to realize it. You ready to go?"

Inuyasha stared at the group, who were packed and waiting for him, he smiled, "Yeah, I'm ready. I just have one request."

Kagome slipped on her backpack and turned back to him, "Sure, what's up?"

Inuyasha bent over and waited for the teen to get on his back before he murmured, "Live long for me Kagome, o.k?"

Kagome blushed a little bit, but then smiled and whispered, "I will."

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