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Watching as the bandits happily made their way back to the main road, abandoning their little crime scene, the tall young man shook his head at how disgraceful some could be. Very few people seemed to hold honor among their daily lives. The tall raven haired young man stepped out of the shadows and made his way toward wreckage that the pitiful bandits where responsible for. Bile rose to the back of his throat at the sight before him. A female close to the young man's age laid half naked, face down in the debris filled mud puddle, not breathing.

Four Years Later

"Naruto, wanna buy me lunch?" The tall blond bomb shell pouted, ruby lips parted as her bright glacier blue eye's held her award winning 'puppy dog' look.

Naruto's jaw dropped as he took in the hot blond attached to his arm. Ino's seductively eyeing her prey as she pressed herself closer to the tall orange clad nin. Batting her long eyelashes, Ino slowly closed the distance between them.

"Ino-pig! Hands off Naruto!" Sakura's hushed shouts could barely be heard over the loud clacking as her clenched fist screamed to be heard and feared.

"Forehead! Chill I was just checking to see if he was worthy to have a girl like you. And he passed." The tall slender blond chuckled nervously, trying to reassured her pink haired friend as she cautiously separated herself from the already taken man.

"Thats not what it looked like from here. More like she was checking his worth under the covers to me." A cold spiteful tone interrupted the two kunoichi's glares.

The three leaf nin all spun around to face the owner of the voice. In the far corner of Naruto's favorite ramen bar, sat two strangers of whom had been originally over looked. The owner of the cruel comment, a tall young man, sat across from a slender female.

The tall man shifted in his seat to eye the three leaf nin better. Long locks of crimson tip raven hair fell behind his shoulders revealing his alluring appearance. Slightly angular and long sun kissed cheek bones twitched as deep honey hazel gold eyes narrowed at the two kunoichi who's gasps could be heard. The scowl that seemed to permanently reside on his long ruby lips couldn't even taint his heavenly beauty. His traveling companion had to suppress a grin. This was a typical response.

"Are you applying that I'm a whore?" Ino snapped at the vile stranger once she seemed to have found her voice again.

"No. You did that quite nicely all on your own." The man's bored demeanor only pissed the blond kunoichi off even more then his words. Ino's fingers twitched in anticipation to rid this foul man of the smirk he now wore.

Ino charged at the pathetic man who dared to insult her, kunai out, yearning for his blood. As the blond launched herself at him his smirk only grew wider. His response to her was something akin to a small child rather then an armed kunoichi in the mist of an attacking directed at him; never flinching or showing a sign that he even cared.

The blond never made it to her destination. All three leaf nin's shock were etched clearly across their bewilder faces. The companion of Ino's attack had the blond's free hand wrenched behind her back, both legs locked and forced against their table. The kunoichi's blade wielding hand betraying its owner. Three drops of blood trickled down Ino's long neck as her kunai begged her flesh for entrance.

The petite female traveler, Ino's frighteningly quick captor, had over thirty single braids wove in and out of the seven ponytails that stretched from the base of her neck, into a straight line to the crown of her head. The odd female's hair cascaded over her left shoulder and down to her hips. Successfully hiding her behind a long wall of teal hair. At the base of the strange mohawk a dozen sakura flowers covered her royal purple hair ties. Only her companion could see the glee in her shocking pink eyes. She was highly enjoying herself.

"Now, lets play nice." The stranger whisper in a sweet and innocently child-like voice. "I know my dear friend here can be a pompous ass sometimes but," Pausing long enough to chuckle, the thought of him not being an ass, was hilarious. "I assure you after time he kinda grows on you." A wicked smile curled her delicate soft pink lips, leaning further in so that she was inches away from her prey's ears. "If I let you go, promise you'll play nice? I would hate to put you in a time out." The odd female chuckled loudly as she taunted the girl held helplessly in her grasp, her overly sweet tone still lingered in the air.

Too stunned to form a complete thought Naruto and Sakura stood, slacked jaw watching the scene unfold. This odd female seemed to have pinned Ino in under a second. Quietly pondering, Sakura wasn't quite sure who was faster, Rock Lee without his leg weights or the stranger. Before either one could jump to their friends aid, her captor had already release her, taking her spot across from her male companion once again.

All three leaf nin's silent pondering came to a halt when Kiba came barging in, pale and in shock. His normal jubilant expression absent and instead replaced with one of somebody who is mourning somebody close.

Quicker then Ino's little warning, the two travelers made their escape, leaving the three leaf nin's to greet their distort friend. The dog nin never suspected that anyone other then his three friend had been inside the ramen shop.

Still gasping for air, Ino made her way back to Naruto's side.

"Kiba what is it? You look like you just saw a ghost?" Naruto shouted concerned for his friend, the odd pair completely forgotten.

"I think I might have." The dog nin mumbled more to himself then his three friends.

"I was returning back from a mission and I caught an odd scent in the air. It lead me hear. It was......" Kiba trailed off. He was fully aware of how they were going to react, but this time was different. This time he was sure.

"It was Hinata." Kiba's whispers barely made it to Naruto's ears.

"Kiba, honey, we've been over this. Hinata is dead. Has been for four years. I really thought you were getting better. Its been almost two years sense your last break down." Ino's comforting words slowly turned into nothing but whispers of pleas.

"No! She went missing and we gave up! Her body was never recovered." Kiba shouted, all of his pent up anger, hate, hurt, fear, guilt, frustration all resurfaced and aimed at the tall blond. The shouts and pleas continued in the shop about the missing nin.


This is just a sneak peak of the sequel, Bury This Castle, which is already out. It does have a completely different feel to it. I do apologize for ending this story with her death, but this story is labled 'Angst/Romance', a sad ending was bound to happen.