The rain stopped and the water still fell from the buildings edge. They're was a silence heard by a kitten that grew up on the streets, where it was born.

The wind was filled with sand as it hit the fence making the silence broken to the ears of the young teen on toward home. He heard it too. Still a kid looked both ways then crossed. As the clouds played with the viewing game of the sun Lain walked out from the shelter of a school door.

Daft was the boy as he smiled to the world for himself.

With empty eyes the kitten was noticed by the school boy, his mind else where in concern. His walk brought him to a forest the visual highlight of his walk home. The "no parking" sign on the forest edge had a "esta" mark in plain letters, wonder to him. Crossing the street he brought the wonder back of the "esta" spray painting. Those where the last thoughts he had.

Lain walked by the entrance to the forest the next day when it was like normal again.. cause school.