Forks. My personal hell.

My mom just got remarried to a guy named Phil. Phil's very nice and he would do anything for my mom and I, but he plays baseball for a living and has to travel around a lot. My mom had to stay behind to take care of me. I hated my mom being sad, so I came to live with my dad, Charlie.

There was only one good thing. It was being a werewolf.


I lied back on the bed, staring at the ceiling. I was bored as heck. I got up and looked in the mirror. I had blond hair that came to the middle of my back, dark brown eyes you can get lost in, and dark skin. I had a slim body with all the cures in the right places and I was 5'4".

I decided that I might as well go for a run. I got up, went down the stairs, and ran out the door. As soon as I entered the forest, I shifted into my wolf form ( my clothes can pop in and out). I ran about two miles and came upon a scent. A vampire scent. Somehow, vampires scent doesn't stink to me.

I thought about following the scent. It probably wouldn't be safe, but of course, curiosity took over me. I followed the scent until I came upon a beautiful meadow.

Then, I heard a growl. I scanned the meadow, looking from where it came from. Underneath the willow tree, was a vampire. He growled again. I just stood there, stupid as ever. I took in his form. He was tall, muscular, and very stunning. He had short, black curly hair and golden eyes- wait...GOLDEN?!? Well at least he's a veggie freak.

I took a step forward, slowly, and another. I kept walking steadily to show I wasn't going to attack. I stopped when I was about ten feet away. When I looked straight in his eyes, it felt like the world just turned upside down. Then, I smelt more coming. I turned my head to the right, and there were six more. They stopped when they saw me, but then, started running supposedly to 'save' this vampire that stood before me. UH-OH!!! I quickly turned back around and ran as fast as I ever have in my life.


I felt seven pairs of footsteps following me. Shit, I'm dead! I ran even faster than before. Still I heard them. My legs were starting to give out, but I didn't stop. I couldn't go back home because I didn't want Charlie to see me being killed or getting himself killed.

So, I kept zigzagging through the forest, hoping they would lose my scent. I was panting hard, forcing myself to keep going. They just weren't going to give up. I heard a few of them chuckle. I growled weakly, and slowed to a fast gallop. I was losing speed quickly. I knew I was going past my strength limit. I just had to stop.

When I stopped, I heard them stop, too. I closed my eyes, waiting for death to come over me, and still panting as hard. I opened my eyes slowly. I looked behind me, and there stood the seven vampires with blank expressions.

I knew if Charlie was back, he would be worrying so, I turned and trotted off, without looking back once. This time, they weren't following. Right before I exited the forest, I shifted back to my human form. Luckily, I didn't see Charlie's cruiser.

When I walked in the kitchen, I saw a post- it note from Charlie. It said:

'Going to Billy Black's. Be back around eleven o'clock, don't forget, school tomorrow.


I got my stuff ready for school tomorrow, took a shower, and went to the computer.

I searched legends about werewolves and vampires until ten-thirty then, I decided to go to bed.