Hey! Okay, this is where Bella tells Emmett hat she imprinted on him and that she loves him. How will he react? Read and find out! One of my friends help me decide that they should go to the meadow. Oh, yeah. Don't forget to wash your hands because of the Swin Flu (I know that's random, but I love ya guys and don't want ya to be sick). Love ya!

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Chapter 5: The truth

As usual, all the classes were boring. Lunch I only bought a bottle of water and a slice of pizza. I ate them quickly and dumped my tray. I decided to go to my Ferrari to wait for Emmett.

About a minute later, I seen Emmett coming out of the cafeteria, eyeing my car.

I jumped out and walked quickly to his side. "Hi." I said simply.

"Hey. Are we running or driving?"

"Your pick."

"Running then"

We walked human pace until we got into the woods. Then, I shifted into my wolf form and started running, leaving him behind.

"Hey, that's no fair, you cheated." He yelled, and I laughed.

I could feel the vibration of his footsteps behind me. When I came to the meadow, I slowed to a fast gallop and went to the willow tree. Then, I shifted back to my human form. Emmett sat against the stump of the tree, and I went to sit beside him.

"You cheated." He accused.

"You had your chance to cheat first."

"But I'm not a cheater."

"Sure, sure, and I'm a vampire."

"Is that some kind of insult?" He asked playfully.

"Maybe, maybe not." I smiled.

"I'm surprised you came with me." He said, after a minute.

"Why?" I asked, completely shocked.

"Um, I'm a vampire and your a werewolf."

"First of all, you, the vampire, asked me, the werewolf. I should be the shocked one."

"I guess your right."

"Second of all, we're not enemies. Just some vampires and werewolves were morons and declared we were officially enemies by nature." I said, and rolled my eyes.

He chuckled.

"To be honest, I thought I was coming here for you to kill me."

"I wouldn't do that."

I simply shrugged.

"If you thought that, then why did you come? And tell the truth."

"The truth?" I asked, mortified.

"Yes, the truth."

I turned my head and acted as if he wasn't there.

"Why won't you tell me?"

"I...I imprinted on you."

"Imprinted? What's that?"

"If I tell you, you can't freak."

"Fine." I sighed. Might as well tell him.

"Werewolves can imprint. It's sort of like 'true love', but about ten times stronger. It's like when you first see them, your world turns upside down, and their the only thing that holds you to the ground, like gravity. Their your soul mate. It's not something we can control, it just happens." I whispered, totally embarrassed and heart broken.

He didn't say anything. He wasn't even breathing, not that vampires had to, but Sam told me it was a habit of theirs.

"Please say something." I said, without looking at him. "True love?" He asked.

"Yes, please don't hate me, it's not something I can help."

"I don't hate you, and I never will."

When he said that, I had to look in his eyes, to see if it was true. And sure enough, it was.

He wrapped his arm around my waist and his other, under my knees. He lift me up, then lowered me to the ground, so weren't even an inch apart. To my amazement, he pulled the top half of me onto his chest. I could hear and feel my heart pounding in my chest. I ducked my head under his chin.

We stayed that way for about ten minutes.

"Shoot." I muttered.

"What?" He asked.

"We're going to be late for last period." I gently jumped up from him, and pulled him up, too.

"Come on, then."

I almost screeched when he pulled me over his shoulder, and started running off, with inhuman speed, to the school.

Right before we exited the woods, he set me down on the ground. He laughed at my expression. Then, he took my hand and pulled me all the way to gym, and with five minutes to spare.

"I'll see you later." he said.

"Bye." I said.

He turned around and stalked off toward his last class.

In gym we played basketball. I almost got hit in the head, thinking of Emmett. I'm really surprised that he didn't freak and run off.