Things Unsaid

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A/N 2: Response to the Drabble Challenge by Enkidu07 and Onyx Moonbeam
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Prompt: Road Trip


Dr. James Ellicott stared at his now empty room, swinging restlessly on his chair. His latest visitor was gone and wouldn't be coming back. The young man was troubled; everyone could see that at first sight, even before he had opened his mouth.

"Just been on a road trip... with my brother. Met a lot of interesting people. Did a lot of interesting things."

It had been a fascinating conversation but even more interesting were the things left unsaid.

"That brother you're road tripping with. How do you feel about him?"

The following silence had been too substantial for comfort.

The End

A/N 3
: Tag to 1.10, "Asylum". Italics are quotes from the episode.