Time to wrap this Halloween story up, shall we? Enjoy.

Part 4: Halloween Rumble

The giant growled at the heroes, as Jack and Bun Buns laughed evilly as the giant pumpkin fired a blast of green fire, almost getting the heroes blasted. Kitten looked nervous since this was a giant pumpkin.

DJ says "Don't worry. That over sized winter vegetable isn't going to get any of my friends." Kitten nods as Ghost Rider absorbed the flames before throwing it back at it.

Jack smirks as he says "Have fun." as he and Bun Buns leave for a bit. Mora jumps infront of a new flame and slices threw it with his swords, but he quickly let go when he felt the searing heat.

"Itai! (Ow!!)" yelled Mora in Japanese, blowing his hands to cool it.

Kitten asks "What should we do?"

DJ says "I got an idea, but it might be messy." They nodded as they got ready to go.

The giant pumpkin roared as it fired another blast of fire. Janera, being fast, did a back fire to knock it out.

Hoss and Irwin fired attacks as Skarr, Fred and Jeff tried to trip it, making it fall down as the blasts hit him, but the monster got up and smacked them aside.

Drac and Will nod as Drac whispers something in a strange language. Suddenly they began to glow brightly as Drac changed into a giant humanoid brown bat with a flat face, beady red eyes, huge fangs and also sharp claws for fingers and toes.

Then suddenly Will and Bat-Drac glowed dark blue as they mixed together.

Then suddenly a creature of some kind came out the shadows. The creature was a humanoid wolf-like creature with dark brown fur, golden eyes with blood-red lining, a black chest plate with a bat-like design on it, furry arms with leathery wings on the inside of it's arms, small bat fangs in it's large selection of sharp teeth, and also a mean look in his eyes.

Janera's eyes turn into hearts as she says "That is so awesome!!" Street Master and Ookami roll their eyes a bit as they continued to fight.

Vexx looked more disturbed then impressed. "Okay, that's a bit strange." as the strange werewolf/vampire bat sent a blast of energy at the monster, making it go back a bit.

It just roars as it began to fire another attack. Drac/Will did a mega screech-like howl at it, making it go back a bit. Kitten fired a blast of ice at it, making it freeze a foot a bit. Janera, getting back into action, fired a blast of fire at the frozen leg, making it fall down.

Mora, seeing a chance, nods to Vexx and Ghost Rider, who did energy attack as Mora uses his vectors go right for the mouth, making it gurgle a bit.

DJ says "HE'S GONNA BLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!" and everyone ran for it, and then the giant pumpkin exploded into a pile of pumpkin seeds, skin and inners. Some got on Kitten, making her skin start to redden, and itchy.

Vexx says "Wow that's a messy allergy." looking at her red skin.

Jack yells "NO!!!!!" as Bun Buns growls out of annoyance.

"Lets see how you can defeat this monster!" as a giant monster made of candy came in. A giant Jack-o-Lantern tank came in and it stuck it to where it's head should be, making it full.

Hoss says "By Merlin's greasy eyebrow! It's the Coloslate again!!" ('Coloslate' is a word that mixes "Chocolate" and "Colossus" together) It roared as it readied a attack.

"Mizore, Tsukune, get Kitten out of here and to the infirmary!" said Vexx, as the two left with the itchy girl to the nurse's office. The giant roared as it tried to smash the heroes.

Vexx says "How about melting this creep you three!" he looked at Ghost Rider, Sparks and Janera, who were trying, but were missing since the monster was smacking them away.

DJ says "Time to bring in the only weapon that can defeat this thing." The others looked shocked at what they heard.

"Your kidding, right?" Asked Drac/Will, a bit nervous at his idea.

Janera says "Isn't that a bit risky?"

Irwin nods and says "That last time was when Underfist was first put together, yo." DJ just ignored them and teleported someone in....Billy!

Billy noticed the monster and went wide eyed. "CHOCOLATE YUM!!!!!!!" He yelled like a hungry animal and began to eat away at the monster, first his hand.

Ookami says "That can't be healthy."

Mora says "Trust me, what ever this kid normally eats, isn't exactly normal." He met Billy every once and awhile with DJ when visiting Grim, and what he saw that kid eat....wasn't exactly what he would expect for a kid to eat.

After a few minutes, Billy was huge and the giant was running away as a pipsqueak, that was until Mora sent a vector to slice the chocolate monster into shreds.

Jack and Bun Buns come back and the rabbit sigh a bit. "Never leave henchmen to do a master mind's job." He snaps his fingers (Does he have fingers?) and a giant tea cup, full of dark brown liquid came in.

"That again?" Asked DJ, raising an eyebrow.

Jack smiled as a army of walking trees used their vines to keep the heroes still. Vexx yells "YOU TWO ARE INSANE!!!!!"

"True, but lets just say that....time for a hot drink." Said Jack, as Bun Buns was ready to boil them alive, that was until a figure came from the shadows.

"You two are fools to try to do this." Said Inner Moka, glaring at them with her red eyes. The two looked nervous. "I know your place; the Underworld. So you should...." She jumps up and kicks them into the cup.

"Know your place." she said plainly as she watched the two boil to death, and jumped down and puts the rosario back on.

Kurumu says "So...did we win?"

Hoss nods and says "Yep. So...what now?"

DJ says "Well, we can continue the party, but first we need to get the others." Underfist, Team Underworld and the Yokai Academy students, along with the newly revived Drac and Will nod with Street Master and Ookami and Janera.


After the attack ended and the place was fixed up, everyone was again enjoying the party. Kitten was enjoying it as well, though she had to have some cream on her skin to help it, so she was gone most of it so she could let the cream come into use.

DJ says "Seems your skin cleared up." Kitten nodded and smiled as she bites into some curry Mizore made, which was actually made of ice instead of rice.

DJ walked around to see Yukari was dancing with Marucho Marukura, a boy DJ and some of his friends introduced her to. DJ then noticed Kurumu sitting near-by, wearing a new outfit. This time she was wearing a white dress with black flowers on the skirt and top. She smiled at him and gestures him over to her.

DJ asks "Yeah?"

Kurumu smiled a bit and says "Come on, I want to show you something." DJ nods as she grabbed his hand and lead him to the roof, giving a good view of the full moon. "It's beautiful, huh?"

DJ smiled and says "Not as much as you." Making her blush and smile a bit. They then notice a romantic song was played at the gym, making the two smile at each other. The other couples kissed as they danced, so DJ and Kurumu decided to do the same.

DJ puts a arm at her waist as she snaked her arms around her neck. She says "Lets enjoy this Halloween with a happy ending."

DJ says "My thoughts exactly." And they kissed with that. When they broke apart, they turned towards the moon, smiling at this year.

End of Chapter 4

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