A/N: Hey people (if any). This story is inspired by one of my ghastly one shots in One For The Ages. The Robin one. Well. Here goes.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or anything in conjunction with it. I do own the character of Robin McDermott, who is loosely (okay, not so loosely) based on myself, savvy?

A glorious September morning had given way to a moody afternoon, the clouds a purple haze over the mountains in the noontime sun, which reflected a myriad of shades across the table of the Great Hall. Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was a flurry of activity—after all, it was September the first. Candles needed to be hung, the feast prepared, the hunched little man who'd agreed to take the post of Defense Against The Dark Arts settled in, etcetera, etcetera. And to whom else but the Deputy should all of these duties fall? Minerva McGonagall, stool and Sorting Hat in hand, was up to her eyeballs in miscellaneous things to do…and time was definitely not on her side today! As she was busy levitating some candles over the staff table, a pair of hands set down a tea tray with a loud clink on the table. Started, Minerva looked down. On the tray were two steaming cups of tea that smelled like peaches, a plate of Ginger Newts, and a small dish of lemon drops. Looking sideways, Minerva said,

"Albus, I'm much too busy for tea today…I have candles to hang and the class list to draw up and…"

"My dear," Albus Dumbledore, present Headmaster, Chief Wizengamot, and Witch Weekly's Most Eligible Bachelor said, gazing over his half-moon spectacles, "you are not the only teacher in this school. I'm sure someone else can finish those things for you. Oh Filius!" he called over his shoulder.

"Yes, Albus," squeaked a tiny voice from somewhere down the Ravenclaw table,

"Would you be so kind as to hang the rest of the candles? As Charms master, I'm sure you'll find it relatively simple?"

"Of course, Albus. It won't take any time at all. Anything else?"

"Let me see…ah, yes. Would you arrange for Madame Pince to alphabetize the class list for later this evening? She does love organizing things,"

"Of course, Albus. I'll get right on it," Flitwick bobbed happily away down the hall.

"There, Minerva. Your duties are relieved. Now will you have tea with me? I'm afraid my house elf sources tell me that you haven't eaten all day,"

"Why—I guess—"

"What's the trouble, my dear," Albus said, concernedly placing a hand on Minerva's elbow, "do you not wish to have tea with me? I can leave if you want,"

"No! That's not what I meant at all! Of course I'll have tea with you, Albus," Minerva said, trying to keep her head straight as the fact that the man she had been in love with for the past twenty years was touching her, "shall we stay here or retire to my office?"