For awhile I lost interest in fic. I reread "Pride & Prejudice" recently and it reignited my interest in "Twilight" & fic for some unknown reason. It also doesn't hurt that the movie star drama is now over. Sorry to whomever this may offend, but I never, ever thought they were more than friends and when Kristen publicly humiliated their fauxmance/him, it prob ruined any remnants of friendship. Yes, her boyfriend was British...oh and married. Sorry, Stewart has always come off as vile, dirty (literally-she needs to shower) and entitled. She had such an ardent cult of fans around her it was CREEPY (blind devotion). Additionally, I was so burnt out and this was never a big fic (I'm not whining so please do not interpret that in this post) so didn't have a lot of encouragement to go further. Perhaps I'll write another fic in the future.

With LOGE I may be inclined to do an epilogue. I still hold this story with a great deal of affection and thought their engagement might be a good place to stop. I felt bad for folks who added it to their alerts when I didn't have a clue how to continue and then decided to label it "complete."

For those who may come across this post, feel free to comment or PM any ideas you may like. Most fics get attention for lemons and I only do mild citrus. I prefer to let one's imagination do the work and I'd suck at writing true lemons. I only made LOGE rated M to get more readers (had a reader/friend tell me she usually didn't read T rated ones because normally they came across juvenile). I know I've pimped Openhome's fics before, but all of hers are T rated or less and ALL well written. Her Alice stories could have been written by Meyer, IMO. Very pre-Twilight Alice/Jasper.