Rosalie's Baby Shower (Epilogue One):

Rose and Em got married only seven months ago. She's working as an engineer for TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) and he's working as a consultant in the area. She's already pregnant! Holy cow. She was always good about birth control. I guess they are fertile folk. Or they tossed caution into the wind. Snort. They always said they wanted a big family. This baby shower is nothing short of hilarity. Alice planned it. Rose is expecting a boy they plan to name Henry Emmett. It's a family name of his. I tease that she's really naming him after Prince Harry and the family coincidence is truly that. C'mon, Prince Harry is hot! There are blue streamers everywhere.

Alice and I are almost finished with our Bachelor degrees. Alice decided to elope with Jasper (one of Em's groomsmen), to the ever loving exasperation of her parents. They popped down to Ringgold, GA after hearing that Dolly Parton married there. I could have told her that a LONG time ago. At least I was still her maid of honor, and we still got to wear the dresses she bought us well as Rose and Angela, her bridesmaids. Us gals, Em, and Edward were there. Carlisle and Esme popped made an appearance. She moved out of our dorm digs and I'm crashing in my old childhood room. Not a bad thing. My dad's cat missed me and he's rarely around (my dad, not the cat). He's been working the late shift. I've got whiplash. By the way, just because they married, doesn't mean they aren't finishing their studies. Jazz plans on heading to grad school at UTC (he wants to either be a professor or do research) and Ally has clients lined up once she finishes her BA. Her rep as an interior decorator has spread far and wide. She's done freelance jobs here and there. She's a force of nature who knows how to network. Her reputation is far and wide.

I'm seriously impressed. She's already told me when Edward and I move into perm digs, she'll wave her fee. He and I will marry after I graduate from here, and he'll continue his studies. I head to Georgia State for grad school and he's transferring. We'll move into married/family housing. It's called The Lofts. Dang it, if I don't still adore that vintage ring he gave me. I know many may think we are idiots for getting engaged so soon. When you know, you know. Heck, that guy is following me vs. the typical of the woman following the guy.

This shower is nothing short of a spectacle. Alice said, "Rose, I'm totes planning your shower." Rosalie replied, "Of course Ally." Who else plans like Alice? Additionally, no one says no to her. I don't think she realized what that entailed.

Edward, Carlisle, Esme and I attend together.

Hee! Jasper gifted Emmett a tool belt. The funny thing is that they can both use that equally, even though Rose's happy place is rebuilding a car engine and Em loves rebuilding computers.

They got a cute diaper bag in black. Very chic. Edward and I made a point of gifting diapers. You can't run out of diapers. I've had hometown friends get married right out of high school and chose to have kids soon. I've heard stories of them getting five diaper bags. I also gifted him, a joke gift, an hour at the shooting range. I bought this before I knew they were having a boy. Em will love it anyway.

I'm so happy for my friends.


Alice's wedding dress: davidsbridal dot com / Product_white-by-vera-wang-hand-draped-tulle-wedding-dress-vw351339

The b'maid dresses: (in 'begonia') davidsbridal dot com / Product_twist-bodice-chiffon-dress-with-beaded-belt-w11147

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