~*Natural Born Hunters*~

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Kalla's POV-

"I don't expect you to understand so I'm not going to try and explain. Just know that this is something I have to do and I will always love Lily and your mother." He was right, I didn't understand. I only saw my father leaving me and my baby sister. Lily would never know this man before me as her father. She would have no memories of his sudden abandonment. That was good for her at least. On the other hand I had my mother, whose heart was broken into so many pieces I knew I would never be able to patch them together. So here I was, crying on the floor of our living room, while my father grabbed his bag and made his way to the door. The old oak door creaked horribly as he opened it, but I never heard it slam. I looked up and he was looking back at me. My tears muddled his figure, but I could hear the distinct change in his voice as he spoke, almost like a whisper.

"Kalla........its all your fault."

And before I could cry out in the anguish I was feeling I was no longer the broken girl on the floor. I was now the broken woman in the hospital room that my mother died in 9 years ago. Our mother was fading fast as Lily and I clung to her weak hands, our tears flowing freely down our face.

"Well girls..........this is it. I wish your father was here." Her words were interrupted by a fit of coughs. "I wish he had never left."

"Oh Momma don't worry about him. You've got us. You don't need him." Lily was like this when it came to our dad. She'd never known him so it was easier for her to write him off as someone who is useless. Momma smiled at Lily one last time and then she was gone. The hospital crew descended on her quickly as all the alarms went off and began CPR. Lily left the room as her sobs overtook her and I just stood there in my corner while they worked on my mom and my world crashed down around me.

They worked on her for ten whole minutes before she was pronounced dead. Just as the doctor grabbed the sheet to pull over her head, her dead eyes snapped open and pierced my soul. I almost choked when her pale lips moved and emitted an eerie whisper.

"It was your fault that he left."

I woke from the dream as I crashed to the floor. I quickly looked around in a panic, because I didn't recognize my surroundings. The dream was still fresh in my mind and it was making me disoriented. I was in my room in the small apartment that my sister and I shared above the club.

The dream, for the most part, could be categorized as a memory. A very misconstrued memory. Unfortunately those things actually happened, just not like that. My dream was a manifestation of the fears that Lily helped me conquer. Deep down a part of me of me still thought that my father left because of me. I later realized that I had used my powers on my father that fateful night. At the time I had no idea what happened. Just that it scared me and apparently it scared him enough to abandon his family.

I grabbed the night stand and shakily pulled myself off the wood floor and tried to think about something else.

Excedrin was what popped into my throbbing head as I shuffled to the small kitchen. My aching muscles protested the whole way. I let out a frustrated sigh as I quickly realized there was no Excedrin in our medicine cabinet.

I was sore from the night before. Me and Lily ran into some trouble while looking for witnesses to an anomaly called 'the Sultan' who was kidnapping women off the street. I guess we were asking for trouble, hanging out in such a bad neighborhood.

The sun was already down and the club sounded packed as I pulled on some clothes, nothing special just fitted jeans and a white button up shirt and headed down to the bar and see if we had anything downstairs.

Other than the physical pain from falling off the bed and the emotional pain from the dream, I felt weird. I felt as if I just woke up in a strangers apartment. This place was feeling less and less like the cozy refuge that me and Lily had created. It just felt.............different. I bought this rundown place on Lily's eighteenth birthday, we fixed it up and I signed half of it to her. We quickly grew to love the business, it made us feel like we were doing something important, to know we were helping out those guys who risked so much for nothing in return. Now I felt nothing for it.

The bar was moderately busy when I made it downstairs and over to where Lily was serving some guy a drink. I saw that she suspected the reason for my demeanor when she looked up, meeting my eyes. I just gingerly sat on a stool and put on a goofy smile.

"Man, Lily, I feel like I got hit by logging truck." She just looked at me skeptically. "We got any Excedrin around here?"

Her eyes didn't leave mine as she reached under the bar and pulled out a bottle and then poured me a Coke. I took them thankfully and downed them along with the whole glass. I didn't realize I was that thirsty.

"How you feeling?" She asked me seriously and I knew she wasn't talking about my muscle pain.

"Well Lily, I just told you. Like I got hit by a-"

"I heard that the first time, but that's not what I asked." She cut me off knowing that I was giving her a bullshit answer to avoid the question. I hated it when she asked me these things, knowing I was just going to brush her off. I didn't like feeling like the unstable one in our little family. I was the big sister and I was suppose to be taking care of Lily, not the other way around.

"I'm fine. Just didn't sleep very good. My shoulder hurts and I got a killer headache." It wasn't a complete lie, but its not what she wanted to hear.

"Dammit Kalla! I'm just worried about you. You're so annoying sometimes. Why can't you just let me help you every once in a while?" She was losing her patience and it made me feel that much worse, but I had to be strong for her.

"Look Lily I just don't want to talk about it right now. Just take my word for it when I say I'm fine. Its nothing, honest." I was pleading with her to leave it alone, even though I knew she would eventually.

She backed down, thankfully, but I could tell she was still annoyed. She would cool down quickly though.

"I'm going up front to see how everything is going." She threw her towel down and signaled to Ellen that she was leaving so she could cover and I watched her walk from behind the bar till she exited the door to the club in front.

A few heads turned with mine to watch her leave. My sister was what you would call extremely eye pleasing to the opposite sex. She almost always kept her dark brown naturally wavy hair straight, but it would curl quickly if she left it wet. Her golden skin was always free of any kind of blemish and even though her eyes were a deep blue they stood out on her face. Like when the oceans goes from shallow to deep and the color changes drastically. They were the same eyes of my father and I sometimes felt I was looking into his eyes when I was looking at her. She wore tight fitting khaki jeans and a white lace tank top. Yeah, she definitely turned heads when she walked by.

I headed over to my usual table in the corner by the A/C and just relaxed, watching the people in the bar as I tried to kick this headache.

Lily's POV-

Tonight was a good night, plenty of customers and plenty of hunters.

I was leaning over the counter, spinning a bottle cap with my fingertips. I couldn't help but worry about Kalla.

She had come downstairs not too long ago and automatically I could tell something was bothering her, something apart from needing a pain reliever for her sore muscles.

I'm not a trained professional or anything, but you really didn't have to be if you understood my sister as well as I did. My guess was that she had a nightmare, since she just woke up. Most likely another dream of Dad and the unnecessary guilt she always carried, but hid away.

I hated the fact that Kalla was a lot like our mom when it came her emotions.

When she was hurting, it was like a wound she refused to acknowledge she had. She'd always cover it up with something else, hiding behind it like a shield and thinking it would just go away.

Our mother was proof that wounds didn't just go away. Even though everyone says it was the cancer that killed her, it just simply wasn't true, it was her broken heart that killed her and it had been killing her for a really long time.

That's why I refuse to let Kalla do the same. She has too much spirit to be wasted away on something that wasn't her fault.

When our dad left us, I was just three years old, far too young to remember him, but Kalla was eight. It hit her pretty hard, and it didn't help that she assumed the worst.

I didn't know much about our father, he was a stranger to me, the shadow that brought so much pain upon my family.

All I really knew about our father was what was revealed to me only a few years ago, that he was a hunter and that he chose the hunt over his family. It never really bothered me that he wasn't in my life, because a man that chooses to leave his family behind is a man not worth knowing.

Even if I didn't know everything that happened, I knew one thing for sure, none of it could be blamed on an eight year old child.

I was taken out of my worries as the familiar fog clouded my vision of reality and an apparition started appearing before my eyes. It was like staring through a window on a rainy day as the vision materialized into a scene.

Two guys walked into the doors in front of me, one taller than the other. They were not our usual regulars. The taller one looked uneasy in the busy atmosphere as he shoved his hands deep into his beige jacket. His shaggy hair hung in his face, almost covering his eyes, but not hiding his apparent distaste for being here.

The shorter one looked entirely delighted to be here as he glued his eyes to two passing women who were scantily clad. He had a smirk plastered across his slightly freckled face as he reached up and ran a hand through his short messy hair with an aura of confidence emanating from him.

The fog faded, reality crystal clear again.

The feelings I got from the vision were bizarre to say the least and I couldn't help but feel a little frustrated that the vision didn't hold more.

What was so significant about their appearance? Why did it something so small and minuscule feel so foreboding?

I pressed my palm down on the bottle cap with a sigh.

This is going to frustrate me all night, that and the fact my visions didn't exactly come with a time line. This could be years from now for all I know.

I decided to head into the back room, the part of the bar exclusively for hunters, in search for Kalla.

Music played in the background as I passed Jo bringing a few hunters their drinks. I saw Ellen at the bar, refilling someone's glass.

Then there was Kalla. Her dark hair, which greatly resembled mine, a deep dark brown with natural mahogany highlights forming a wall of wavy hair from her shoulders as she bent over the pool table in the middle of the room, cue in hand. Her face, which was cursed with that of a stranger and deserter, held his same wicked grin that reached her eyes, the exact same golden green hue of our late mother's.

I rolled my eyes at the sight. It was evident she was placing a bet on her pool skills. It didn't escape my notice that the men who weren't placing bets, where busy checking her out as she leaned over the pool table, something that wasn't uncommon.

She had just done a successful trick shot when I reached the table, the men around her groaning in defeat as she cheered and laughed.

"All right, gentlemen, pay up."

Sighs and grumbles were heard as they handed her the money she won, until she turned to me.

"Hey, what's up?" She asked.

She knew I was in the room long before she saw me, it was a trait we both shared, we just knew.

"I had a vision." I said softly.

"Oh yeah?" She asked, counting the money in her hands.

"Two guys walked into the bar."

She chuckled. "Let me guess, one didn't duck?" She joked.

I raised my eyebrow, giving her an 'I'm serious' look.

"Ok, fine, what do you think it means?"

"I don't know, but I got this feeling."

Kalla's expression was now serious. As much as she hated it, she knew my feelings weren't something to be taken lightly.


"I didn't feel bad, no. Just…it was weird."


"Don't know."

"Well…your visions just…. suck," She sighed in frustration. "If you see them, we'll handle it, ok?"

I nodded, then started heading back to the front.

"Hey Lil!" Kalla's voice shouted after me just before I got to the door.

I turned my head, raising an eyebrow.

"Were they hot?" She asked with a smirk as she wiggled her eyebrows.

I rolled my eyes and left back to the front.

The rest of the night was normal enough, though my mind kept going over my vision from earlier.

I decided to keep my mind occupied by concentrating on customers and plotting out a hunt Kalla and I had planned. By tomorrow night, Dauphine street will be terror free, we would make sure of that.

I was in the middle of filling a customer's drink, and for whatever reason why, I glanced up at the door.

My breath hitched and my hands froze, nearly resulting in me spilling the drink I was pouring.

It was the exact replica of my vision.

The taller one looked uneasy in the busy atmosphere as he shoved his hands deep into his beige jacket. His shaggy hair hung in his face, almost covering his eyes, but not hiding his apparent distaste for being here.

The shorter one looked entirely delighted to be here as he glued his eyes to two passing women who were scantily clad. He had a smirk plastered across his slightly freckled face as he reached up and ran a hand through his short messy hair with an aura of confidence emanating from him.

I watched them out of the corner of my eye while pouring another customer's drink and observed them exchange a small conversation before they found a seat on the far end of the bar.

A thousand things were assaulting my mind each second, making it impossible for me to think clearly. Who were they? Why were they here? What did their appearance here mean for us?

I took a deep breath to try to calm my mind and my overwhelming curiosity.

There was one true fact about this entire situation, I wasn't going to get any answers standing here going mental about it.

Taking another deep breath, I started to make my way over to their end of the bar only to realize he was there alone.

He was the taller of the two and was glancing around at the curious decor.

I quickly looked around and found his friend by the jukebox before I leaned over the counter to get his attention. "What can I get you?"

He jumped slightly at my sudden appearance and I finally saw his eyes. To say they were hazel would be a crime. It was an intriguing complexion of brown mixed with green and tiny flecks of gold scattering out from his pupil that was just entrancing to look at.

"Nothing for me, thanks." He said as he continued looking around.

"Are you sure?"


I was a little disappointed. For one, no one has ever come into this bar and ordered nothing, it simply didn't happen, and two, this wasn't getting me any answers.

I chuckled slightly, leaned in closer and whispered. "Don't take this the wrong way, but," I smiled "Walking into a bar on Bourbon Street in New Orleans and not drinking anything is sort of unheard of around here, even for a tourist."

I was happy to see he laughed as I leaned back.

"Just a beer, please."

I smiled as I reached under the counter and opened the cold bottle. "I was just kidding, you know." I said with a smirk as I handed him his beer.

He chuckled. "Yeah, I know, but you're pretty convincing…you know, in that bartender sort of way."

"Well, I have to be, I kinda own the place, my sister and I both do." I said with a laugh. "But if I were being really convincing, I would have convinced you to tell me your name."

"Sam." He said with a smile as he started looking around the place again.

I chuckled. "Are you admiring the paint job or am I just that boring?"

His attention was immediately back to me. "No, sorry, yes, I was just admiring, the uh," I followed his line of sight to a door, the one that led to the back part of the bar with a sign that said 'Employees Only' but with a specific phrase in Latin subtly etched carelessly onto the door, 'Nos Exspectata Venator'

"Decor." He said as he glanced back to me.

Our bar was carefully decorated. Various symbols were painted randomly on the walls. Even if you knew their meaning, it still didn't amount to anything, but someone who knew their stuff would be curious, curious enough to glance around a little more and notice a cluster of symbols forming an actual protection spell around that door Sam was currently staring at.

'Nos Exspectata Venator' we welcome the hunter.

"Ah, son sens est vrai, it's meaning is true."

He glanced at the door again, then back at me quickly, a little surprised.

"This is a hunter bar?" He said pointing to the counter.

I smiled. Finally I had some concrete information about them that might hold some meaning to my visions.

"Well, it's a bar, and through that door just happens to be exclusively hunters."

"Huh…" He shrugged with a thoughtful look.

"Every now and then we get a guy, curious about the symbols. Sometimes they ask about it, we tell them we tried to match the etchings that were on the door when we bought it. Your regular John Smith would just say "Oh, cool", someone that knows their stuff would see a spell and the words and think it's a kind of pagan rite. But a hunter will be able to piece it together."


I nodded. "I thought so too, Kalla said it wouldn't work."

Sam chuckled before taking another long drink.

"Is there, uh, some sort of story that explains how a nice girl like you ends up, uh-."

"Bar tending to hunters?"


I smirked. "Isn't there always?"

"Fair enough."

"What brings you two to the big easy?"

"That will be my brother."

I chuckled as I glanced up and noticed the guy he came with scoping the place, and saw his eyes rest on my sister at the other end of the bar.

I didn't need to see the future to know what was about to happen as he strutted his way towards her. I instantly knew his type and Kalla had zero tolerance for it.

"You mean the one that's about to make the biggest mistake of his life?"

Sam looked confused and I nodded my head in his brother's direction.

"Yep, that'll be Dean."

I watched as Sam's brother said what looked to be a common pick up line and how Kalla's expression changed from a raised eyebrow, to a smirk, one that I easily recognized.

"Uh…oh" I said in a singsong as I leaned over the bar casually, watching the scene unfold before me.

I watched as Nick poured two shots of tequila for them, but before Sam's brother could grab his, Kalla took it and tossed it back, then grabbed the other one.

She had a wicked smile on her face and then I watched her hand turn over, spilling the drink in the guy's lap.

"OH COME ON!" He shouted as he immediately stood up, trying to salvage his pants.

Sam and I both laughed as my sister glanced at me, surprised to see I had witnessed the whole thing.

"I'm so sorry, is she a waitress of yours?"

"Nope, that'll be my sister." I said, turning my attention back to him.

Sam's eyes widened and he laughed even harder.

Kalla's POV-

I was back at my table after winning those bets and listening to Lily's visions. Aunt Ellen had come to sit with me and she was complaining again. It seemed to be all she did. About the noise. About me and Lily hunting. Practically anything she could think of, she would complain about it.

I hated being so negative, but she grated my nerves. I mean come on. We give her a place to stay and work after her bar burns down and she just rags on us about hunting. "I worry about you. You girls might get hurt. You girls and Jo are all I got." she would say.

Well bullshit to that. I can handle myself almost as good as some of these people. And Lily had me to protect her when she got in trouble. Don't let her sweet demeanor fool you, she could scrap when needed, but she had always had a mind of her own. She liked doing other things a lot more than training, but I didn't hold it against her. She is my sister and what makes her happy, makes me happy.

I turned and scanned the back room which was the additional room exclusively for hunters. With its own pool tables, bar, and a few scattered arcade games it was a little bar in itself.

Jo was now serving some hunters at the bar and Aunt Ellen sat next to me at a table in the corner. Lily went out to check on the night club that was the facade of our bar.

Not like we could post a big sign saying 'all ghost hunters come here.'

Lily was not only my sister, she was my business partner. We owned this bar, "La Pur Est La Mort" It means 'The pure one is dead.'

I rose from my chair and made my way to the front of the bar to find Lily talking to someone at the opposite end of the bar. For a second I thought he was just some sleaze hitting on my little sister, but he looked like a nice guy and Lily could handle it herself. She got hit on quite often. Most of the people who came to our club knew us. We socialized as much as possible. We have many regulars, but I noticed this man was not one of them. She was serving him a beer and looked like she was extracting information.

I sat at the stool on my end of the bar and just observed. Lily would know I was watching, cause we were just like that. Brain-twins.......but the guy wouldn't have a clue. Lily was better at the whole interrogation part than I was, but I could be sneaky sneaky if needed. I nodded to Nick, the other bartender, as I sat, but he didn't spare any time to say hello. Fine by me, cause we were busy. None of our workers freaked out when we around cause they knew we were laid back.

I couldn't hear what was being said, but I could see her blushing.

I sat there for a few more minutes, just watching people. Most were young kids who came down here for a good time. They were all dancing, seemingly unaware of the humid night air, while some of our older patrons occupied the bar and the various tables that littered the edge of the room. It was much too hot in here for my hair to be down so as I continued to survey the room, I pulled it up into what I was sure was a real messy ponytail.

I had just finished messing with my hair when someone took a seat next to me. I took one last look at my sister, before turning to the stranger next to me. I had to bite my lip to keep my jaw from dropping, now this one was my type.

Short, slightly messy hair, really nice smile and I caught a glimpse of his hand as it rested on the bar and I was sold. I had a huge thing for hands. Lily liked smiles......I liked hands. You could be the most attractive person on the planet but if your hands were ugly forget it. He was new and I'd never seen him before, but I didn't care. He could stay as long as he wanted.

So he was just sitting there smiling at me, so I smiled back........until he opened his mouth.

"So whats a pretty little thing like you hanging out here by yourself?"

Classic pick up conversation starter. Scope her out to see if she is with anybody. If not, start with the flattery until she is eating out of your hand. Buy her a few drinks to loosen her up, then head back to her place, have a good time and sneak out in the morning. I knew the type well and I'd seen the whole process many times as a bartender. I just kept smiling and let him continue.

"Hey lemme buy you a drink. You like Tequila?"

Not allowing me to answer, he turned to Nick and ordered the drinks.

"A shot of tequila plus one for the lady. On me."

He turned back with that thousand watt smile that I would melt for if he wasn't so cocky. He didn't know it, nor would he ever, but I do like Tequila. If I had a favorite liquor it would be Tequila. Nick poured the glasses and slid them to us, but before the stranger could grab his, I took it.

"I'll have yours," I said, shooting it, "and mine will me, how'd you say.......on you?" and with that I dumped it in his lap. Was that mean? Maybe a little, but like I said, I knew his type.....and I didn't like them. The look on his face was priceless as he jumped from his seat.


He didn't attract too much attention, luckily, but unfortunately my sister saw. She was holding her hand over her mouth trying not to laugh and the guy with her was openly chuckling. I slid the glasses back to Nick and patted the strangers face before speaking, "Do you have control issues? Aww too bad. You'll live." And with that I left the club and took refuge in the bar a la hunter in the back.

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