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Kalla POV

The sound of someone screaming woke me at mid-day. It wasn't the type of scream I thought it was when it pulled me from my deep sleep, but the playful scream of some girl out on the street. Even though our walls had relatively affective sound proofing sometimes things got through and even though I'd stayed up until the sun rose I was awake and there would be no more sleep for me. Plus I had to help Lily get ready for sneaking out tonight. Ain't that some shit, grown women gotta sneak out of their own place to go do something that they want to do.

My room was blacked out by dark curtains, but the light of the sun at noon still spilled through the edges, casting a red glow in my bedroom. I looked around my room while rubbing the sleep from my eyes and reveling in the fact that I didn't wake up with a headache. But as soon as that thought crossed my mind something filled my nostrils that caused me to sneeze loudly while wanting to throw up my guts. It was a horrid stench that left me longing for the stench of our beloved Bourbon Street on Mardi Gras.

I struggled out of the tangle of covers and ran into the kitchen while trying to hold my breath as the smell got worse. As soon as I entered our small kitchen I realized what was going on. Lily was hanging over a pan on the stove with the foul smelling smoke rising into the air. She was cutting her eyes at whatever was burning and examining what went wrong. She should already know that the fact that she is cooking is whats wrong. Lily is a horrible cook. She could burn water while trying to boil it.

We both jumped when the smoke alarm started blaring, but her reaction was more of a frustrated realization that this whole situation was going horribly wrong, while mine was to stop that offensive noise. I pushed her out of the way, turned off the stove and grabbed a cookie sheet from under the stove and fanned the smoke detector until it stopped assaulting my ears and rounded on Lily.

"What on earth did you burn this time? You know you're not suppose to cook without adult supervision!" I was mostly playing, but I really did make it a habit to pay attention when she cooked.

"Well, gee thanks, Kalla, I was trying to make an Omelet but Martha Stewart isn't making it easy!" She said bitterly as she poked violently at the thing in the pan.

"The heat was on way too high and you burnt the eggs. EGGS! How do you burn eggs? And Martha Stewart? Seriously?" Lily gave her patented puppy dog eyes as I took the skillet and made my way to the trash.

"Spinach Omelets are Ellen's favorite, I thought it would, I dunno...maybe get her to ease up on the hunt tonight." That's Lily for you. Always trying to please everybody when she should just be chewing Ellen out for trying to control our lives.

"One whiff of this and she'll think we're trying to kill her." I said as I poured the now rock hard eggs into the trash and dumped the skillet into the sink.

"I'll clean up this real quick then I'll be right down to help open up." Lily said starting the water to wash the dishes, but I stopped her. The last thing I needed now was Ellen bickering at me about the hunt. Then I really would have a headache.

"Nah, you go open up with Ellen and I'll clean this up. I'll meet you down there." She looked at me like she might argue, but she just grabbed her keys off the counter and quietly left our small apartment. It was going to be a long day.

Lily POV

I examined my arms as I headed downstairs. As I figured, several light bruises were starting to form.

Just what I needed, I thought bitterly. I hoped Kalla hadn't noticed, my black tank shirt didn't exactly offer a lot of arm coverage and I really didn't want to have to explain the whole thing when I didn't entirely understand it myself.

Crawling out of bed had proved to be a slightly dangerous task due to the massive case of the dizzies from the Direct TV in my head that had me feeling like I'd just gotten off the Gravitron. It had been like someone was having fun channel surfing in my head, flipping through so fast I couldn't grasp onto what was going on. The one thing I did see, were the Winchesters. I didn't know if this was bad news or good news, but did know it was giving me this nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach every time I thought about it. I took my mind off the whole thing by trying to smooth things over with Ellen.

Spinach Omelets were her favorite and I needed to try to ease all this tension going on. What a brilliant idea that was.

I'm not the world's greatest chef, no matter what I do I just can't seem to make anything right and I had always been told that I couldn't go wrong with some words of wisdom from Martha Stewart. I kept a mental note in my head to research whether or not she's a witch because nothing about that omelet was simple or easy and it looked nothing like the picture, hell I don't even think the FDA could identify what it was. So when Kalla made her appearance this morning, I could suddenly relate to how Neville Longbottom felt in Potions Class.

I found it odd when she suddenly stopped me from trying to clean up what I call 'The Catastrophe' and all but insisted she do it instead. If there is one thing I am good at its cleaning, despite the mess in the living room. That was Kalla's 'organization' system as she insists its easier to think in there and won't let me touch it, so her stopping me from washing the dishes, and my own mess, was instantly suspicious. Before I can argue about it, I got a small glimpse that stopped me. Her going downstairs right now would result in another round of bickering from Ellen. That was something we both wanted to avoid. So I didn't say a word, I picked up my keys and walked out the door.

As I neared the door downstairs, I could hear the scraping sound of chairs hitting the floor in the next room. Jo was in the middle of pulling the chairs from the tables and Ellen was behind the counter going through inventory. The radio behind her was playing quietly in the background joined by the noises of glass clinking and chairs scraping. The sounds of our bar getting ready to open up.

"Hey Aunt Ellen, Jo." I said as I walked across the room to open up the front.

Ellen didn't say a word as she looked up from the worn notebook in front of her to watch me cross the room, her brow was furrowed completing the image of one of her famous looks of disapproval. Didn't take a mind reader to know what she was thinking. I left it alone.

"Hey Lily." Jo greeted as she pulled down another chair.

I entered the door to the front of the bar. Nick was behind the counter, counting the change out for tonight. He looked up when I came in and gave me a wave before continuing his count.

"Already did the tables and unlocked the doors."

"Nick, what will I do without you?" I said dramatically with a smile.

"Well for one, darling, you wouldn't have me." He replied with a cocky grin. I rolled my eyes.

Nick is what I would like to call a unique individual, with a habit of charming the pants off any single, and sometimes taken girl, who walks into our bar. In fact when he came in asking for a job, he actually inquired whether Kalla and I were into threesomes, but just when we were about to give him the boot he questioned the worn latin phrase on our Employees Only door. Apparently his Dad was a hunter until it got him killed several years ago, so he's very much aware of the supernatural, he just doesn't want anything to do with it. We kind of had to hire him after that, smart ass attitude and all. I got out my notebook from under the counter and began going through the lists, something I always made sure was done opening and close.

"Damn it, we are getting low on rum, gin, and vodka again. I just ordered some last week." Nick chuckled over organizing some of the bottles.

"Wasn't kidding about those Hand Grenades." I shook my head and sighed as I crouched down to search for the order forms below the counter. I was vaguely aware of the sound of people walking as I finally found the order forms.

As I stood back up, I nearly lost my balance and fell directly on my butt if it weren't for my tight grip on the counter. The Winchesters. Well I wasn't prepared for this at all. Tonight wasn't a night for distractions, and Sam over there was one tall distraction. I kept my heart rate in check and tried to seem normal.

"Hey, how you doin' beautiful?" Dean said with a smirk and a wink of the eye as he reached the counter.

"Change of pants, I see." I said with a smirk.

"Yeah, but I'm flying without underwear today, laundry day you know, wanna see?"

"Why? You have something I haven't seen, Dean?" I retorted as I leaned across the counter dangerously, only one more word close to taking my notebook and slinging it across that cute face of his.


"Dean!" Sam jumped in.

"Oh, right. Ellen around?"

I nodded my head sideways. "In the back."

"Great, nice chat sweetheart." My eyes narrowed at his retreating form, and I rolled my eyes only to hear chuckling in front of me.

"I am so...so sorry." Sam said.

"Its fine, I'm used to it. You want anything?" I said with a shrug.

"I'm good." He said with a smile. I couldn't help it, the guy was too damn cute. I smirked, raising my eyebrow slightly.

"Do we really need to revisit that conversation again?"

"Alright then, a beer, if you're drinking."

"Works for me." I said, pulling two beers from under the counter and popping the lids before sliding him a cold one.

Kalla POV

Our couch had way too many dust bunnies under it to be healthy and even though I braved their attack because I was sure that the file on the Sultan had fallen under there, it wasn't and I was left with a face covered in dust and I couldn't stop sneezing. But suddenly the door opened and I knew it had to be Lily coming up to see why I hadn't come down yet. After cleaning the kitchen I planned on taking a few minutes to go over the file on the Sultan while Ellen was occupied and there was no risk of her barging in, but I couldn't even do that. The damn file was just GONE!

"Lily I can't find the file!" I hollered at Lily, who was entering the apartment.

"What file?"

"What do you mean 'what file?' What other file would I be looking for?" Most of our case files were on Lily's laptop, but since I wasn't allowed to touch that she made me hard copies and put them in files which were then neatly and alphabetically placed into a filing cabinet. Her OCD made me sick sometimes. You'd think that it would help her cooking skills, but it obviously hindered her in that department. The house still had a lingering odor from this mornings omelet fail.

"Oh. Well it should be in there. Unless you didn't put it back, which isn't that unusual."

Today was not the day for this. Ever since we opened this morning we've had to tiptoe around Aunt Ellen all day. If we weren't careful she would sniff us out and then probably report a fire at the place we were investigating or something just so we can't go check it out. She is crazy enough for it.

"Well its not here and I know I put it back." I slammed the cabinet, frustrated that I would have to occupy myself in some other way until then. I'd already hidden the bag with all our supplies in the alley next to the bar and we really couldn't do anything but try to act normal until it was time to blow this joint. The only thing left to do was go talk to Nick. He doesn't particularly like closing up the bar, but we don't ask him to do it a lot so he is usually cool about it.

"Ok so it always gets really busy between midnight and one so that's when we're gonna make a run for it. Let everyone else know that if they need to talk to us they better do it before then. All we need is someone asking Ellen where we are."

Nick just smiled and nodded in agreement. He wasn't much of a talker, but that,s OK. Better than some of our other bartenders who didn't shut up. I made my way through the people and out of the front of the club and propped up on the side of the building.

Bourbon was starting to fill up with all the usual people who weren't from within 500 miles of the state. The sun had gone down long ago and all the flashing lights completed the facade of this place. Tricking people into thinking this was 'the' place to be with all the strip clubs and over priced bars.

Isn't that what you're doing? You may ask and I guess you're right. I was going right along with all the money vampires and charging just the same amount for a coverage charge and drinks. But it was the only way to make it on this street and truth be told I was tired of it.

The only people I was able to cut a break were the hunters.

And the majority of the people this this street attracted weren't the kind of people I really wanted to cater to.

When they weren't spoiled rich kids looking for an escape from over bearing mommy and daddy they were lowlife drug dealers looking to make a break off the rich kids.

My concentration was broken when a high pitched whine shot through my skull. The painfully high pitch of a dog whistle. I've told Lily before that I hate that sound, but she continues to cash in on my ability to hear it. I mean I can't really 'hear' it but its like my eardrums could feel the vibrations or something. I dunno, its hard to explain. Just know that it hurts like a bitch and Lily was gonna get it. Its not my fault she can't whisper for shit.

As aggravated as I was I knew what the sound meant. Lily was in the alley with the bag, dressed in Black and ready to slip into the crowd and head over to the 'palace' as me and lily called it. Ellen thought I didn't listen to her at all, but I was more nervous about this hunt than she knew. I was well aware that this spirit had a specific...attraction to young women. Lily knew to be extra careful and I promised to keep the heroics down to a minimum although I couldn't promise anything if the thing got a hold of my sister.

I just knew that i wasn't about to let another girl go missing only to be found mutilated a dew days later.

I quickly slipped on the black hoodie Lily was holding out for me and stuffed my sawed off into my pants leg. This was the whole reason I wore baggy jeans tonight. It was time to go pay this bastard a visit.