The silence clawed at the bark of the trees making up the dark forest and though the silvery light of the moon touched their branches, their leaves shielded the shadows from its glow, provided darkness until morning arose upon the earth. A full week had passed since the world was restored, and though Malefor was no longer the dealer of evil and mayhem, danger still lurked, as peace was never infinite. A mole wandered along a dirt path winding blindly through the black forest. He'd come from the Dragon City a few miles away, and this location was unfamiliar to him.

The silence made him eerie and fear prickled at his short fur like tiny, but sharp needles. "I wish I'd stayed back home," he murmered under his breath, his dark eyes scanning the shadows as if he would be given warning if he were ambushed. But icy eyes watched him from a tree, following him invisibly, waiting for the right chance to strike.

The mole certainly felt the eyes watching him, but as he hopelessly searched for them, he only saw blackness. Suddenly, he heard a rustle and jumped, his eyes wide with terror and his body trembling uncontrollably. "Wh-who's there?" he called in a shrill voice. "Show yourself!"

"Very well," hissed a sly voice from above, then something crashed into the mole, throwing him against a tree. The mole yelped in surprised and quickly scrambled to his feet, backing up against the tree behind him. In front of him in the moonlight stood a dragon, its silver and black scales glowing luminously as the light touched them. His eyes were blue like ice, his figure lean. He didn't look too much like other dragons. His back arched, but his long neck kept his head up flawlessly, and black scales in the form of patches surrounded his treacherous eyes. His scales were like blades and his horns slanted back and curved, sharp and thin.

"Who are you?" the mole asked shakily.

"Nobody you need to know about. It won't matter in a couple of minutes." the dragon said. His voice was sly, yet calm in an odd manner. The mole shook furiously at his words.

"No, please!" he begged desperately. "I didn't do you any harm! I can leave if you want!"

"That won't do. You've seen to much already. These forests are forbidden for outsiders to tresspass on." The dragon stalked forward, his steps almost catlike.

"No," the mole closed his eyes as the dragon bared his deadly teeth. But he felt no pain and opened them again. The dragon stood in front of him. He looked like he was thinking.

"Actually," he decided, "I've got a job for you. I want you to carry out a message."

"To who?" The mole was half relieved, but he was nervous at the same time.

"To the one they call Spyro."

The mole's eyes widened. "B-but no one knows where Spyro is! How am I-"

"You've got three days to find him. I have a feeling I know where he's hiding. If you successfully do this, you'll be rewarded by me sparing your life. If you fail to complete my task. . .well, I think you know how that goes."

The mole trembled.

"Oh, and if you plan to make an escape," the dragon continued. His eyes turned suddenly evil. "I'll have no trouble finding you."

The mole swallowed hard. He was trembling violently, thinking of how to respond. What if this endangered the world? Should he spare his life to keep it safe? But how harmful could a message me? Spyro handled the Dark Master, why not this dragon? Still, there was something strange and different in the reptile. He was not the same as the rest of his kind. Something was dangerous about him.

"Well, are you up for the job?" the dragon asked impatiently. The mole sighed in defeat.

"Yes. What is the message?"