Okay, I've been planning on this story for a while. I was kind of upset that my first Kim Possible fic didn't work so well, so I'm hoping that I like how I do it this time around.

Now, I'm not going to say that I hate the Kim/Ron pairing, but it was simply too predictable for my taste. That's why I'm going to toy with Ron. Anyways, enough explanation! Let's just see how summer goes Ron.

Chapter 1

Kim Is Nacho Girl, Ron

Inside Bueno Nacho, Monique sat across the table from Ron, watching the blond boy chow down on massive plates of various Mexican foods, like nacos, nachos, and enchiladas, all at an antagonizing slow place.

"Oooh." Rufus, looking up from his empty tray, would have ordinarily stolen cheesy delicacies from his owner. You snooze, you lose, after all. Today, though, the sorrowful expression on Ron's face could have stolen a lion's appetite.

"Okay, that's it!" Monique slammed her hands on the table and stood up. She pointed viciously at Ron. "Seriously, boy? We came here every day for the last week, just so you can nibble at forty dollars of cheese and tortilla chips." She took her hand that was pointing and placed it against her head. "When are you going to get it? Kim is gone. She's gone, and she's not going to come back."
Ron just continued to stare into space, placing another cheese-saturated chip in his mouth.

"Come on!" Monique gawked at the boy, feeling the edge of her nose twitch. "No matter how you look at this, it's not healthy."
"I know what they taught in health class." Ron continued to absentmindedly chew on his chip. "Seriously, though, I've grown up on this stuff, and I'm still as thin as anyone. I'm probably immune to those health issues."
"That's not what I mean!" Monique growled as she smashed her hands against the table again.

In response to Monique's actions, Rufus screamed and scrambled to the other end of the table, hiding behind the napkin dispenser.

The naked mole rat was ignored by the fashionista. She stared at Ron. "What I'm talking about is this depression of yours. You need to give up on the impossible. It was Kim's job to pull that stuff off, not yours. And guess what? She's not here."
Slowly, Ron turned to Monique and returned her stare. "If I'm not mistaken, you've brought this up the last three days." He added another chip to his mouth. "You don't get it, though."

"Ron, Kim was my best bud, too." Monique threw her hands up in the air. "Kim went off to college in France, and that's the end of the story. We'll wait for letters, but no matter how many jet fliers owe her favors, she can't just come back here after school everyday."

"So she was your friend, too. Big deal!" Ron threw his own hands in the air. "Kim and I were best buds since kindergarten. Then we spent all of our senior year in high school going out together. At graduation, we literally saved the world from an alien invasion. All of that, and she just decides to walk away to go to college halfway across the world."

"Yes, that's what happened." Monique sat down and held her hands out. "Ron, you heard the psychologist's report. There was serious doubt that your feelings for each other were real. You were jealous because another boy was taking up all of Kim's time. It wasn't like with Mankey, who only took Kim on one date. He took over her life, and your position. He turns out to be fake, and that leaves Kim looking for love, and then you come and spill your guts about being in love with her." She placed her hands on the table as softly as possible. "You were just the wrong people in the right situation at the right time."

"Uh-huh." Rufus walked out from behind the napkin holder, holding his chin and nodding sagely. He walked over to Ron and patted his hand. "She's right. Hee-oink!" He clicked his tongue rapidly.

"Look, I know what you guys are saying." Ron pulled his hand away and stuck a burrito in his mouth. He swallowed the thing whole and pounded on his chest. "But it doesn't make things any better. Do you know what that means? The first relationship that I get to be serious about, and my emotions are fake?" He palmed his face with both of his hands and groaned. "You don't know what that feels like."

"I suppose I don't." Monique picked up one of her hands and used the back of it to smack the table. "But if that's what's troubling you, think about it. You have the best cooking skills I've ever seen, and you get to turn into a glowing, blue fireball that makes an atomic bomb look like a spitwad. I'm sure there's at least one other girl out there who'd like you."

Offering Ron a pair of thumbs up, Rufus nodded and chirped merrily. "Yeah! Booyah!"

"Maybe you guys are right." Ron pushed the tray away from himself and sighed. "You can't tell me that it doesn't hurt, though. Even if we weren't dating, Kim and I were best friends for the longest time. Couldn't she have just gone to school in New York? We could have at least seen each other on weekends or something."
"No." Rufus shook his head. "Not right. Not right."

"Rufus does have a point." Monique stared at Ron intently. "If you really care about Kim, then you'll accept her decisions and support her."

"Yeah, I guess." Ron laid his head on the table. "But did she have to leave so early? There's still about half of the summer left. She could have at least given one week for a best day ever or something, before she decided to move to France to adapt to the culture."

"Yeah. The suddeness of it all left me feeling a little sore, too." Monique smiled. "As for the summer thing, though, I have just the remedy. My parents and I are going to go to this beach resort in California for a week. I'm sure that my parents wouldn't mind."

"Yeah. Beach time! Booyah!" Rufus looked up and smiled at Ron. "Beach!"

"I don't know." Ron frowned slightly. "I'll see what my parents say."

"Please. Ron, how often are they home long enough to say no?" Monique laughed. "I'm sure they wouldn't mind."

"Yeah, but I still need to ask." Ron shrugged. "House rules until I live on my own."

"Fine." Monique rolled her eyes. "Just make sure you ask your parents. We leave in three days." She pointed accusingly at Ron. "And don't lie, because I know when people lie."


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