Ok here we go welcome to The Unknown Regulator. If you didn't read the summary, which I'm sure you have because you wouldn't be here now would you? Of course not, so anyway this is about Elizabeth Montgomery, the only female regulator. Her nickname is Ember and the story follows how she is brought in by John Tunstall and made one of the regulators along with Billy and the gang. The story should follow the movie almost exactly with some extra parts I threw in but nothing will change from the original picture. I'm not very sure if I should put romance in but if I do it's between Chavez and Steve. So I hope you all enjoy if this chapter is short I apologize now. If you want to put your opinion on the romance part in just include it with your review if you put a review. Well enjoy and I do not own Young guns or any of it's characters. Thank you!

Mr. Tunstall was standing outside of his store with his boys behind him. He promised the boys he would take them into town for a chance to look around. John turned his head to look at the boys he had taken in. The ones who were known fondly as The Regulators.

Doc, his first runaway, was sitting and writing in a notebook. Actually, he was just staring at it like words would come bubbling

to the surface if he stared hard enough. Richard was leaning against the store front trying to look more grown up. He was the oldest and tried to be the leader. Charlie and Steve were laughing about something Steve had recently said. Most likely it was something inappropriate. Chavez who was beside them, not paying attention, was spinning one of his knives in his hand. The Mexican Indian paid little to no attention to Steve and Charlie's jokes, except when Steve made a comment about him or something about his horse. Billy laughed at something he was reading and John turned toward the youngest boy. Billy had only been with regulators for about a month and was settling in nicely.

John smiled. He was proud of his boys. All of them. They may have had some rough pasts but they had worked hard to be the civilized young men they were today. They all could read and write, mostly, but they were working on it.

There was a boom of laughter behind him and John turned towards it. Across the street, in front of Lawrence Murphy's store, was Murphy's men. They were all obviously drunk and yelling as women walked by. John could see Murphy standing next to his son, Aaron, smirking at John.

John Tunstall did the one thing he knew would irritate Lawrence Murphy the most. John smiled his most gracious smile and waved as if greeting an old time friend. Murphy frowned deeply, turned on his heel and walked quickly back into his store.

Behind John, Billy laughed again but this time, John could tell it wasn't about what he had read. John turned towards him and smiled. Just then a horse whinnied loudly in the distance and in the next second a jet black horse raced to a stop in front of Mr. Tunstall's store.

The rider had a long brown leather coat that fell to the person's knees. The hat perched on his head was pulled down to where no one could see his face. He had on a pair of dark brown pants with black boots. One of the only things that was truly evident about the mystery person were the two guns on either side of his belt, that twinkled in the Lincoln County sun from underneath the coat.

The regulators looked up as the unknown rider slid off it's horse. The stranger started tying up the horse in front of John's store. John turned away, trying to be polite and give the new comer some space. The boys, not so much. Not a lot of strangers came into Lincoln county, so this was an unexpected surprise. "That's a mustang. One of the wildest horses. They're almost impossible to catch." Chavez commented about the horse. Steve looked over at him, "Found yourself a new girl friend, Mexican."

John looked back across the street just in time to see Murphy come back out, his eyes on the stranger who was still tying up the horse. Murphy turned to his son and told him something John couldn't hear. Aaron nodded and began walking towards the stranger. The regulators started reaching for their guns as the Murphy boy walked towards their employers store. John held up his hand for them to stop and they reluctantly did so.

Aaron walked towards the stranger who was now rummaging through saddle bags. He walked up behind the stranger and cleared his throat "Hello, sir." he said in a chipper voice. The stranger didn't answer but kept on with his task. "I just noticed that from your clothes that you seem to be a man of comfort and I thought that you should spend your money wisely. At my father's store." Aaron had leaned back on his heels and was talking with great confidence. His eyes were also closed as he spoke.

There was a click as the hammer of one of the stranger's gun was pushed down. Aaron opened his eyes and froze, staring down the barrel of the gun. The stranger pulled of the hat that rested on it's head. When that happened a long waterfall of red hair fell. Underneath that hat was young woman about the age of nineteen or twenty. Her lips twisted into a smile "Oh I see. From the look of my clothes you thought I was a man. Well, I guess next time you'll double check, won't you? Now leave me alone before I kick your ass in front of all your buddies over there." she said jerking her thumb over her shoulder towards Murphy's shop.

There was something about this girl's eyes, John noticed, that had both youth and wisdom in them. They also burned a deep fire in their green depths. The girl turned back to the saddle bag and pulled out two knives and one on either side of her guns on her belt.

Aaron shook his head, stirring from his daze. "Uh, do you have anywhere to stay? Because you're completely welcome at my home." he said grinning. Aaron was a handsome boy with blonde hair and dark brown eyes. All of the girls threw themselves at his feet and he was used to getting his way with them.

The girl raised her eyebrow at him then smiled seductively. "Really? Well you see I have this dream. Where this big, blonde, strong man would come rescue me and sweep me off to his mansion on the plains. There he would make me his wife and he would spoil me in both the physical and money sense." As she spoke the girl leaned toward him as if she were going to kiss him.

Aaron grinned and squared his shoulders "Really?" he asked. The girl's seductive smile faded as quickly as it had appeared "No." she coldly "Now look, Skippy. You better take my warning from earlier into consideration because if you don't I promise you I will kick your ass and I mean hard." The girl pushed past him and walked on down the road.

Aaron looked after her, stunned, he had never been turned down before. The regulators laughed at him. Aaron turned and flushed angrily at them, "Shut up you trash" he yelled then stomped off. Charlie stepped up to the railing and yelled back, "The one who got away huh, spoiled brat?" The boys all laughed but John's eyes were on the retreating form of the mystery girl.

John pushed away from the railing and started after the girl. "Hey, John, where ya goin?" Steve yelled after spitting tobacco juice in the dirt. Without turning around "Where are you going, Master Stephen and I will be back soon go on back to the house I will meet you there." he said and walked on.

The boys looked at each other confused then they shrugged. They picked up their things and went to fetch their horses. As they were walking Chavez came up behind Steve and placed a knife against his back. "No more horse jokes or you'll become a woman before you can say apache." Chavez pulled his knife back and pocketed his knife. Steve gulped and froze in his place as Chavez walked on. Billy came up behind Steve and clapped him on the back, "You know I heard that when an Indian does that he sets a curse upon you. Yeah, it's where boils well up in your mouth, your face, and your privates. Then after about a day they start to ooze black puss. Then within the next hour you die by choking on the puss and your own blood. It's said that it only takes a few hours to a few minutes for it to show up and you can only get rid of it by slapping the places the boil show up." he said laughing then Billy's face went serious. "Oh my god. Is that one now?" he said, pointing to a place on Steve's cheek.

Steve's eyes got huge, "Oh my god! Get off!!" he yelled as he smacked his face where Billy had pointed. The boys laughed and Steve looked up innocently and quite shaken. Billy was laughing so hard he was almost rolling on the ground. Chavez walked back and put a hand on Steve's shoulder, "Trust me if I put a curse on you, you would know." then turned and walked away followed by the other laughing regulators. Steve stood there for a few more seconds then shook his head " Wait, so there isn't a curse." he called chasing after them.

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