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Ember woke up, in Chavez's arms, just as the sun was rising. She stirred a bit and Chavez stroked her hair gently, "Good morning," he whispered.

Ember flexed a little, "Morning," she whispered back. Ember still heard Steve snoring over in the corner and there was also silence so she guessed everyone was still asleep.

"Did you sleep at all?" she asked.

Chavez shook his head, "Some," he told her.

She laid still for a long time, content on staying in Chavez's arms for as long as she could. It was starting to brighten when everyone began to stir. Ember had been dozing off when Chavez spoke.

"Chivato," he said, nodding towards the window. Ember and Chavez stood up to get a better look. Steve joined them. After a moment, about a hundred black soldiers on horseback came into sight. All of which were uniformed and heavily fit for battle.

Ember felt her eyes widen and her stomach twist. She looked over and saw Steve's mouth go slack.

"They've sent in the troops," Billy laughed, and Ember felt like smacking him.

"Billy, we're good but this is getting ridiculous," Doc said from beside Steve, who was still slack jawed.

"Ridiculous? This is getting damn near impossible!" Ember blurted.

Behind her, she felt Chavez sink back down into his seat. Ember turned to him and saw that he had his head in his hands. She knelt in front of him and pulled his hands away, so he would get look at her, and held them tightly.

"We will get out of this," she whispered to him, "I know we will. Remember what Doc said, we see a chance and we take it. If you see a chance where you think you can save us from this, then go out and take it. Don't worry about if you think I will agree or not because I will follow you. I trust you. I love you," she told him in a hushed voice.

Chavez leaned forward and hugged her to his chest. Ember smiled against him and hugged him back. Then she pulled away to where she was a few inches from his face. She leaned over and kissed him. Not as passionately as last night but it was still strong and loving. When they pulled back she smoothed some hair from his face and smiled. Then she stood to and walked over behind Doc and Billy by the window.

Outside Ember saw Murphy pull up in his wagon. Aaron was up front with his father. Judge Bristol was in the back and so was Murphy's China doll, Yen.

Ember raised her rifle and pointed at Murphy, "Here, Billy, you want Murphy's head then allow me," she said gruffly, pushing the hammer down. Doc reached up and pulled the barrel down so she couldn't aim, "You try and fire that and you could hit the judge or Yen in the back," Doc told her. "Damn it, Doc. She's lucky you like her or I would have just fired," she muttered, pushing the hammer back up into the fired position.

Billy laughed and winked at her. "There's our Wildcat!" he said. Ember ignored his comment and kept watching as Murphy talked to the colonel. Suddenly, the china doll jumped out of the back of the wagon and started racing towards the house. Murphy jumped out after her but he couldn't catch her.

"YEN!" Doc yelled as she neared the house, with soldiers on her tail. Doc stood and shot in front of them and they turned and ran back to the barricade. Doc threw Ember his gun, "Cover me!" he told her then ran to the stairs.

"BURN IT!" she heard Murphy scream. Ember looked back down on the street and saw everyone in Murphy's group jump off the wagon and follow him.

"But Father, I want that Montgomery girl!" Aaron whined.

"Little shit doesn't give up does he?" Ember muttered.

Billy laughed but was silent as Murphy turned to his son, "That brat is a breed! Half Cherokee, Aaron. No son of mine will take with trash like that, unless it has something to do with politics or self pleasure," he yelled.

Aaron squared his shoulders, "Then bring her down and make her my personal whore. If I can't marry her then I'll own her." he argued.

Ember glared daggers at the young Murphy boy, "That little shit, I'll waste him!" she growled as she pulled her gun up. Doc ran back up the stairs with Yen by his side.

"Not now, go over there with Charley," Billy instructed.

Ember reluctantly nodded then went and stood by Charley. "Take cover!" Billy shouted just before there was another explosion of gunfire. Ember through an arm over her face to protect her eyes but it didn't help with for the dust that clogged her lungs.

When the bullets had stopped flying, Ember's body was racking from the coughing fit she was having. Charley moved over to her, breathing in panicked bursts, and tried to stop her coughing.

"Ember, you alright?" Billy called. Ember couldn't answer; there were tears rolling down her cheeks now. Charley started to hit her back fairly hard but that didn't help much.

She heard movement somewhere but then she heard Billy's voice, "Chavez stay still!" he yelled.

Ember finally stopped coughing after a moment. She started gasping for breath now. Trying to refill her lungs. Chavez was about to move again, but Billy told him to stop. Charley started blubbering about trying to get away and Ember laid heavily against the wall. She saw Chavez by the door. He was staring at her, worry evident in his dark brown eyes. She could tell he was contemplating about something he had to do. Stay with her or get them a chance of freedom.

"Go!" she mouthed. He nodded to her but sat still for a moment, then she smiled,

"I love you," she mouthed again.

"I love you too," he mouthed back at her then waited in the shadows. Ember turned to Charley, "You can do it, Charley!" she said to him, hoarse from her fit.

"They lit it, boys, they lit the house!" Steve yelled from behind Susan and Alex.

"Mr. Bonney. Mr. McSween. Ms. Montgomery. This is Colonel Nathan Dudley. Come out with your hands high!" Dudley's voice rang out.

Billy laughed, "With your hands high. I better reason with him," He said seriously but Ember could tell he was up to something.

"Hey Colonel Shithead, you can kiss my ass!" Billy yelled, laughing. "GOD DAMN IT, BILLY!" Alex yelled.

"BILLY, SHUT THE HELL UP. YOU'RE NOT MAKING THE SITUATION ANY BETTER BY INSULTING HIM!" Ember screamed at Billy. Her voice back to normal. The smoke was pouring through the open window now. Ember jumped up and ran over next to Steve.

"Oh my God!" she gasped. She could see the flames licking the porch roof.

"Hell, Ember, your name means fire you shouldn't be scared," Steve said next to her, staring at the flames that most likely meant to drag them to hell.

Ember whipped her head around to look at him, "It means a burning coal, you dip shit!" she screeched, "Even if it did mean fire doesn't mean I'm not any more fucking scared than you are." she yelled at him.

Susan stared at her, stunned, by her un-lady like talk. Ember cleared her throat then went to stand by Charley on the other side of the room.

Billy started talking about how if they got the president down here they would come out, "Let's see how they liked that one!" Billy laughed. He was answered by a hail of gunfire.

"How's that for an answer!" Ember yelled at him.

"HEY KINNEY, YOU BASTARD, I'M GOING TO SHOOT YOUR ASS FROM HERE TO PATRICIO IF I HAVE TO, YOU SHIT DOG!" Charley yelled at John Kinney. Ember watched as he stood and fired his guns out the window with Billy cheering him on. Ember looked and saw Chavez by the door, she nodded at him and watched him duck down the stairs as the others were distracted.

"Alex, get Susan out of here!" Doc yelled.

Ember jumped up and ran over to the couple and helped get them up and moving. Susan screamed about not wanting to leave but Alex managed to grab her and take her to the door.

"Ember! You need to go!" Doc yelled to her.

Ember laughed, surprising herself, "Oh yeah, that'll work out just great. I'm better off in here than if I go out there and let Aaron Murphy touch me," she told him.

Doc nodded then tried to get Yen to go but she kept saying something about necessary. Ember then proceeded to help Steve and Alex throw things out the window to save them from the flames.

"Where's Cha-vez?" Steve asked. Ember tried her best to look stunned and confused as best she could.

"I don't know," Doc answered.

Steve started kicking things around and screaming, "I knew we shouldn't have trusted him! He left us here to die!" he yelled.

Ember walked over to him and punched him hard on the cheek. "Shut up about him!" she yelled at him.

"Then where the hell is he?" Steve yelled back.

"I don't know!" she told him truthfully, she really didn't have any idea where Chavez was at this moment.

"You're a fool for believing in him!" he screamed at her.

"Then I'm a fool for loving him too!" she screeched back, "Because that's what I'm doing. I know he wouldn't leave us. Wouldn't leave me!"

Steve shook his head, "Then we're both fools." he said angrily then turned and went to throw more things out the window.

"I have an idea." Billy yelled.

Ember stood behind Yen and Doc and waited for the signal. Ember heard the trunk Billy was in fall to the ground. She watched as Steve ran out. Ember had given him a peck on the cheek before they had lined up. She hugged everyone, even Billy, knowing they probably wouldn't see each other again if this failed.

Steve waited by the door and covered everyone as they ran out and down the steps. Ember shot her gun blindly, hoping to smoke as many of the bastards as she could.

She heard Charley behind her as he did the same as she did then she heard Steve yell, "CHAVEZ!"

Ember looked at him confused but then heard something that sounded like music to her ears.


She turned and saw Chavez riding up with their horses following. Kana wasn't with him so she knew he had set him free.

"EMBER!" he yelled at her. Ember felt a grin spread on her face as she tried to move. But she fell a bullet had hit her in the leg. It's owner? John Kinney.

Charley saw her fall and started screaming, "KINNEY YOU BASTARD, IT'S YOU AND I!" he yelled. But before he could shoot Kinney fired a shot and hit him.

"CHARLEY!" Ember screamed. He looked at her then smiled "Go!" he whispered and she ran. Chavez was helping Steve up but she saw him fall. "Oh God, not Chavez!" she thought in her mind. Then, Ember looked over and saw Billy fall as well.

Ember's limbs froze as she just stared blankly u in front of her. Not seeing anything. Numbly, she raised her gun and started to fire. "I'm not going down without a fight," she thought as a tear fell down her cheek. Nothing broke her trance except for the pain of a bullets hitting her in the side and knocking her down.

Steve jumped down and helped Chavez up. "Go Chavez, get Ember!" she heard Steve call. Chavez raced the horse over and Ember looked up in time to see him coming.

Slowly, Ember pushed herself off the ground. She held out her arm and Chavez grabbed it as he rode by. She swung up on the back of the animal easily as they rode on. She turned just in time to see both Steve and Charley fall. Dead. Ember buried her face in Chavez's back to keep more tears from coming. Ahead of them were Doc and Yen.

They rode as fast as they could but they turned their horses to look for Billy. He was there but he had his gun pointed at Murphy.

"Reap it, Murphy, you son of a bitch," he said the shot Murphy directly between the eyes. "Now it's over," Billy said then turned his horse towards the others.

"Let's rock out!" he yelled. The others followed suit behind him as they rode for the edge of Lincoln county.

There were only four Regulators left now. They all stood in a circle of horses. Ember leaned over and hugged both Doc and Yen and kissed their cheeks, while Chavez just shook Doc's hand. Ember leaned out of the saddle and hugged Billy next.

"I can honestly say you are probably the only one who can call me Wildcat," she told him smiling, as she leaned back.

Billy laughed his crazy laugh again then looked at Chavez, "You take care of her, Chavez. She's your girl now." he told him.

Chavez smiled at Billy, "Will do, Chivato." he told him then shook Billy's hand.

Chavez turned their horse then spurred it forward, "Where to?" he asked, as Ember snaked her hands around his waist. "Hm, I was thinking more of California. What do you think?" she asked him. Chavez laughed, "I like your style, Wildcat." he teased. Ember swatted him, playfully, on the shoulder then leaned up and kissed his neck gently.

"Where you go, I go. No matter if it's New York or the other side." she whispered to him.

He turned his head and captured her lips with his own.

"I wouldn't have it any other way." he told her when the broke apart. Ember settled back behind him, resting her head against his back.

Then she thought, "This is what it feels like, Charley, this is what it feels like".

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