"I don't like this, Jack." Maddie frowned. Danny and Jazz had gone to bed, the Weasleys had left, and she and Jack were in the lab, putting away the ghost weapons that they'd brought with them to the convention.

Jack looked over at her, frowning.

"He's only 11, I don't want him going away to some boarding school in England." Maddie said, "And this stuff about Danny being magical…"

"You saw the proof yourself, sweetie." Jack reminded her.

"I admit that magic exists." She nodded, "You're right, I saw proof of that. But I'm not sure I agree that Danny's magical. If he had magic, Jack, wouldn't we have seen it by now? The Weasleys talked about children showing signs of magic, but I can't think of anything that Danny's done that could qualify."

"Danny's always getting himself into strange situations," Jack protested.

"Jack, we are not going to have an argument about how weird our son is." Maddie insisted.

"Mads, we have to let him go." Jack said, "Molly and Arthur already went through so much trouble to make sure he'd be able to, and he got accepted! It's the best magic school in all of England, remember?"

"Yes, Jack, but it's in England."

"He'll have people to take care of him."

"I want to be the one to take care of him! Me! His mother!"


He couldn't continue as Maddie collapsed into tears. He swept her into his arms and held her in a hug as she sobbed.


Come morning, she seemed a little more okay with the idea. She agreed that Danny needed to go to a magical school, and the fact that Hogwarts had accepted him (which was weird, apparently, with him being in America) was a huge deal. She understood that. However, she still wasn't convinced that there wasn't a school in America that he could go to.

Still, she didn't let Danny know of his concerns. It would do no good for him to worry about it—he was so excited to go. That was part of the reason that Maddie was hesitating in telling him no. Actually, that was most of the reason.

But September 1st approached quicker than any of them expected, and the next thing Maddie knew, she was scrambling to find excuses to spend more time with her son.

They'd worked it out with the Weasleys—Molly and Arthur would go and get a portkey from the Ministry so that Danny could come to England. It was simple enough, given that he was a Hogwarts student that kind of needed to be in England in order to go to school, so they'd written that they'd had no problems acquiring the portkey.

Granted, Maddie had no idea what a portkey was, but she really hoped they were safe. Take things one day at a time had become her motto. That, and nothing sounded weirder than 'apparating', which as far as she could tell was incredibly dangerous because you could… what was it, slice yourself?

"Splinch, mom."

Maddie jumped. "I was talking?"

"Mhmm." Jazz nodded, yawning.

Maddie sighed, not sure what else to do, and Jazz grumbled, "Mom."

She looked over at her daughter.

"Why are you so worried?" she asked, frowning.

"I just…" Maddie trailed off, "You wouldn't understand, Jazz, you're still a child just like your brother."

"Mom, I'm nothing like Danny, and I am not a child." Jazz protested.

Maddie smiled softly, "Of course, dear, you're right." She said, entertaining her 13-year-old daughter's mature thoughts.

"So, will you tell me?"

Still smiling softly, Maddie shook her head, turning to the stove to start making breakfast.

"Moooom!" Jazz whined, standing up and slamming her hands down on the counter.

"Shush." Maddie rolled her eyes, "The Weasleys are picking up your brother tomorrow." She reminded her, "I'm just worried in general. A mother is always going to worry about her children."

Jazz frowned, but accepted this answer, sitting back down.

Jack, who had stepped into the room as Jazz had begun protesting, smiled. As much as Maddie may not have liked the idea, he could tell she had accepted it.


"Now, you're sure he'll be safe?" Maddie asked, pulling Molly aside as Arthur talked to Danny and Jazz about how a portkey worked. The portkey, a small hairbrush that looked like it had been taken from a girl's bathroom, was sitting on the coffee table.

"Of course, dear." Molly smiled, "I promise you he'll be safe. We'll take care of him."

Maddie sighed, nodding, "Thank you, Molly."

"Of course." Molly smiled again, "I'll make sure he writes to you, and I'll pass anything I hear back to you."

Maddie nodded again, "Thank you."

"I know how hard this is." Molly assured her, giving her a one armed hug, "I went through it myself with my first son, but it does get easier, I promise you."

"I hope so." Maddie nodded, glad that Molly understood the problem.

Molly smiled.

Goodbyes took a little longer than expected, but soon enough, Danny, Arthur, and Molly were all touching the portkey. Danny could see his mother was upset, but he couldn't get the excitement out of his head. He was going to England. He was going to Hogwarts.

"Here we go." Arthur said, smiling at Danny, and all of the sudden, he felt a hook and found himself being dragged through space. He squeezed his eyes shut until he felt ground beneath him again, stumbling as soon as he did.

"You alright?" Arthur asked, helping him up, "It's always difficult the first time, but you get used to it."

Danny nodded, "That was kind of cool." He said, even though he'd had his eyes shut for most of it, "Where are we?"

Molly brushed herself off before smiling, "We're at the Burrow, our house. Fred, George, Ron and Ginny will be leaving for Hogwarts tomorrow as well, and Harry's staying with us until then."

Danny grinned at the thought of seeing his cousin again, "Cool."

"I wish you could have come to the World Cup, you would have loved it." Arthur said as he lead Danny up to the house. Harry had explained Quidditch, but the younger boy had a feeling it was going to be something he wouldn't fully understand until he saw it. Luckily, he'd also been told that Quidditch was played at Hogwarts, so he'd get to see it there.

"Danny!" Harry grinned as Danny and Arthur walked in, trailed by Molly. His cousin was sitting on the couch in the living room of the Burrow with a redhead that Danny guessed was one of Molly and Arthur's sons. "Danny, this is my best mate, Ron. Ron, this is Danny, the cousin I was telling you about."

"Oh, right, right." Ron nodded, "Nice to meet you, Danny."

Danny smiled, "You too."

"Where're Ginny and the twins?" Arthur asked.

"Dunno. Ginny's upstairs somewhere and I think the twins might be in the back testing something." Ron answered.

Molly groaned, "Oh not again."

Harry chuckled as Molly stomped off to stop her sons, and quickly explained, "Fred and George like to make joke items. They're starting a company and everything."

"Cool," Danny breathed, surprised.

"Ready for Hogwarts?" Harry asked, but Danny didn't get a chance to answer as an explosion broke out in the backyard making everyone jump.

From the looks of things, the Burrow wasn't going to be that different from home (in terms of explosions, anyway.)


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