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Use Somebody

Dragging his feet along the tiled floor, Jay made his way out of the shower stalls and sat in one of the benches in the deserted locker room. Once there he bent his back a little and pulled his bag nearer, meaning to take out the fresh change of clothes he had packed at his hotel room.

They were neatly folded inside his bag and he took them out to start the task of getting dressed; but before doing that he reached for the towel hanging from his shoulder and rubbed it over his short hair, drying it in the process.

He sighed; it was the same routine as always… or like he liked to say, same shit, different day.

That day, or night to be more accurate, happened to be Tuesday, taping night; but by that moment the show was over and he was of the few persons that remained inside the building, and at the pace he was moving he might as well be the last one to leave.

But he had no worries, he had already forced his body beyond the limits of comfort and for what remained of the night he was going to take it easy.

So without a care in the world other than the way his body had been brutalized in the ring, the tall blonde Canadian unfolded his black AC/DC shirt and went on to clad his torso with it…

Or at least that has been his plan.

"Nice shirt hambone, are you sure is not mine?"

Jay snorted and looked at his fellow Canadian, the one that had just taken the shirt off his hands. "I'm pretty damn sure, now give it back" He tried to reach for it but Chris walked away with it, eyeing it carefully as if expecting to find something on it. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Well, I mark all my shirts and I'm looking for my mark on this"

"You stupid jackass, it's not marked because the shirt is mine… and what kind of grown up man marks his shirts anyway?" Jay snorted again as he gave Chris a lingering glance. "Dork"

Chris lifted his blue eyes from the shirt and looked back at Jay; he blinked two times before opening his mouth. "The kind that has friends with sneaky hands"

"Well I don't know about your other friends but I sure as hell didn't take that away from you; I bought it and if you want it it will cost you twenty five bucks plus taxes"

Chris burst a laugh. "My God Jay, you sure are a cheapo… are you selling me your shirt, doesn't Vince pays you enough?" Chris asked while crossing his arms up to his naked chest. "But don't worry, if you behave I'll take you shopping, I might even buy you some pants"

"I'm not selling you shit; I'm saying that if you want one you should go and buy one for yourself, besides I don't think that one will fit you"

"Ohhh" Chris' laughed, not seeming offended in the slightest. "You are calling me fat now, I offer to take you shopping and you call me fat? I'm wounded Jay"

Jay lifted an eyebrow and glared at his friend. Chris was obviously in full annoying mode and that never worked well for Jay, especially when he was the only one around for him to bug and when his body was aching all over.

So he was definitely in no mood for this… maybe in other occasion he would go along with him and duel in a battle of retorts, but tonight wasn't that night. "Fine, you want the shirt? Take the fucking shirt"

He focused his attention back to his back and started rummaging for another shirt, he usually brought two…

"Thanks dude" Chris said all excitedly. "This is why you are my best friend in all the whole world… we should swap underwear and make a pact"

Jay chuckled and turned his face to look at Chris. "Seriously dude, have you been drinking?" For the last months or so Chris has become fond of his GG and most of the time he became seriously annoying, like at that moment.

"I don't drink at work… wait" He stopped for a minute and considered his answer; he remained spaced out for a while and then grinned. "Nope, not drunk"

"You are sure acting like it" Jay replied while getting up to his feet, ready to put on his pants.

"Oh come on Jay, it will be fun"

Before Jay could react to it, Chris rushed to him and pulled down his boxers… fortunately for the younger man, he was able to hold to them and Chris only managed to expose a little bit of skin.

"What the fuck…" Jay complained in a gasp when Chris grabbed for his legs and pulled, making him go down and hard to the floor.

As a wrestler, Jay was used to get the wind knocked out of him with this kind of falls, but this was much worse. He didn't land on a wrestling mat but on hard floor, and as he landed on it his already battered body suffered the consequences and protested by making him groan.

Chris didn't seem to noticed, and if he did he didn't cared, he just went on to put his friend in some kind of submission hold.

"If I pin you or make you submit we'll swap underwear, if you do I'll give you your shirt back" He put pressure on Jason's arm and pulled hard, tearing a gasp from the taller man. "So will you give up already and save from the pain?"

"Fuck you" Jay groaned trying to break free from Chris' hold, but the truth was that he has never been good at submissions while Chris was quite experienced with them.

There was also the recurrent factor that he always lost when doing this… yes, it was not the first time Chris tried to resolve an argument by making the younger man submit, the only difference now was that on previous occasions Jay had been a willing participant and it was all made in fun… and they would both be clothed with more than boxers.

"We can make this the easy way or the hard way, it's up to you"

"I never go for the easy way" Jay gathered strength out of nowhere and pushed Chris away, but his freedom was short lived as Chris grabbed him from behind and wrapped his arm around his neck.

"You asked for it young grass groper, now you will be schooled by the great Jericho"

Even with all his talk, Jay was able to counter Chris' hold and taking him by surprise he was able to reverse it. Then, in no time they were both trying to top the other, holding, pulling limbs and applying pressure wherever they could.

They went with it for a while, but at some point Jay's body tried to remind him that it was in no condition to hold up for long and that's when Chris took the opportunity to once again wrap his arm around his neck, blocking his passage of air and making him cough.

"Give up?" Chris voice came in a puff, first sign that he was in the first stage of wearing out; but that he was a bit tired didn't prevent him on increasing his hold, because he did increased it, pulling Jay closer to him until his back was tightly pressed against his chest and his head was forcefully resting on his shoulder.

"No" He would rather have Chris pin him 1,2,3 and be over with it, but because Chris was as hot headed as he was he wanted to make him submit.

Not in his lifetime. He lifted his hands up and went to grab Chris head, the idea was to lift him over his shoulder and thus getting rid of him, but because he was tired and his arms were not cooperating, he only managed to pull Chris' head forward and against his shoulder.

Chris laughed. "What the fuck are you doing?" He asked as his free hand moved to Jay's chest, holding him in place for a few seconds before sliding down to his flat stomach where it came rest.

Meanwhile Jay was not releasing his hold on Chris' head, and even when he knew he was not doing any damage he refused to let go. As far as he was concern he could hold to that position until Chris grew bored and decided to move on.

But then Chris' fingers slid even further down and reached for his crotch, grabbing the bulge hidden inside his boxers.

To say that it took Jay by surprise would be an understatement; it shocked the hell out of him and it forced him to let go of Chris immediately… occasion where the oldest of the two took to force Jay to his back.

"What the fuck was that dude?" Jay complained in bewilderment as Chris, laying on his side, wrapped both his legs around Jay's thighs. He also placed one arm hard against Jay's throat and the other one went to hold in place the hand of Jay that wasn't trapped under his body.

In no time he had him completely immobilized.

"Give up?"

"Get off of me you freak, this is not funny"

"Aww what is it Jay-Jay, did I make you upset?" Chris asked in a mocking tone that pissed the younger Canadian even more, he didn't like any of that and he liked even less that in his proximity he could feel Chris' breath on him, he clearly could tell that he had indeed been drinking.

"Get off your fucking asshole" He tried to break free but Chris was strategically holding him down, now he knew that he should have stopped this when he had the chance.

Chris grinned at Jay's efforts and after a while of watching his futile attempts to break free he leaned closer into him. "Will a kissy kiss make you feel better?" He kissed Jay's nose and then his temple.

"What…?" Jay gasped. "Have you lost your fucking mind you stupid fuck?" He moved his head side to side as Chris rained kissed all over his face, laughing and putting more pressure on his neck so that he wouldn't move so much.

Jay at least evaded being kissed on the lips.

"Ah what's the matter, am I not your friend?" He took the hand that was restricting Jay's throat and moved it down his chest, mimicking the previous slow movement that had ended up in grabbing his crotch a few minutes ago. "And don't friends do nice things to other friends… like swapping underwear and stuff"

He ended up his sentence by cupping Jay through the thin fabric of his boxers, stroking him to life as the younger man cursed him and tried to push him away.

But Chris hold was too effective and his touch maddening.

"Chris… just stop this" He gasped, mortified beyond believe that Chris was stroking his fucking cock and his body was reacting to it. It was so wrong and he was going to kill the son of a bitch once he could move. "This is not funny so just fucking stop it"

But Chris was not listening and little by little Jay's struggles became weaker, Chris' touch more insistent.

Jay realized it, and for a moment he wished he could die from embarrassment because this was Chris, his asshole of a friend who was fucking drunk.

It was up to him to put an end to it.

If only Chris could cut him some slack.

But Chris wasn't giving him anything but a hand job and a sly smile, and as he gave him those things he closed the distance that separated his face with that of his friend and forced his lips on him.

This seemed to take Jay out of his pleasant trance and he was once again trying to push Chris away. He didn't know what has gotten into Chris but if he decided to turn gay all of a sudden it was sure as hell not going to be with him… hell no.

He was not even gay and as far as he knew neither was Chris.

But none of that mattered, because not even Jay's muffled protest or the way he tried to push his body free stopped Chris from breaking past Jay's lips and into his mouth, probing and tasting like never before.

Much to his shame, the contact of Chris tongue moving against his, trying to lull him into action was provoking a sensation that ran from the tip of his toes, up his spine and right to his head, making him feel dizzy and disoriented.

Never a kiss had made him feel such a thing and for a while moment he thought that Chris taste of hard liquor had make him drunk too…

And he might as well be drunk because he was not struggling anymore and was by now tentatively kissing him back, still trying to wrap his mind around the dramatic change of events.

That's when Chris released his hand… and his cock. Jay at first he tried to use his free hand to push him off, but Chris was quicker and climbed on top of him, letting him feel very well that he was not the only one who was oddly enjoying this; and when Chris pushed his hips into his, making his hard, trapped cock grind against his own throbbing erection Jay gasped into Chris' mouth.

Now both his hands were free and he asked himself why he wasn't pushing Chris away… after all he was not into guys and that he was lying on the floor of a locker room as one of his friends kissed him silly while rubbing dicks with him was inconceivable and not acceptable at all.

Jay finally came to his senses and pushed Chris off.

"What the fuck…" He asked, most to himself than to Chris, but before Chris could do as much as gathering himself, he stood up, grabbed his stuff and stormed out.

His mind was a fuss, this shit was messed up and he needed to get away now.