He wasn't supposed to be watching. All he'd meant to do was grab Axel so they could go to the clock tower for some ice cream with Xion. Like they all always did. The three of them. That's all.

Not to… to see this.

And worse yet that he couldn't pull his eyes away from the scene. He didn't even know what they were doing, except that it was no doubt something he should be walking away from instead of peeking breathlessly through the cracked door.

But the way they moved, the way Axel arched against the wall caused Roxas' throat to go dry, or when the redhead growled an order that made their superior snort darkly against his skin and then flex his hips upwards. For a brief second the boy wondered if Saix was attacking him, if he should barge in and help (their carefully constructed hierarchy be damned), but then the larger of the two bit his neck and Axel tossed his head back with a laugh of satisfaction.

The cries grew louder. Axel drew angry scratches down Saix's back, wrapped his legs tighter around VI's legs, and it was all Roxas could do to suppress a shiver as his own back tingled angrily. They were getting faster, moving more desperately in some odd type of dance against the wall, like they were reaching for something. And it must've been Axel who found that something first; he groaned throatily in a way that made Roxas shift nervously, his pants a little too tight for reasons he couldn't explain, and when Saix started thrusting erratically between his best friend's legs he turned sharply away so he could stop panting.

He… should leave now, right? This was private. Axel might get pissed at him if he found the boy hanging outside his door like a peeping tom. Yeah, he'd leave right now, he thought firmly, no longer allowing his curiosity to lead his thoughts. Just one more look to make sure Axel was okay…

And he stopped breathing when green, calculated eyes speared him with a stare.

Every thought in his head derailed, splintered, sending him into an inward panic that almost had him tripping over his feet to get away, but still his body wouldn't move. All Roxas could do was stare back, shaken and worried and confused and hoping Axel wasn't angry at him. It wasn't like he knew what was going on anyway. H-he hadn't meant to watch. Just…

"Hey." Axel spoke, tired yet sounding oddly satisfied. "It's not exactly comfortable being pinned to a wall."

The blue-haired man shifted slightly. "You rarely complain before."

"Yeah, well, I've got a date with two kids, so…" He pushed insistently against the other's shoulder. "Ice cream social and all that."

Roxas watched them abruptly part. Axel landed on his feet like a professional and quickly zipped himself back up. Without another word or glance, Saix engulfed his frame in darkness until he disappeared from sight. Whatever spell on his feet chose that moment to loosen its hold, and he at last pulled back from the door.

His face was still red and hot by the time Axel came to join him in the hall.

"You guys are late," Xion commented at the boys, legs swinging slowly into the open air. She already had a bar in her hand, and offered each of them one as they sat next to her on the clock tower. "What happened?" The smaller boy in particular looked a little pale, she thought.

Roxas hastily bit into the ice cream and made sure to avoid his friend's eyes. "… Uh, nothing," he finally decided on.

Beside him, Axel laughed in his throat, and with a ruffle of the blond's hair echoed his answer with devilish amusement. "Yep. Not-a-thing."

A/N: This was just a little ficlet for a friend of mine. XD I'm not really into the KH fandom anymore, but Saix and Axel? Oh yeah, I had to do it at least once. R&Rs aren't necessarily but hey, go for it if you want. |D