A/N- Hey there, all. This is my first Yami No Matsuei/Descendants of Darkness fanfic. It's not going to hold as much humor or happiness as my normal stories that aren't one shots. I'm thinking this will have maybe three or four chapters, and the chapters will be short, but I'm not sure yet (other then the fact the chapters will most likely be REALLY short). This is what I think would happen if Watari's sex-change potion ended up working. There aren't enough fanfics that have Tsuzuki's past in it, and I wanted to do one where it explains his entire past, why he's guilty, why he became a shinigami, and all of that. Hope it's not too OOC, I've tried to keep them as in-character as I could, other then Tsuzuki when he has a breakdown. Enjoy! (Hopefully!)

Info/Warnings- Slight slash, mentions of self-mutilation and child abuse, Angsty!Tsuzuki, ColdbutCaring!Hisoka, Confused!Tatsumi, and SlightlyDense!Watari.

Pairings: Tsuzuki/Hisoka

Chapter 1- "Hey Watari!" Tsuzuki said brightly as he walked into his lab. "What'cha working on?" He questioned, looking over his friend's shoulder.

"The usual," Watari answered, a dry note to his voice. "And, as usual, it isn't working." He sighed, slumping back in his seat. "I don't know what else to do! I'm running out of ideas for my Instant Sex-Change potion! I'm starting to think I should just give up." Watari slumped forward in defeat.

"'Tari! You can't give up!" Tsuzuki cried. "You've worked so hard, and it looks like you're getting closer! On the last potions it made your lips fuller, that has to count for something, doesn't it? Girls have fuller lips usually!"

Watari sighed, once again looking defeated. "But that's not enough, Tsuzuki. I'm no where close enough to getting this right..."

"Now that is not Watari Yutaka talking," Tsuzuki scolded, grabbing him and pulling him up to his feet. "The Watari I know would be telling me that he was going to make his potion, and he was going to succeed, because the Watari I know doesn't give up! He keeps trying and trying until he gets it!"

"You're right!" Watari said loudly, standing up proudly and excitedly. "I just need to look at this a different way! I will figure this out, and I will make my Instant Sex-Change Potion before you know it!"

"That's the spirit!" Tsuzuki encouraged with a smile. "I have to go, I have paperwork." He made a face as he said this, but Watari didn't hear because he was already back to his chalkboard and writing complicated scientific equations that Tsuzuki didn't understand.

Tsuzuki laughed slightly and walked away, glad that he had been able to lift the scientist's spirits.

He went back to his office and he frowned when he saw all of the paperwork. Was it just him, or did they have more paperwork then actual cases they went on?

"Hey Hisoka!" Tsuzuki said brightly as he sat down across from him, looking at what he was working on. "What'cha doin'?"

"Paperwork." Hisoka answered shortly. Tsuzuki didn't let his short answer faze him.

"About what?"

"The case we had last week." Another short answer.

Tsuzuki sighed but, knowing that Hisoka was not in a social mood, turned away and started doing his own paperwork. He could almost feel Hisoka's surprised and suspicious gaze on him. Usually Tsuzuki would complain over the paperwork every second he could, or he would try to tease Hisoka for hours on end at work, even when he was working.

Tsuzuki though, that day, was filling out everything and Hisoka could feel a faint trace of nervousness on him, as if he were afraid of what would happen if he tried to annoy him. Odd.

"You're acting weird." Hisoka stated when the day was almost over. Tsuzuki looked up and blinked owlishly.


"You're doing paperwork that wasn't assigned to you, you did half of MY work, and you did all of YOUR work. On a daily basis, you don't even do HALF of yours. What's going on?" Hisoka asked Tsuzuki peevishly.

Tsuzuki shrugged and smiled. "Are you mad I did some of your work, Hisoka? I thought you would be grateful I was doing what I was supposed to be doing." There was a slight emotion of sadness around him though that Hisoka felt and his eyes narrowed.

"Then why are you feeling sad?" he asked in annoyance.

Tsuzuki's smile didn't even falter. "The same reasons as always, Hisoka. I'm heading home, don't stay too late." he stood up and grabbed his jacket. He threw it on and walked out, but not before ruffling Hisoka's hair playfully. "See you tomorrow, Hisoka!"

Hisoka glared at him in slight annoyance as his partner walked away, knowing he wasn't answering completely truthfully. What was wrong with him? He questioned into everyone's lives, yet refused to let other people get close to him. Hisoka hated that about Tsuzuki.

Tsuzuki yawned as he sat down at his desk, plopping into his seat and head falling on the desk.

"Are you okay, Tsuzuki?" Watari asked since he just happened to be walking by at that time.

Tsuzuki jumped up and yelled, "I'm fine! And awake! I didn't fall asleep!" almost immediately after he said that, though, his eyes began to shut closed.

"Did you get any sleep last night?" Watari asked Tsuzuki carefully.

"Some... No..." Tsuzuki muttered, rubbing his eyes and yawning.

Watari walked away for a second before appearing back with a mug filled with coffee.

"Here, Tsuzuki. Have some coffee, you could use it." Watari handed him the mug. Tsuzuki held it groggily and gulped it down.

"Thanks, Watari." Tsuzuki thanked him, waking up slightly. He winced, holding his stomach as Watari walked away, glad he had been able to help. He started on his paperwork, but his stomach was cramping painfully, until he felt like he was going to be sick. Just as Hisoka walked in, Tsuzuki sprinted out to the bathroom, clutching his stomach with a grimace on his face. Hisoka watched him with surprise and a little worry.

Tsuzuki shut the door of the bathroom behind him before barely making it to the toilet in time to throw up into it, the little bit of coffee he had had coming back up and burning his throat. He dry-heaved a few times before he stood up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. He felt dizzy, and he felt an odd burning in his stomach. He gripped the sink with a tight grip before falling to his knees, blacking out for a few seconds.

When he came to, he was relieved it had only been for a few minutes. He sighed, but his eyes widened abruptly. That wasn't his voice. He carefully stood up and was surprised that his clothes were fitting a lot looser then they had a few minutes ago. His hair was longer too, almost to his waist. What the...?

He looked down at himself before hesitantly looking in the mirror.

A loud scream pierced the air, causing the few shinigami already in to run to the bathroom where it had come from.

Tatsumi opened the door and stumbled in slight shock.

There, standing in front of the mirror, was a girl-version of Tsuzuki.

The clothes she was wearing were big and baggy on her, the tie on the ground and the shirt open enough for you to see just a little bit of her chest. She had shrunk, being just above five foot and being stick-thin, unhealthily so. Her eyes were the same, but slanted a little bit more, while her nose was more petite and her lips fuller. Her hair was lengthened, hitting her waist, and her hands were thinner, though one was covering her mouth as tears welled up in her eyes, staring at the mirror.

"Oh no..." Watari face-palmed. "I gave him coffee a little while ago. I had some of the potion I was making on my hands and it must have gotten into the coffee." His eyes brightened. "But this means it works! And I will start on an antidote right now, Tsuzuki, I promise! I can't believe it worked!" He was grinning madly as he ran out of the bathroom.

Terazuma was snickering as he walked out, though he stopped when he saw Hisoka's glare.

Hisoka could feel the panic and grief coming off of his partner, so he turned questioning eyes to her and Tatsumi.

"What's wrong, Tsuzuki?" Tatsumi asked carefully. "Watari will make the antidote, so don't worry about that."

Tsuzuki was shaking as she pointed at the mirror with a trembling hand.

"I-I look like L-luka..." she whispered, tears falling and a horrified look on her face as she covered her mouth.

"Luka?" Tatsumi and Hisoka both blinked in shock as Tsuzuki nodded shakily before turning away from the mirror and running out of the room, shoulders shaking with suppressed sobs. "Tsuzuki!" Hisoka called out as he ran after her. He quickly caught up because Tsuzuki's new body was stiff and her legs weren't as long as they were when she had been a man. He grabbed her arm and stopped her. "Tsuzuki, what's wrong with looking like your sister?" He asked her.

Hisoka was surprised when Tsuzuki began babbling in French, the tears falling even faster as he seemed to be pleading with him about something. What few things Hisoka could make out with his limited information on the language were: "I didn't mean to,", "I loved her, she was my sister, I didn't mean to!", "I didn't mean to make her hate me, I didn't mean for her and all of them to hate me, I'm sorry!".

"Tsuzuki, I don't speak French." Hisoka said through gritted teeth, putting his shields up as high as he could. The amount of grief, sadness, regret, and most of all, guilt, were overwhelming.

Tsuzuki didn't hear, still babbling and crying in the other language that was one of few Hisoka didn't know.

"What are you trying to say?" Hisoka muttered as Tsuzuki started to sway on her feet. He could feel her panic rising and he could tell it was only a matter of seconds before she fainted.

"Je suis démoniaque... Je suis désolé..." Tsuzuki whimpered.

Hisoka had no idea what he was supposed to do in this position, but when Tsuzuki finally collapsed, eyes rolling back into her head, he was barely able to catch her, though since she was smaller then male-Tsuzuki he wasn't crushed under her weight. She was actually just slightly smaller then him, which surprised Hisoka.

"What the...?" He muttered as he picked her up, roles switched for once.

Tatsumi walked up to them, looking confused also.

"I'll... Take hi-her, home." Hisoka suggested hesitantly.

"Yes, you do that Kurosaki." Tatsumi said, a slight shake to his voice. "I'm going to go find someone who speaks French."

Hisoka nodded awkwardly before teleporting away to where he knew Tsuzuki's apartment was.