Shadows over the Wind Chapter 1

This is From Boy to Girl and Back but the writing has changed, a bit of the plot is switched but the FemNaru/Shika is still there, but for my yaoi side, it is KakaIru, LeeGaa, RaiGen, and KanNeji.

For the straight pairings, there is KibaHina, Asuma/Kurenai, ChoIno, and SaiSaku.

For the Yuri pairings, there is only one so far, TenTam or TenTen and Tamari.

Moreover, for a weird twist, Sasuke's love will remain secret until later. I dare you guess!

WARNING! I use the "false" name for Naruto's dad, Arashi Kazuma, I think of it as…Pluto, I thought it was right and grew to like it, so deal.

ALSO! Nasuki uses many large, unneeded words, but I am sure you can see pass this! (Danny and I worked side by side on this project, and he is an English and Math substitute, so watch out!)

Anyway, this is the first chapter.

Chapter 1- This is my journal- Rating T

March 16

Dear Diary... Journal,

My given name is Nasuki Kushina Uzumaki-Kazuma; I was born 12 years ago, and I am the second youngest ANBU associate in record, outdone by Kakashi Hatake by 1 year,

meaning I started at about seven. I am called Fox, because only known to the higher ups; I contain the nine-tailed fox, a "vile" creature that "killed" numerous and to the

community, My father saved us… unheard of to them he did that by condemning me to desolation and repugnance and anxiety!

Nonetheless, I maintain the bitter facade of indifference in front of my subordinates, as I am the captain of squad 6, the Hunters. To the public, I am a mute golden haired child

working at a ramen shop, not being able to speak, yet in private; I am the greatest hunter ANBU in history.

I shall tell… write you how I look, so you do not go astray. I am 5'1… don't you dare laugh. I have golden hair, with dark red streaks and bright blue eyes. I like dark clothes unless I

am being Nasuki, then I have to wear this repulsive yellow dress and I have to be "happy"! It is disgusting. Anyway, this is the first of many journal entries. It will tell of my life no

matter how mundane.

Nasuki Uzumaki- The Masked Fox