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A Sad Day

"Alright, settle down," Aoki said Monday morning to his 4th grade students who were mis-behaving as usual. The teacher felt like freaking out since the kids weren't listening to him, but he decided it was best to stay relaxed. Just the first bell...the warning bell...after the final bell...they will calm down.

"Sensei Aoki doesn't deserve the respect he wants," Kuro Kagami said to her friend, Mimi Usa.

Mimi glanced at Rin Kokonoe to see what her reaction was, but she grew concerned when she saw that her friend was quiet, and looked sad, not even looking at anything but the floor. "Rin, are you ok?" the quiet girl asked softly.

Rin quickly turned to her friend and gave a fake smile. "Yes...yes I'm fine..."

Kuro looked at Rin then at her teacher and gave a small glare. Rin is only upset when she's having issues with Sensei. What did he do to her this time? She looked at Rin, who was again looking sad and depressed. Why won't she just get over him?

The second bell soon rang, and the teacher started to settle down his students. Surprisingly they listened. "Ok good," he said when it was quiet. "Now, we're going to start a new lesson today in science..." he paused for a moment and took a look at Rin, who was just staring at the ground, looking sad. It concerned him, but he knew the reason. "Does anybody have any ideas what the topic should be?"

Everyone was silent, refusing to request.

Aoki sighed softly and looked at Rin. "Kokonoe..."

She didn't answer.

"Kokonoe..." he said louder.

Rin got startled and jumped out of her seat, falling on the ground, which made the rest of the kids laugh except for her two best friends.

Aoki walked over, kneeled down and looked into the girl's eyes. "Are you alright?" he asked.

She gave a sad glare, not daring to look at her teacher. "I'm fine," she said softly and got back into her seat.

He felt a little down for her to be sad, but he continued on to be the teacher. He stood back up. "Kokonoe, do you have any ideas for what the next topic should be?"

Rin took a look at the silent class, thought for a few seconds, then spoke. "Animals. Everyone loves animals."

The teacher smiled. "Good idea."

"No Rin," Mimi whispered, "animals means dissection. And I don't want that."

"Oh..." Rin softly said with a nod and turned her head to the teacher, although refusing eye contact. "No animals means no dissection."

"Huh?" Aoki questioned then laughed, getting the point. "The last thing I want is for my students to get nauseous. No dissections."

Mimi sighed with relieve.

"Alright," the teacher continued while going to the board. "First we'll start with classifications. That means to group animals. We put them in certain groups so we know what they are. For example..." he started writing on the board.

Kuro glanced at sad Rin once more and gave a concerned look while the teacher wrote on the board.

"Rat," said Aoki as he turned to the class. "It's a rodent. So it goes in the rodent group. What other animal would go in the rodent group?"

The class was silent.

Aoki called on Mimi to answer.

"M..mouse," she said softly as she held her books close, feeling shy.

"Good, that's right," he wrote it on the board.

When it was time for lunch, all the students rushed out of the class, including Rin, although she walked out slowly.

Rin took a step to the drinking fountain and got a drink of water. Why did it have to not work out? Rin just stood there, staring at the wall with a depressed look on her face.


Rin slowly turned her head to see Hoin standing there giving a curious look.

"Shouldn't you be at lunch right now?"

Rin was silent for five whole seconds but finally nodded slowly, still revealing a depressed look.

The female teacher grew concerned. "Are you alright, Kokonoe?"

"Fine..." Rin slowly started to walk ahead toward the cafeteria and suddenly stopped.

"Kokonoe?" Hoin asked, still concerned.

The 4th grader turned her toward the teacher. "Tell me...about Sensei Aoki..."

"Aoki...?" Hoin was curious.

"Would you say he's...a very honest person?"

The teacher was still confused of the question, but decided to go along with it. She nodded. "Yes, I would say that."

"He doesn't lie...?"

Hoin was silent for a few seconds but finally spoke with a small smile. "He would never lie to any of his students. He knows what's best for you all."

Rin didn't want that answer but nodded. "Right." She finally turned back and continued walking until she came to a turn so the teacher wouldn't see her.

Not fair... The girl started running until she found a closet, and ran in and closed the door behind her. After that, she sat, holding her knees close to her and started sobbing.

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