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The Rebellion

Rin sat sadly in a chair of the principal's office as she waited for her punishment. I can't believe…Sensei sent me here.

"So skipped class, wouldn't enter the building after recess and refused to listen to your teacher," the principal said to the girl disappointedly.

Rin looked to the ground and refused to answer. The only thing she could think of was that her plan didn't work; and that the love of her live betrayed her. She wasn't so sure she was more angry or sad.

"Kokonoe," she continued, "it's wrong to disobey those who are in charge. When they asked you to come down, did you?"

The nine year old shook her head sadly.

"Right, so that means you are to stay after school today for thirty minutes."

Rin finally looked up at the principal in a shocking look. "You mean…detention?"

She nodded. "It's the rules. Now go back to class."

Rin stood from the chair and left the office immediately. She had never gotten detention before. Not just that, but it was one thing that her teacher would not like about her. Her plan of getting him back was going down the drain.

When Rin got to class, she made no eye contact with Aoki, and didn't look at her friends either, who were dying for some answers. A lot of the kids in the class were snickering and making comments about the incident.

"Way to go, Kokonoe," a boy said with his thumbs up in the air, "you didn't listen to Sensei Aoki, and you got in trouble. Nice!"

Kuro glared and turned around to look at the brat. "Shut it, Jun!" she exclaimed.

"Everyone please," Aoki interrupted, "its time to learn." He glanced at Rin, who was looking down sadly and sighed. He was a little disappointed himself that Rin acted up today. But he knew she got what she deserved, even though he felt awful about it. "Alright," he continued, "who would like to come up to the board and solve this problem?" He turned to the class and waited for a response.

Aoki would have called on Rin, but he knew she was in no position to do so, so he let it alone. "Would anyone like to come up and solve it?"

The whole class shook their heads as Aoki sighed. "Alright. Whoever can answer it will get a prize."

"What kind of prize?" a girl asked.

The smiled. "A special treat from me."

Rin looked up quickly. A special treat from Sensei. I have to do this."

"Ok," the girl started, "I will try…"

"I'll do it," Rin said loud enough for the whole class to hear. She felt everyone looking at her, and she watched Aoki staring at her curiously.

"Sensei," the other girl said, "I want to give it a try."

"No, I'll do it," Rin said firmly as she glared at the girl.

"Alright, you both can try," Aoki replied. He headed back to the blackboard and wrote down the math problem a second time. Then he turned to the class. "Ok, both of you come up here and do the problem."

Both the girls ran up to the board and grabbed their piece of chalk. Rin looked at her component and then at Aoki. She was a little nervous, for math was a hard subject. But she had to win the prize. She guessed that Ai Higurashi, her component, wanted to win just to get a treat. Rin wanted to win because it was a treat from Sensei Aoki.

The girl took a deep breath. Ok, I can do this. She then looked at the problem, which looked so hard, but worth it. Ok…When she saw that Ai had already started working on the problem, Rin started as well. No…that's not right. Wait…yes! I got it! I know what to do! She started to write away as she felt Aoki staring at her. He'll be proud of me.

Aoki watched the two silently as half the class chatted with each other. Kokonoe really is trying her best. I'm impressed despite of what happened today. He thought about those words that Rin said to him. "Tell me that you love me!" He couldn't believe she said it in front of the whole class. Although, nobody seemed to question him about it, so maybe it wasn't a big deal after all.

Rin worked her hardest on the problem. She erased, wrote, erased, wrote, till she finally knew what she was doing, and wrote down the answer. Both the girls put their pieces of chalk down and looked at Aoki.

The teacher stepped over and looked at the two problems and the answer. Ai's answer was 47, and Rin's answer was 61. He looked at the two girls, who were smiling back at him.

"I knew I could do it," Rin said.

Aoki shook his head and sighed. "I'm sorry Kokonoe, but that is incorrect."

"Huh?" She looked at her answer, and at Ai's answer. They were completely different answers, but she could have sworn she got it. No. I was so confident…I knew I got it right.

"Congratulations Higurashi," Aoki said, "you got your answer right. So tomorrow I will bring in my treat for you."

"Thank you Sensei," Ai said with a smile and went back to her seat.

"No," Rin said, "I know I got it right! I was sure I did it! You have to calculate it, Sensei!"

"Kokonoe," Aoki said softly, "please take your seat."

The girl gasped, not believing how his reaction was. She realized how Aoki was starting to get firmer with her, and it wasn't helping her at all. Rin slowly sat back down in her seat as Aoki continued with his teachings.

"Rin," Kuro whispered, "math is hard. Don't feel bad."

Rin turned to her sadly. "You don't understand," she whispered back, "he probably thinks I'm not smart anymore. I won't get his treat, and I just made a big full of myself. And he doesn't seem happy with me at all."

Kuro sighed. "It's because of what you did today. Rin, do you really think he's going to change his mind and take you?"

Rin turned the other day with a glare. Don't say that, Kuro. I know he will take me. But…things are worst than before. It's like he hates me now. Rin felt like running all the way home, heading up to her room, and crawling in her bed under the covers. That's how bad she felt.

When it was just ten more minutes till school was over, Rin's heart started to pound when she remembered she had detention. It was something she was not looking forward to at all. She watched Aoki as he was teaching. Why did he do this to me? Why? I thought he cared about me! And I thought he loved me! I don't understand! I don't wanna look at him! I wanna leave right now!

Before Rin realized it, she was already out of her seat, and running toward the door and out the classroom.

"Kokonoe!" Aoki exclaimed.

She didn't stop, though. Not for him, not for anyone. She ignored everything around her. She didn't look back, and just kept running. When she finally got outside the building, she kept running. I don't want to be here. I have to get away!

Aoki quickly left the classroom to look for Rin, but couldn't find her anywhere. When he saw that the door was wide open though, he knew she had left, and immediately asked Hoin to take over his class for him. Why? Why is she…?

Rin ran away from the school grounds, and didn't stop for five whole minutes when she decided to take a rest. Sensei…I didn't want to make you hate me…I didn't want to make things bad. I just…I just want you. That's all.

The nine year old looked up at the dark sky and felt a rain drop. It soon started to pour, but the girl didn't move. She wanted to think that this was something to wash everything away. To wash away her troubles. But deep down she felt like nothing was working. In fact, she felt much worst. Why is this happening? Why?


Rin gasped and turned around to see Aoki standing there. Sensei.. She couldn't believe he went after her, and her heart started to pound when she watched him walk over to her.


Rin stared at him. He's going to send me to the office again. He's mad at me.

Aoki wasn't happy, but he knew why Rin had run away. She was frustrated and couldn't blame her for being so upset. He knew, though, that she would have to get in trouble some more. He sighed and closed his eyes. "Kokonoe…

Rin waited for him to talk, but hoped he wouldn't. She didn't want to hear him tell her what she did was wrong. She knew it was wrong, but she didn't want to hear it. Especially from Aoki. "Sensei, I…"


Rin looked to the ground sadly. Just say it. I can't escape you now. Just say it.

"Kokonoe…" he stopped and shook his head. "Rin…"

The girl looked up at him in shock. He said my first name.

"You shouldn't be out here. It's raining to hard."

"Class is almost over. I can just head home now."

Aoki shook his head. "You have detention."

Rin looked to the ground sadly when she felt a hand touch her arm. She looked up and saw Aoki smiling at her.

"I'll take you back. And then I can help you get dried off."

Rin only stared at him. She wasn't sure why he was suddenly being nice to her again. She didn't want to go to detention still. Although, she smiled, being glad that he was with her now.

The two finally walked back.

By the time Rin and Aoki got back to school, the students had already headed home. Rin did feel nervous about what her next punishment would be. But she remained calm as her teacher walked her to the classroom.

He helped her dry off when they got in the room, and then Aoki looked at her. "Go sit down…for detention." He smiled at the girl.

Rin was still confused why he was being so nice to her even though she was in trouble. "For how long?" she asked.

"For thirty minutes."

"But…I ran away. I deserve much longer."

Aoki shook his head and leaned down to the girl's level. "It's ok. I'll let it go. You suffered enough in the rain."

"But…I thought you hated me."

Aoki was shocked to hear that, but shook his head. "I could never hate you. I only hated what you did today. But I will always care about you. Know that, ok?"

She didn't know what to say. Hearing those words from Aoki again, though, made her feel happy again. She slowly nodded and sat down in her desk. "But, who's gonna watch me while I'm here?"

Aoki went to his desk and smiled at her. "Me of course. I'll keep a good eye on you, and me sure you don't do anything wrong. But I'm sure you won't."

Rin smiled back and nodded.

Aoki then grabbed something from his desk and walked over to Rin. He sat the thing down on her desk and smiled.

Rin looked down to see it was a fun sized Hershey bar, and looked up at her teacher.

"It's a treat…for trying your best on the math problem."

Rin was sure it was nothing compared to what Ai was going to get, but something so tiny from the man she loved was enough to make her happy. She unwrapped the candy and put it in her mouth. She started to chew away proudly, and couldn't wait to have Aoki stare at her for thirty whole minutes.

Sneak Peak of the next episode…

"What are you saying?" Reiji asked angrily on the phone. "That my little Rin got in trouble? What did you do to her this time!"?

Aoki, who's on the other line sighs.

"Rin," Kuro says, "do you wanna have a sleepover tomorrow night? Just me and you."

"I'll have to see," Rin says, "I wanna make sure if Sensei Aoki isn't doing anything tomorrow first."

Rin leaves and Kuro stands inside the classroom in shock.

Next episode in the next chapter.