Her eyes were piercing,
Sharpened angles
Every part of her
A threat like
Broken glass.
Not beautiful in
A stereotypical sense,
Nor in an obvious way.
I saw her in admiration
And in envy;
The freedom she took
Advantage of,
The fear she never
The way her thoughts
Were concrete,
Beliefs solid,
And actions consistant.
Moving boldly,
Knowing the leap from
The rooftops wouldn't
Kill her,
Knowing that the sirens
Were music;
That no one else
Would catch her.
I was flattered
When she tapped at
My window,
Told me her plans
And layed with me
That night.
"You know Maddy
Your my heart."
A pause.
"Your mine too Legs."
She would be gone
With the night,
Having crawled outside
Catlike and subtle.
Long legs sturdy,
Running endlessly
Though she never knows
Where she's going.
I dictate her words
And record her actions.
Sheena, my jungle cat:
Legs Sadovsky...
My everything.

Told from Maddy's POV; although the book clearly states that they have only a close friendship, I love Legs and Maddy as a couple