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The Relatives

Two days. There were only two days left until I would be stumbling down the aisle towards my … husband. Good God. How was this all happening so quickly? Don't get me wrong, I was ready. The dress was ready, the cake was ready, and I would assume everything else was as well, even though I had no idea what everything else was, exactly, because I didn't want any part of the wedding ceremony except for the getting hitched part. And even that was negotiable. But the families were arriving, much to my dismay, and today I'd have to meet my worst nightmare, the vampire who loved Edward. My competition, even if she wasn't a speck on Edward's radar screen. But she was a looming shadow over my self-esteem, all the same.

Still, I was excited to be able to meet the rest of Edward's 'family'. He had told me hilarious stories about Kate, who he was almost as close to as he was to anyone in his most direct family. They talked on the phone often, and emailed. He missed her, he had said.

So here I was, on the day that they were supposed to arrive, sitting in the Cullen kitchen, torn in my emotions. Staring. Off. Into. Space.


I distantly heard Esme's sweet caring voice in the back of my brain, but I couldn't bring myself to answer. I kept thinking of the worst possibilities of Tanya, with her beautiful hair and striking eyes, perfect skin…

"Bella, honey, you're scaring me a little. You haven't blinked in minutes." Esme's face entered my vision, and I blinked. "Ah, so there is life in there. Sweetheart, are you alright?" I could only bring myself to nod dumbly. "Maybe you should go take a nap in Edward's bed, you're probably overdoing yourself. You must be stressed." I nodded again, and Esme helped me stand. My limbs had frozen in the position I'd been sitting in for so long.

She called to Jasper in the next room, and asked him to take me upstairs while she finished some pastries she was making. Jasper kindly picked me up, offering me a sweet smile and carrying me to Edward's room. He left my emotional state alone, which I was thankful for. I feel like I was justified in my emotions. Jasper lay me down on Edward's

"Wanna chat?" He asked, before flopping on his back beside me.

"Mmmghmm…" I managed, before rolling on my side to look at him. He had one arm flung over his forehead, and was peeking at me out of the corner of his eye. I copied his pose, bending my arm over the side of my face and looking through the tiny crook in my elbow. He smiled at me.

"Come on, Bells. You look like a zombie." Jasper chuckled, but I winced. Zombie. That brought back memories. Jasper's look turned to one of concern as he read the pain that the word had inflicted. "What?" He said, and I could feel his concern oozing from his body.

"Nothing." I said, my words thick in my mouth. "Just…" I rubbed my face in the pillow a few times before looking back at me. "That's what I was. That's what people called me… when Edward left."

"Zombie?" Jasper said, reaching a hand out to touch my ear gently. It tickled ever so slightly, but I was pleasantly surprised by the contact. "That's pretty cruel."

"It was true." I sniffed. "I never said more than a single syllable sentence and I stopped eating and sleeping. It was pretty much the equivalent of the living dead."

Jasper sighed, rolling over to face me head on. He drew me close. "We did you no good in leaving, did we…" He said, more as a statement than a question. "I have to admit, when Edward stated that we had to leave, I related to him." I opened me mouth, but he cut me off. "Not because I blamed myself, which I did, but because I remember how I felt when I first met Alice." This caught my attention immediately. His southern drawl peaked through a little more as he spoke emotionally, which I found hauntingly beautiful. "I was such a wild and feral creature when I met her, and she was so innocent and dainty." He chuckled. "I felt like I was gonna break her, corrupt her, ruin her. But she loved me, and I loved her, so we made it work. But I can't say I don't know how Edward feels, sometimes." He smirked. "And I don't mean literally."

We sat in silence for a few minutes, just breathing.

"I'm scared." I finally whispered, reaching over to hold his hand. "Scared my self-esteem won't be able to take the hit that Tanya is going to bring before me in two hours, and that I'll fall into another self-deprecating spiral."

"Ah…" Jasper said, squeezing my hand. I noticed he did it just a little harder than Edward would have, giving away the fact that Jasper hadn't spent as much time interacting with humans. Still, it didn't hurt. "But isn't that the same as seeing any woman you consider more beautiful than yourself?"

I shrugged, though my one shoulder was still trapped on the bed. "Yeah, but not everyone is as perfectly suited for Edward, and loves him."

"Hmm…" Jasper watched me carefully, in a way that unnerved me a little. I could always tell that Jasper was trying to read down to the deepest pegs of your soul. I closed my eyes against his penetrating gaze, and sighed. "Well…" He said after a few moments. "At least you know you don't have to worry about him liking someone else. God knows, he's head over heels over heads for you."

"Never heard that one before." I muttered, suddenly feeling drowsy. I didn't know if he was causing that, or if I really was just too stressed to take on reality right now, so I gave into that feeling. "Thanks, Jazz." I murmured, and he stroked my arm until I was out.

When I woke, it was to red. Shiny red. I groaned and sat up, looking down at what was in front of me skeptically. It was a velvet red box, wrapped in shiny red cellophane.

"They're chocolates." I heard Edward say from behind me. I didn't jump; I was used to him popping up silently. I turned to look at him over my shoulder as he lay on my other side, hands behind his head. "Eleazar and Carmen brought them for you."

My heart stuttered. They were here. Had I really been asleep that long? I looked at the box again. It was huge, at least two levels deep, maybe three. "Alice probably won't let me eat them before the wedding, in fear that I won't fit into my dress."

"Actually, Alice asked them to bring them. Apparently you still have a pound or two to gain before your dress fits perfectly." Edward said, rolling over to kiss my neck. He wrapped an arm around my waist and tucked his head in the crook of my neck. He then took the hand from my waist and used it to open the box of chocolates. "Any preferences?"

"Why am I still too skinny for my dress?" I asked, my brow furrowed.

Edward rested his cheek against mine and sighed. "You were very thin when we came back. You looked… sick." He sighed, his cool breath ghosting past my cheek. "Alice had the dress before we left, apparently. Or at least, she had ordered it in your previous size when she ordered it." He kissed my cheek. "Not to mention, sexual activity burns quite a lot of calories."

I smiled faintly. "She had it before you left? She knew you'd propose?"

His hand traced my stomach and hipbone. "I knew I'd propose eventually, starting the day of the meadow. I just had to wait for a time when the thought of marriage didn't cause you panic."

"Still does…" I muttered, and he laughed.

"Come on, pick a fancy."

I smiled, rolling a bit to kiss his cheek. "I guess, raspberry if there is any." Edward deftly removed a chocolate from the box and held it to my lips I bit into the rich treat, collecting the filling with my tongue. It was a wonderfully rich raspberry truffle. I sighed, holding the sweetness in my mouth for as long as I could before chewing and swallowing. Edward put the other half of the treat back in the box.

"That must taste amazing. You're practically purring." Edward chuckled, pressing kisses to my neck and shoulder.

"Guh." I murmured, leaning against him. "It's like the perfect combination. Edward plus chocolate plus raspberry equals one happy Bella."

Edward smiled, and reached for the box again. "What flavor this time?" He purred, pressing a sweet kiss to my lips.

"I'm still savoring this combination!" I protested against his lips, but he reached for one anyways. He pressed it to my lips after detracting his own. I rolled my eyes but then shut them and took a bite. Dark chocolate with marzipan. Holy god.

Just as I began to swirl the taste around in my mouth, I felt Edward's sinful lips against my own. He sucked gently on my bottom lip before delving into my mouth with his tongue. Honestly, it was the greatest and only addition to the chocolate that could improve it. Edward hummed in my mouth, which caused me to roll towards him and wrap my arms around his waist. He laughed, straddling me before kissing me again deeply.

"How's that taste for you?" I whispered when he pulled away. I finally was able to swallow properly, and did so.

"Not as good as you all by yourself, but not bad." He murmured, kissing my throat.

I allowed him to continue on in this fashion, discreetly popping the second half of the marzipan chocolate into my mouth as he kissed my throat and what chest he could find above my tank top. However, my mind was wandering to the people that were probably downstairs. My thoughts were touched with apprehension and fear.

"Are Eleazar and Carmen around? I should meet them and thank them for the delicacies."

"Mmm, they went for a quick hunt with the rest of the family, just so they could catch up." He seemed to read between the lines of my words, and held me tighter. "They'll love you," he murmured. "you have nothing to worry about."

"Says the king of worry." I said, rolling my eyes.

"Trust me, then. I would know if there was something to fret over." I smiled weakly, and nodded. He began to kiss me again, only stopping to pop the second half of the raspberry treat in my mouth.

"Tell me about them? What should I know?" I asked, chewing thoughtfully. Edward rested his chin on my chest and looked up at me with soft eyes.

"Well, they're pretty straight forward. Kate is a calmer version of Alice, slightly sarcastic but genuinely good hearted and fun. She loves someone who will joke with her and stand up for themselves, so I already know she'll love you." He said, pressing a kiss to the side of one of my breasts. I chuckled.

"Irina is the most like Rosalie. She's quite full of herself, if you can remember from the way she didn't want to help out the wolves, blah blah. She can be quite stuck up, and stubborn, but she, like Rosalie, is good at the very core. Just not the most pleasant of the group."

Carmen and Eleazar are pretty much similar to Esme and Carlisle, though perhaps not as compassionate. Not that they aren't!" He quickly said, as I'm sure he saw the fear in my eyes. "It's just that Esme and Carlisle are overtly compassionate. Almost too much so. But Carmen and Eleazar are still wonderfully parental, and very sweet. So you don't need to worry."

"And Tanya?" I asked hesitantly.

Before answering, Edward leaned up and kissed me deeply. I knew what he was telling me. Don't worry. I love you. He repositioned us so that he was leaning against his headboard and I was nestled against his chest. I sighed, feeling comfortable and loved.

"Tanya is a very nice young woman, but very centered in her ideas. She believes that she must find a mate to be happy, and that makes her a little desperate. But she's also very confident in herself. It used to be her favorite thing to go pick up human men and have sex with them before killing them, back when she drank human blood. So needless to say, she's very much different from those days, but she still has that edge to her."

I nodded, though my stomach churned uncomfortably. A creature that was not only extraordinarily beautiful, but sexual capable to handle someone like Edward. Shit.

"Bella?" Edward asked, pressing his head to my hair. "Why is your heart thrumming so?"

I turned in his arms to straddle him taking his face into my hands. "I'm not doubting you. Remember that." I pressed a kiss to his lips. "But telling me about some beautiful woman's sexual prowess is not the way to make me relax about her. Especially when she's had her eye on you for years."

"Oh Bella…" He said, a mix of apology and lust in his eyes. "Trust me, beautiful girl. You drive me so crazy. I can't imagine what you're going to be like once we've practiced more, because I can barely meet your skill level now." He purred, kissing me deeply.

I rolled my eyes, but kissed him back, just as deeply. "Liar." I whispered, but kissed him deeper. His tongue swirled with my own, and I ran my hands through his hair. After a minute or so though, he pulled away.

"They're coming back, slowly." He whispered. "Do you want lunch before they get here?"

"So they don't have to smell food. Good idea." I said, climbing off him.

Edward rolled his eyes. "I'll make you a sandwich. What kind would you like?"

"BLT? I'm just going to freshen up." Edward kissed me, and jogged downstairs. As soon as he left, I felt myself panic a little. What should I do with my hair? Should I put on makeup? I allowed myself a momentary flail of panic before I washed my face and brushed my hair, leaving it loose around my face the way Edward liked it. I applied a little eyeliner and eye shadow, then topped it off with some dark mascara. I spritzed on a little body mist and reapplied my deodorant. I looked at myself in the mirror, analyzing my every freckle. I guess I didn't look bad, but there was no way I would compare to any of them. I was human of course… but not for long.

With that thought, I allowed myself a smile, and after ducking back into Edward's room and grabbing some gum, I darted back downstairs. Edward was just finishing up my sandwich, and poured me some juice to drink while I waited.

"You look beautiful." He said, leaning over to kiss me as he placed the drink in front of me. I leaned into his touch, and he smiled. "You didn't need to dress up though."

I nodded. "I know. I just wanted to feel good about myself." Edward brought my food over to me and sat across from me, cupping my face and bringing me forward for a kiss. His tongue barely touched my bottom lip before drawing back.

"You're my world. You should feel good about yourself, because you are the axis I revolve on." I smiled, blinking away excess emotion. Normally I would cringe slightly at the amount of sappiness Edward could spew, but today, I really appreciated it. "Eat." He said, giving me one last kiss. "You're too skinny."

I smiled and dug into my food, which was prepared perfectly as always. I knew the smell wouldn't be gone from the room by the time they arrived, but at least it wouldn't be on my breath. I ate quickly, Edward sometimes reaching over to touch my hair and tuck it behind my ears so I didn't eat that too. Once I finished, I popped the stick of gum in my mouth and Edward took my plate away, shaking his head at me, clearly amused by my incredibly over the top behavior.

I stayed at the table, fidgeting. Edward came over to me and lifted me onto his lap, wrapping his arms around me. Just as I started to relax I heard the back door open, and Esme's laughter float through the room. I tensed automatically, and Edward put his forehead against my neck. "It's okay, just relax."

I turned to rest my face against his throat as I breathed in and out very slowly, trying to calm myself.

"Edward?" Esme called out, obviously already knowing where we were. I was sure every one of them was focused on my thumping heart that was trying to break out of my chest. "Don't worry," I heard her whisper. "she's just shy." I tried to stand but Edward kept me locked to his chest. I quickly spit out my gum and put it into a napkin on the table. I didn't need to look like a cow chewing her cud.

Esme walked into the kitchen, followed by a woman with flowing black hair. This must be Carmen, I thought, taking in her kind face and her gentle eyes. She smiled at me warmly, extending her hand.

"And you must be the infamous Bella." She said, as I reached forward to shake her hand. "Edward, she is beautiful." Carmen said to him, flashing him a smile, before pulling me out of his grasp. "Let me get a good look at the woman that did the impossible."

"Carmen…" Edward groaned, and to my delight, he looked embarrassed. I giggled.

"It's nice to meet you, Carmen." I said, my voice shy and nervous. Where was my bravado when I needed it?

"Oh sweetheart, you have no idea." She replied, and pulled me into a hug. My muscles tightened automatically, but I tried my hardest to relax. As she let me go, I felt Edward tugging me back to the safety of his arms.

"Okay, make way!" Called a happy voice from the other room. In flashed a young woman with straight blond hair. "Well well well…" She said speculatively, circling me like a predator. She then smiled, her whole face lighting up. "You're pretty cute, I gotta say. Nice to meet you, Bella, I'm Kate." She reached down and pulled me into a hug. "And you must be fricken fantastic for Edward to be drooling over you all the time."

Edward reached out and smacked her playfully as she pulled back. "Trust me, she is."

I shrugged. "I can hold my own." I said nonchalantly and Kate grinned.

"I think I like her. No promises yet, but I'm pretty sure I do." I smiled, and Edward stood us both up, putting me back on my feet. I felt a little shaky, but more confidant as an older vampire came into the room, looking over me carefully.

"Eleazar, this is my Bella." Edward said, gesturing between us. Eleazar bowed like a gentleman, and took my hand in his.

"It's an absolute delight, Bella. You're just as lovely as everyone described you as." I blushed profusely, and but was pleased. They seemed to like me enough. The only two left were the tough ones. My stomach dropped at that thought. Crap.

Rosalie and Alice came into the room, leading the remaining two vampires I hadn't met yet. My breath caught in my throat as I took in who I knew would be Tanya. Her strawberry blond curls were perfect, her skin, luminous, her body… perfect. I sighed despite myself. She viewed me critically, and I felt naked before her. Her sharp gold eyes took in every detail, every freckle, every open pore. I wanted to cry. Edward hugged me to his chest as he greeted the two girls. I realized had forgotten to observe Irina, who was looking at me just as critically as Tanya. Her pale skin blended in with her pale hair, giving her the look of an albino. It was unnerving. Still, I tried my hardest to smile at both of them.

"Tanya, Irina, meet Bella." Esme said gently, reaching forward to touch my hand. She guided me towards herself, where she hugged me close. I hadn't realized I was shaking slightly. Esme gave me a comforting smile, and Edward was watching me carefully.

I collected all of my nerve, took a deep breath, and extended my hand. "It's really great to meet you both at last. I've heard so much." I said, praying that my voice wouldn't shake. Surprisingly, it didn't. I looked over at Edward, who was watching Jasper walk by, and I understood.

Irina watched my hand, but Tanya eventually reached forward to grab it. She clenched a little harder than any of the Cullens would have, but it didn't really hurt. Much. "It's so nice to meet you too, Bella." She said, smiling down at me. I saw Edward frown beside me. I stepped back, waving a little at Irina. I probably looked like a moron. But Irina almost intimidated me more than Tanya. She seemed to openly dislike me. Probably for her sister's sake.

Edward collected me back into his arms. "Shall we head to the living room?" He asked, gesturing with his head. He pressed a kiss to my temple, and I sighed. Suddenly, I remembered.

"Oh, Carmen, thank you so much for the chocolates!" I gasped, before covering my mouth. I blushed. "Edward has force fed me a few, and they're fantastic."

Carmen laughed, but Kate frowned. "Why by force?"

"Because she's too skinny, and can't admit it." Edward said, nuzzling behind my ear. He seemed to be trying to make a point to Tanya and Irina. I was silently grateful.

"No, it's just that…" I started, but Edward picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, making me 'oomph' as everyone else giggled. He then carried me to the living room and sat me down on his lap on the couch. I blushed. Would they really be okay with us being this open and touchy feely? Edward didn't seem to care, but I felt wrong, so I slid off his lap and sat next to him, cuddling into his side. Everyone else filtered into the room, Alice and Kate sitting on either side of us.

"Good job on your make-up Bella." Alice said, brushing away a fleck of something from my cheek. I blushed.

Everyone settled around the chairs and sofa, and Emmett put on a baseball game so the attention wasn't solely focused on me. Which it pretty much still was. Because I was the oddity here. I was the main attraction.

"So Bella, tell us a little bit more about you." Carmen said, leaning forward and touching my hand. "We already know that you're originally from here, but moved to Arizona, and that you like English and are apparently not afraid of really anything!" She said, smiling at me happily.

I flushed even more. "There's really not much to tell." I said shyly. "I'm not very interesting. You should ask Edward, because I'd be dying to hear what he thinks is so cool about me too."

Everyone chuckled a little, but they did turn to Edward's gaze, because I could tell they were actually very curious as to what he found so amazing about me. He smiled in that wicked way that made my heart shake.

"Like I said before, she's indescribable…" He said, and I blushed. "But more than anything, she's selfless, caring, beautiful, honest, and completely mine." He rubbed his thumb over my fingers to sooth me. I turned my bright red face into his side, wanting more than anything to hide. But at least he knew how to gush over me properly.

We spent another hour or so getting to know each other a little better, before Emmett got bored and dragged Jasper outside to wrestle, and the Denali girls followed. All but Carmen, Eleazar, and… Tanya. I sighed. Besides having Edward, I had never had much luck.

I got up sluggishly, and wandered into the kitchen for some tea. It had been slightly unnerving to watch all the vampires converse with each other, because even though they were well versed in acting human, they knew they didn't have to around me, and would sometimes go minutes without blinking or moving in the slightest. I always felt jittery and hyper when this would happen, because my very human nature would cause me to twitch or stretch. Even Edward seemed too still at times, though he would always look down at me and smile if I needed to shift.

Still, I was human, and beginning to feel a little insignificant. Especially with my bodily needs. After I set the tea to boil, I used the bathroom, feeling very self-conscious that probably everyone could hear what I was doing, and judging me. I felt more self-aware than I ever had with just the Cullens, and I hated it. I couldn't help it, could I? I went back into the kitchen after washing my hands, and as I began to pour the tea, I heard a small cough.

Spinning around and spilling some of the hot water, I saw Tanya waiting in the doorway. She smiled in apology. "Didn't mean to scare you."

"You didn't." I lied, knowing she could hear my heart race. "I'm used to silent movers now. Unfortunately for me, I'm the clumsiest loudest walker there is." I rambled, feeling slightly hysterical.

Tanya laughed a little, before coming to sit on the counter near me. "Yeah, I've heard from Emmett that you're a bit of a klutz. It's one of your charming features, apparently."

I breathed a laugh. "Yeah, Emmett capitalizes on that particular trait of mine." We sat in an eerie silence for a moment, Tanya kicking her legs.

"So…" She said after a while. "Are you ready?" Her voice was low, though not quite a whisper. Maybe she thought I wouldn't be able to hear her if she whispered.

I frowned. "Ready for what?" I asked, jumping up on a counter across from her. I did it much less gracefully, and spilled a bit of my tea in the process.

Tanya gestured vaguely. "You know, to become…"

"Oh." I said, eyes wide. "Yeah, yeah I am." I said, hoping my heartbeat didn't make me sound nervous.

"Esme says it'll be soon after the wedding."

I nodded, taking a sip of my too hot tea. I hissed as it burned it's way down my throat. "Yup. Edward promised."

Tanya leaned forward. "Esme said you're also going to be trying… while you're still human, I mean."

I got the gist of what she was saying immediately. Of course she'd want to know this. This was clearly the point that proved I was mental. A human having sex with a vampire for pleasure probably sounded like a bull trying to mate with a mouse. Ridiculous. "Yes." I whispered. "We're going to."

Tanya came down from the counter, and stepped in front of me. "I know you've heard about my pursuit of Edward. And you probably think I'm jealous and crazy, and maybe want to kill you." I gulped, but nodded minutely. "Honestly, though, I'm just amazed to see how happy you've made him."

I nodded, smiling. I was unaware where she was going with this, but if she was going to play nice, I would too.

"I've had sex with humans before." She said, putting her hand on my knee. I tensed subconsciously, then relaxed, apologizing silently. She nodded. "It's hard, but not impossible. Of course, I did it with the intention of feeding afterwards. But all the same…" She trailed off, looking out the window.

"We're practicing." I blurted, unable to believe I was willing to tell my pseudo-rival this. "We've done a lot of stuff to prepare."

Tanya smiled. "If I know Edward, that'll be about right. He always worries so much about everything."

"Actually, it was my idea. He was going to go into it from a standstill. I used experimenting as an excuse to finally get the chance to touch him like I wanted to."

Tanya laughed. "You're sly, aren't you? Wouldn't expect it from you, but I can tell."

"Why wouldn't you expect it from me?" I asked curiously, sipping my tea again. It was cooler now, so I managed to do it without looking like an idiot.

"Humans are dull repetitive. They're so content within their systematic lives that they don't ever bother to think outside of it. I can tell your little brain races away from it, into the imaginary."

I frowned. "Are you calling me crazy?"

Tanya shrugged. "If you're brave enough to want to have sex with a vampire, you must be a little crazy."

"Bella!" Edward's voice rescued me from providing an answer I didn't have. He came around the corner of the house, looking windswept and tousled. "Sorry, love, I got pulled into the wrestling match."

"It's okay." I said, letting him pull me into a kiss. I was hard pressed not to dramatically lift my leg and meet Tanya's gaze. Even in her trying to be nice to me, she had handed me a backhanded compliment, fresh off the grill. Edward seemed to have caught part of the discussion because he was letting his hands wander quite freely, like they were trying to prove a point. I pulled back eventually to breathe. "Tanya and I were just discussing our marriage arrangement. She was giving me tips."

Edward scowled. "Like you need any help being a minx…" He said, spinning me around and attaching his lips to my neck. In a brief glance towards Tanya, I saw that her jaw had dropped and her eyes had bugged. I smirked internally.

When Edward pulled back, Tanya breathed out "How can you do that? Being so attracted to her blood, how do you touch her like that?"

Edward smiled fondly, and pressed a kiss to my jugular. "She means the world to me, how could I hurt her?" He whispered, and swept me from the room.

We darted up to our room, me on my feet but stumbling slightly as I tried to catch up with my fiancée's speed. As soon as we got through the door, Edward picked me up and lay me on the bed reverently. "You survived an encounter with the beast!" He exclaimed, climbing on top of me. He reached above my head as I giggled, and brought a chocolate to his nose. "Peanut butter, I believe." I opened my mouth obediently and he slipped the treat between my lips, then attacked my neck as I laughed around the delicious chocolate and peanut butter.

"Edward, I'm going to choke…" I groaned, but my hand laced in his hair, keeping him there.

"It's okay, I know the Heimlich." He mumbled against my throat. I chuckled. "Besides, I want to reward you for your courageous display down there. And I want them to hear us, so they know how serious I am about you."

I purred, swallowing my chocolate. "That's quite adventurous of you, Edward." I whispered, pulling him up for a sweet kiss. He tasted so good, and mixed with chocolate, it was practically orgasmic. "You taste so good."

"Are you talking to me?" He asked, reaching for another chocolate. He gestured it towards me. "Or the chocolate?"


He chuckled and divested me of my shirt, placing the chocolate between my breasts. It was actually cradled quite nicely thanks to the wonderful push-up bra Alice had bought me (she'd been buying me tons of lingerie lately), and Edward grinned. "This one is caramel." He said, sniffing at it. "Mixed with your lovely scent, it smells divine." He picked it up between his teeth and planted it on my lower lip. I lapped at it with my tongue, and he helped me push it into my mouth with his own. God, this creature…

Just as I began to chew the caramel, Edward's lips attacked my torso, making me shiver. "Edward…" I moaned. "No more chocolate, just you." I breathed, and he chuckled.

"Yes ma'am." He said, beginning to undo my jeans. I could hardly appreciate food when he was doing this to me. It was sensory overload, and I couldn't just focus on one thing. And I wanted to appreciate it all… shitt, what is he doing?

Edward seemed to be licking me through my panties, lavishing my mound with kisses and nipping lightly at the fabric, pulling them down bit by bit. I sighed contentedly as I felt them clear the area of my center, and I felt his cold nose against my slit.

"Edward…" I sighed as he parted my lips and pressed his nose against my clit. "Please." I sighed, and he chuckled. He quickly removed my panties (by ripping them… what a waste) and dove in, delving his tongue into my folds. "Oh, Jesus…" I sighed, arching my hips into his mouth. "You're so good at this."

"I have a great teacher." Edward mumbled.


"I meant you." He laughed. He then dove back in and proceeded to drive me crazy, my heart thrumming so fast in my chest that no one that could hear it could have any doubts what we were doing. Unless he was scary the bejesus out of me. His tongue plunged deep inside of me, and I shivered. Soon I was panting and moaning weakly as he sucked and played with my clit, and I shivered out a quaking orgasm.

I pulled him up to my level, kissing him, a little turned on by his wet lips.

"I want to..." I whispered, blushing. "I want them to know you… you like me… that I can please you." I mumbled.

Edward moaned softly, and buried his head in my shoulder. "You know it doesn't matter, Bella, what they think." He whispered. "You know that you do."

I nodded. "I know…" I sighed. "I just want them to know it too. That I can handle you."

Edward crouched over me, pressing his forehead to my own. "Love, if they could hear my thoughts, they would know how crazy you drive me every second. As it is, they can already see how…" he struggled to say the world, which made me chuckle "whipped, totally and utterly whipped I am for you, they know you know how to handle me."

I smiled, ducking to press my lips to his shoulder. I then pressed my palm to his zipper, feeling the bulge twitch at the contact. I chuckled, rubbing against him. He breathed out shakily, putting a gentle hand on my head, scratching my scalp soothingly with his nails.

I pressed an open mouth kiss to the vee of his chest, visible through the opening of his partially unbuttoned shirt. "What do you want?" I asked him. "You can have anything you want tonight."

Edward purred, pushing me back towards the bed with his head. "Anything?" He asked, though it came out deep and desperate. I trembled with desire.

"Mhmm." I said as casually as I could manage, which was a little pathetic. "Sticking to our rules, of course. It would be silly to break them…" Edward's fierce gaze took my breath away. I gulped. "now."

Edward pressed me back into the pillows, then kissed me deeply. I moaned and twined my fingers in his hair. When he broke away, he traced his nose along my cheekbones. "I have had this long standing fantasy, and I don't know if you would be willing to comply with it."

I frowned. What wouldn't I do for him. "It's not anal, is it? Cause that's not on my to do list." I whispered, and he laughed.

"No, definitely not anal." He kissed me again, and took my hand in his own. Slowly, he moved it down my body until it was resting just above my center. "You never touch yourself…" He breathed. "except for that time in the shower. And that was so…" He moaned softly. "so… God, it drove me crazy."

I looked into his lust filled eyes, confused. "You want me to touch myself? While you watch?" I asked, and he nodded, kissing my neck. "You find that hot?" He moaned again against my jugular.

I sighed, looking up at the ceiling. It didn't sound like that much fun. I'd never really touched myself for pleasure before, unless I was desperate for friction while with Edward, which was only the one time.

Edward seemed to notice my hesitation. "Do you not want to?" He asked, pulling back to look at me with those beautiful eyes.

I shrugged. "I mean, it kind of seems like two steps backwards from all the progress we've been making, doesn't it? Plus…" I blushed. "I don't really know how to do it. To myself, that is."

Edward nodded. "Well…" He said carefully. "What if I touch myself as well?" My eyebrows raised. I was pretty sure he had some reservations about that as well, so at least it leveled the playing field…

"Okay…" I whispered. "But you gotta get me motivated." Edward's face glowed like a sunbeam, and he immediately went about attacking my neck and mouth. He slipped my shirt off me easily, and then went to work on my breasts. I gasped and moaned as he played me like his piano, before wickedly drawing back. I sighed, taking a deep breath before putting my hand to my center. I wasn't too eager for the feeling of my arousal against my bare fingers, but would bear it for him.

Edward lay next to me, supported on one elbow, watching my tentative exploration of myself. His eyes were dark and intense. The look alone stirred my arousal. "Edward…" I sighed, and tried to focus on the areas that drove my crazy when Edward touched me. It didn't feel the same, even when I'd located my clit. "Edward, it's not working…" I whimpered.

"Let me help you get started." He whispered, taking my hand in his and slipping his fingers through my folds. Immediately, my body began to tingle. Our fingers traced through my wetness, and I shivered. He dipped a finger inside of me, then pulled his hand back. His lips worked on the skin of my neck, and I groaned, and tried to recreate the feelings he stirred in me.

It was only when he unzipped his own fly and began to stroke himself, first through his jeans and then pulling his cock out from inside, did I feel the same tingling as I had before. Good lord, he was sexy. Suddenly, I could imagine my hands on him, and his hands on me as we watched each other touch ourselves, and I saw the eroticism of it.

Edward's gaze never left the place where my hand worked. He may have seen me naked many times now, but this was different. It felt strange. I felt more exposed to him than I ever had before. Still, I could feel the effects of my touch. It was just more frustrating than being with him ever was. After a while, I pulled my hand away from myself and held it to his lips, and he sensually licked them clean. "I'd much rather play with you." I whispered, I then took my newly cleaned hand and took his shaft in my hand, leaning over and taking the tip in my mouth.

Edward groaned deeply. I smiled around his erection and began to hum – my lullaby to be exact. Edward growled and his entire body tensed as he gripped his control. He'd been doing so well, but I was still finding things that made him loose his senses. I was determined to find all of them, so I knew what to be prepared for. I also wanted to know what drove him crazy, for future use.

Edward didn't last long, which surprised me a bit: apparently me touching myself was much more of a turn on than I'd expected. I swallowed what he gave me, and sat back, licking my lips. Edward frowned.

"I still don't know…" he panted. "if it's a good idea for you to swallow that." He muttered, and I groaned, slapping his clothed chest.

"Shaddup, Cullen." He collected me in his arms and kissed my head.

"What do you want me to do?" He whispered, and I pressed myself to his chest.

"Nothing." I replied in a whisper. "I'm happy right here."

"Bella…." He growled, and I sat up, looking at him.

"I'm totally serious. You already helped me once. I just want to lay here with you. I had a stressful day. Can we just… cuddle?"

Edward's face softened, and he pulled me closer, so that my body curled easily into his. He then quickly got up and found me a pair of his boxers, and stripped me of my jeans and put the boxers on me, kissing my legs gently. He shrugged out of his shirt and put it on me. I curled up next to him, not caring how debauched I must look, because I was painfully content. I fit perfectly, my rather small size fitting perfectly against him. He kissed me softly for several minutes before smiling contentedly.

"Fine. We'll cuddle. But I get to feed you more chocolates."

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