Right now I can't sleep, don't feel like reading, and can't find any fucking chocolate. *grumble grumble* So a bit of Sev-Harry smut came into existence in my mind. Than it came through my fingers in about 20-25 minutes of furious writing. The result? This POS you are (hopefully) about to read. Good luck, and I use flames to roast marshmallows with, AND TOO FIND MY CHOCOLATE! In case someone really hasn't noticed, I feel obliged too note this is Slash. Also known as // or yoai, I think. Feel free to correct me and my grammar.

Title: Fridays
Length: 593 words w/o AN
Rating: M, for sex and language
Pairing: Snarry

Friday is such a terribly interesting day you know. It's the day I become free from the brats of Hogwarts; I get to leave and go home to my lovely husband. My name is Severus Snape, and I am quite happily married to the young Harry Potter. Each time I begin to worry he sets me straight. Than we have amazing make-up sex, yada yada.

Surprised isn't really the word I would use when expressing how I felt when Harry began to pursue a relationship with me after he killed the Dark Lord. Scared out of my fucking mind and oh-so-relieved would really be the expressions to use.

What am I doing right now, you ask? Well, I'm sitting in a large bed with copper colored sheets and blue blankets. My little lover insisted when do Ravenclaw's colors so we didn't argue constantly over them. Every time I complain about them, I get to sleep on the couch. We end up having sex on it and sleeping out there anyways, so it's not often.

I'm terribly fascinated with carding my hands through Harry's hair at the moment. It's inky black, just like my own, but not greasy. My fingers are potion stained, and they slid easily through his unruly hair. Somewhere in the background a clock is striking; I'm too distracted by Harry to really notice. His eyes are fluttering open. "Sev?" he whispers to me, blinking wearily, but smiling.

I smirk back at him and lean over to capture his lips with my own. "Yes my love?" I ask him, pulling back so my breath ghosted over his lips, wondering how I managed to wake him up.

"I think another round might be in order," he managed to gasp out as I rolled him under me.

"You think so, do you?" I purred at him. He always such a randy creature; than again, so was I. I captured he lips in mine, fiercely and passionately.

His hand slipped down between us, slick with a silent and wand less lubrication spell. He gripped my fast growing arousal in his hand and pumped it experimentally, almost. I growled into his lips and left them, trailing kisses down his neck. I bit him lightly, and smoothed the bit marks back out with my tongue, teasing them. Harry whimpered.

I could feel his erection as well. "Let's see what naughty little boys get when the put their hands where they don't belong," I breathed hotly into his ear, before slamming into his entrance with no warning.

Harry screamed sharply his pleasure. I reached down and stroked him with my hand, in time with the pumping of my hips. I changed the angle of my thrust and hitting a spot in him that he had once told me made him see stars. He cried my name out harshly now, begging me to help him find his release. "Sev!" He called harshly, "I love you!" With that we both tumbled over the end, my release long and intense.

I fell on top of him and breathed heavily for a moment. Than I slowly pulled out and he curled into my arms. I reached over to the nightstand behind me and with a wave, our sweaty bodies became clean again. "Goodnight, Harry," I murmured into his hair, smelling his sweet scent and drifting off.

"Good night Sev," he returned, and we fell asleep peacefully in each others arms, just like we've done every Friday night for nearly four years.

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