Spock could not just stand there as Ensign Samuels continued to illogically rant and rave and cause his captain further distress.

So he did the only logical thing, and moved forward to perform a Vulcan Nerve Pinch.

But the man must have anticipated Spock's actions, as he quickly whipped a phaser from his belt.

"Don't move," he said lowly. "Or I'll shoot. And it's not on stun. I'm not going to let you stand between me and my James."

Jim swallowed thickly, looking from the phaser to Spock's still form.

"Don't shoot him," he requested softly, drawing the ensigns attention back to him easily. "What do you want?"

Samuels looked at him lustily, licking his lips.

"Take your shirt off," he demanded.

Jim closed his eyes and swallowed heavily before letting his hands fall to the bottom of his shirt, pulling it up over his head in one smooth movement.

"And your undershirt," the ensign encouraged.

Jim managed to hold back the tears as he pulled the black undershirt over his head as well, exposing his chest to the cool air of his ready room.

He would never be able to work in here again without remember this violation.

"Come here," Ensign Samuels demanded. "But take your boots off first."

Jim bent down, untying his boots slowly as to delay the inevitable. He did not want to feel this man's large slimy hands on his body.

But he couldn't stop it - neither he nor Spock carried phasers in the supposed safety of their ship.

That would have to change if they survived this.



"Hurry up," Samuels barked, emphasizing the order with a shake of the phaser in Spock's direction.

Jim quickly stepped out of his boots and headed towards the man, though every molecule in his body was demanding that he run the other way.

But there was nowhere to run. Spock was held at phaser point, and Samuels was between Jim and the door.

"Let him go," Jim asked softly. "You don't need him here for this."

"If I let him go, he'll go get help," Samuel replied firmly. "So either he stays here, like this - or I kill him. Your choice."

"You know I don't want you to kill him," Jim said. "He's my friend."

The man growled at him, slipping a large arm around Jim's trim waist and pulling the blonde flush against his broad chest.

"You don't need friends," he declared angrily. "You don't need anybody but me. They'll all just hurt you and try to take you away from me. We belong together, my James. Forever."

Jim couldn't help but stiffen as the man's hand dropped from his lower back to grope his ass.

"Not in front of Spock," he begged. "I'll do whatever you want - just let Spock go first."

Dark eyes turned to examine him angrily.

"You like exhibitionism - it turns you on," Samuels stated matter-of-factly. "And you like it when your male lovers get a little rough with you. Biting and pinching and such. So why do you want Spock to go away?"

"He's my First Officer. I try to keep sex away from work," Jim explained softly, desperate for an excuse to get Spock safely out of there so he could get help.

Samuels nodded like Jim's explanation made sense.

"Yes, you are a very good captain. Very professional," the ensign complimented. "You wouldn't want to lose his respect. Vulcans - they think sex is illogical, I'm sure. Especially between two men. We wouldn't want to taint our first time with his disdainful presence."

Jim nodded desperately in agreement, and Samuels leaned down to take his lips in a rough, possessive kiss - all teeth and tongue and slimy spit.

Jim never wanted to throw up more than he did in those few seconds that stretched out into eternity.

Spock logically took advantage of Ensign Samuels distraction to leap forward and perform a nerve pinch. The man dropped to the ground heavily, hitting his head with a loud thud.

But Spock was unconcerned as to the man's medical state - his only concern at the moment was his captain, who had dropped to his knees and was retching violently.

Spock vindictively (illogically) hoped that the captain's vomit would land on the ensign.

Although perhaps the disturbed man would like that too much - he did not deserve to have even the captain's vomit anywhere near his person.

"Captain..." Spock trailed off uncertainly as Jim continued to retch, a tear or two escaping each tightly-closed eye.

After a few moments, the blonde stopped heaving and just knelt there, panting heavily.

"I'm sorry, Spock," Jim apologized, embarrassed at his display of weakness.

"There is nothing to apologize for, Jim," Spock replied softly - seriously.

And the use of his first name let Jim know that Spock was not talking as just his First Officer, but also as his friend.

He had never been more grateful to hear his nickname in all his life - and he was very glad that Spock had not called him 'James'.

He would probably never be able to hear that name again without shuddering in disgust.

A soft touch on his shoulder snapped Jim out of his thoughts, and he turned surprised blue eyes to his First Officer.

It was the first time Spock had ever initiated contact between them.

"You are not at fault, Captain," Spock stated seriously - again back to the 'Captain' - but Jim was reassured.

Spock would make everything better again.


Jim quickly put his shirts and boots back on as Spock contacted security - and Bones.

God, was Jim grateful for that - he needed Bones right now.

Security was there in seconds - Cupcake among them.

They took in their ruffled captain and the carefully-concealed fury in their first officer's expression and the dropped ensign, and they quickly and efficiently restrained Samuels and threw him in the brig without question.

Bones showed up just as security carted Jim's crazy, obsessed stalker out.

"That him?" Bones asked Spock quietly as he walked towards his best friend.

Spock gave a quick nod before slipping out the door.

It was time for comfort - and Doctor McCoy could handle the captain's emotions better than he ever could. But, just in case...

"I shall be on the bridge if you need my assistance, Captain," Spock reassured him quietly, letting him know that the Enterprise would be taken care of for however long Jim needed.

Jim knew he could count on Spock.

"What happened, kid?" Bones asked softly as soon as Spock left.

"Can we...can we go somewhere else?" Jim pleaded, big blue vulnerable eyes turning to his best friend.

Bones had never been able to resist those eyes - and considering Bones's weakness to those eyes had helped save the galaxy, these days he barely even tried.

And he wasn't going to start now.

"Course we can, kid. Your quarters or mine?" Bones questioned.

Jim thought about the sketches of his sleeping face tucked away in his desk drawer and shuddered.

"Yours," he whispered.

"C'mon," Bones encouraged, gently grabbing Jim's hand and pulling him to the door, stopping just before it opened.

"Think you can put your 'captain face' on for a few minutes, Jim?" the doctor asked seriously, knowing that his friend would not want the crew to see him so vulnerable.

Spock seeing it was one thing, Bones seeing it another - but the crew was only allowed to see the infallible, unbeatable Captain James Tiberius Kirk.

Not the scared little Jimmy who just needed some comfort from his best friend.

So Jim managed to collect himself just long enough to get back to Bones's quarters.

And then he fell apart.

Thankfully, Bones was there to catch him.

"It's okay, Jim," the doctor whispered comfortingly, rubbing his best friend's back.

"I'm sorry," Jim gasped past his sobs. "I'm sorry. I should be stronger than this. I should be...I should be better than this."

"Jim..." Bones trailed off. "You're the strongest, best man I know. But it's okay to lean on someone else sometimes."

Jim just shook his head desperately, burying his face in Bones's strong shoulder.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Bones asked after Jim's sobs quieted a bit.

"He said...he said we went to school together," Jim admitted softly. "He admitted to stalking me way back when I was eleven."

"Jim, he's at least five years older than you. How would he have known you when you were eleven and he was sixteen or seventeen?" Bones questioned softly, trying to get Jim to keep talking.

"I skipped a few grades when I was younger. I was in ninth grade when I was eleven. He was probably in high school too. He might have even been Sam's friend. I don't know," Jim mumbled.

Bones hummed encouragingly.

"He said...he said I smiled at him. And that we belonged together. And he admitted to having a shrine to me," Jim babbled. "We'll have to go through his room. It's probably in there. He stole my tissues and my clothes, and he...he jerked off with my sweaty gym towel. He said that he made it smell like us."

Bones couldn't help but tighten his arms around his best friend, as if that would protect him from the universe that seemed to have it out for him.

"None of this was your fault, Jim," Bones reassured, because he could see the uncertainty in every line of Jim's body.

"Maybe I encouraged him somehow..." Jim whispered softly.

Bones brought a hand up to Jim's chin and forced those blue eyes to look at him.

"None of this is your fault. None. You got that? Samuels is a fucking psycho, and you didn't even fucking know that he was interested in you. Nothing you did or didn't do would have made a difference," Bones growled.

Jim looked at him with wide eyes.

"You didn't drink that whiskey I left in sickbay, did you?" he asked uncomfortably after a few moments of silence passed. "We should probably get it tested. I'd bet money that he put something in it."

Bones couldn't help but tense at that - and Jim, being flush against him, couldn't help but notice.

"You already got it tested?" Jim asked.

"I went to Spock right after you left sickbay," Bones admitted.

A few seconds passed.

"So..?" Jim trailed off. "What was in it?"

Bones looked him straight in the eye.

"GHB," he admitted softly. "Enough to kill you, if you had more than a few ounces. Especially with your constitution."

Jim swallowed heavily, closing his eyes.

"Good thing I decided to split it with Scotty and not with you that night, then. Because if I had just assumed that it was from him..." Jim trailed off.

Bones didn't want to think about that - he knew they'd probably both be dead.

Because the only person that he would have trusted to save Jim from an overdose of GHB would be him - but he would have been affected as well.

"It didn't happen," Bones stated firmly - to reassure both Jim and himself. "And now Samuels is in the brig, and we'll drop him off at the next starbase to be tried for his crimes."

Jim nodded heavily.

"Can I...can I sleep here tonight?" he asked uncertainly.

"Of course you can, sweetheart," Bones murmured comfortingly into blond hair.

"Sweetheart?" Jim teased sleepily, wrapping his arms around the doctor's neck.

"Just slipped out," Bones defended, lifting Jim onto the bed and laying down with him. "Go to sleep."

And Jim did, clothes and all.

Bones couldn't help but smile fondly, and take off his boots, belt, slacks, and gold command shirt, leaving him in his black undershirt and briefs. The last thing he wanted right now was for Jim to be uncomfortable.

The door chime woke Bones some hours later, but Jim slept through it. Bones gently detangled himself from his best friend's arms, smiling affectionately as Jim frowned cutely in his sleep and reached for the missing warmth.

"Be right back," he whispered softly, brushing a gentle hand through blond hair before getting the door - after checking to see that it was Spock.

"Doctor, the captain was not in his quarters..." the Vulcan began worriedly - or as worriedly as a Vulcan can be - before Bones stepped aside and let him see Jim sleeping soundly in the bed.

"He didn't want to talk in the ready room, and he didn't want to go back to his room," Bones explained.

Spock nodded his understanding.

"Tell the captain that I shall report in the morning," Spock requested stiffly, turning to go.

"Come inside, you pointy-eared bastard," Bones insulted fondly. "Jim needs you right now just as much as he needs me."

Spock looked at the doctor intently before stepping into the room.

The Vulcan and the human stood across from each other stiffly, both drawn to the blonde on the bed but both unwilling to make the first move.

At least, until Jim stirred, raising his head from the pillow.

"Bones?" he murmured vulnerably. "Bones?"

"Shh, Jim," the doctor hushed, hurrying over to his best friend. "I'm here."

"And Spock?" Jim slurred sleepily.

"I am present as well, Captain," the Vulcan responded.

"Tha's good," the blonde said. "You make me feel safe."

Spock watched with wide brown eyes as his captain and friend grabbed his hand and tugged, pulling Spock onto the bed - willingly, of course.

Jim would not have been able to move Spock, had Spock not been willing.

"Talk again in the morning," Jim muttered, pulling Bones down to join them.

The doctor snuggled close to his best friend, wrapping him in a warm embrace.

"Take your uniform off and join us," he invited the Vulcan, still smiling fondly down at the blond head resting on his chest. "Jim will be happier for it in the morning."

That was all Spock needed to slip out of everything but his undershirt and briefs before sliding underneath the covers.

"Mmm...warm," Jim murmured in his sleep.

Spock and Bones met eyes over the sleeping form of their captain, and they did not need telepathy to convey their mutual love for their friend.

They would help him through this - together.