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I am writing this as sort of a rewrite/new version of the Harry Potter chronicles, I have read peoples reviews about it, grammar's lousy, Hayden is too common of a name, more original plots; so I deleted Harry Potter Adventures (I AM SO SORRY) and fused it with this and am experimenting with a new idea. I want to write a ORIGINAL story with ORIGINAL ideas, like the Explorers map, Harry's parents NOT being complete bastards, Less bashing, more adventure, less perfect Harry. Harry's parents wont be featured as much as in the Chronicles where they were in nearly every chapter, this will be Harry centric

Basic Story Outline:

Harry- He will be abandoned, but not hated by his parents. He will not be a perfect, God-like, filthy rich, extremely famous, and politically active person. He will have money, but it won't be close to the family fortunes of the Potters, Malfoys, or Blacks. He will be very Powerful and smart, but without him hating everyone. He will be HORRIBLE at politics and business, so he won't rule the world and be rich as God. He will mostly adventure and learn magic from a young age. Will be good at Transfiguration, Defense, Charms, Potions and basically every magical subject, but WILL NOT be perfect, (he will have faults, if you would like to PM me with possible faults for Harry then please go ahead) Also Harry is straight, NO SLASH, already have pairings picked out, all straight. (I have nothing against gay people, I just can't write them for some reason)

Dumbledore- Very cliché, Manipulative Dumbledore, will know Harry is the real boy-who-lived but will tell everyone it is Harrison. Won't have much of a active role till later.

Lily- Loving mother forced to abandon her favored child for ten years, She will favor Harry because they have more in common (Like in the Chronicles). But won't appear in too many chapters till much later. Won't have a active role till later

James- Father who loves Harry but prefers Harrison, will not hate Harry, and I hope to avoid bashing. Won't have a active role till later

Harrison- Harry's older twin brother who is believed to be the Boy-Who-lived, he will dislike borderline hate Harry because Lily favors Harry over Harrison, won't be a HUGE brat like in most stories but will be somewhat arrogantly and self-assured. HE will be the oldest and Heir to Potter, which is not common in most stories. He will be good at DADA but no where close to Harry. Won't have a active role till later.

Other Characters: Will have many OC characters but not many will actually appear more then once or twice, some like Bill Donovan will be used later and will become a main character. I plan for Harry to have a sister, but I still need to think of a name for her. (My choices are Glory, Kate, Jessica, or you can suggest a different one, no Rose, it's cliché)

Harry will be left in Orphanage (cliché but must be done for story), run away (More cliché) and meet Merlin (NOT SO Cliché, I think), who will give him the Map (MY IDEA! Probably the best EVER!) and other supplies, like a way to travel, then Harry will travel, help people, Fall in love (WAY WAY LATER), make friends (LATER). If you would like to submit a idea for a adventure then go ahead, I am open to all ideas, it can be anywhere and involve anything, I can find a way to fit it in my story.

Trying to avoid Clichéness so if any of you people have any ideas feel free to PM me or EMAIL me or whatever.

This first chapter is basically the same as the Harry Potter chronicles, but main storyline will, of course, be different.

Chapter 1: Oct. 31ST, 1991

James and Lily Potter rushed into their rapidly burning cottage. Their determined faces glanced up at the ceiling where the nursery was located when they heard a child's howl. They rushed into the nursery and saw a black silk cloak devoid of any inhabitant on the floor. A whimper drew their eyes to the crib located in the far corner of the boiling room.

It appeared as though the fire had started here and spread throughout the house. However, against all odds, the area surrounding the twins bed was completely untouched. The flames danced around an invisible shield. Harrison the older of the two twins had a large jagged gash in the center of her chest and was the one crying. Harry on the other had was passed out due to magical exhaustion and blood loss from a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead.

Scooping up the two children, James and Lily rushed out of the house as it started falling apart around them. Several cracks echoed around them as Order members and aurors apparated to the front lawn and formed a circle around them with their wands drawn.

"James! Lily! Are you and the kids ok?" called Sirius concern etched in his voice.

"Voldemort's gone!" Stunned silence met James' disbelieving statement.

"I think we should take this to Dumbledore's office."

"Yeah," the Potters said together as they looked about at the either excited or uncertain expressions on the crowd's faces.

Using their Order portkeys they disappeared, leaving the silent crowd for a twinkling and colorful office. It looked exactly the same as they remembered it; the portraits of ex-headmasters covered one wall and shiny, twirling objects adorned the shelves. Sitting behind the large desk was Headmaster Dumbledore who looking at them expectantly with bright blue twinkling eyes.

"Ah, now what can I do for you?" he asked.

"Headmaster, he's dead. We reached the house after the wards fell and it was burning. We heard Harrison crying in the nursery so we went up there and on the floor was his robes and you could practically taste the darkness in the air." James explained as his wife still seemed to stunned to talk.

"So the prophecy has come true then?" the aging man asked not really expecting an answer "So which child is it? Here, let me look."

He walked over to Harrison who was still sobbing and sniffing, completely disregarding Harry "You say little Harrison was awake?" they nodded "Well then, I believe the prophecy was talking about Harrison and Harry was simply knocked out due to the magical backlash or was overwhelmed Voldemort's dark magic." Still looking at Harrison Dumbledore continued "This boy will be famous around the world, every child will know his name. However, Voldemort is not completely gone, I'm afraid, so Harrison will require advanced training and lots of care."

"But what about Harry?" Asked Lily.

"Yes, yes. I'm afraid that he will have to be sent to your sister, Lily. She is his closest living relatives and we can explain why when he is older." Answered the elderly wizard.

"No. We can take care of both of them. Just because Harrison defeated Voldemort doesn't mean I will give up our other child," said the red headed witch.

"It's the only way, Lily. Harry could become violent and jealous towards his brother due to all the extra attention Harrison will receive. No, this way he can have a normal life."

Lily looked defeated, she really didn't want to give up Harry. Her son. He was more hers then James. They had the same eyes and even though Harry was a carbon copy of James, she and Harry were more alike in personality. James had always favored Harrison over Harry because Harrison was more outgoing and attention-seeking like James where her little Harry was quiet and intelligent. He always preferred to be read to then play, listen then speak. She knew it was wrong to pick favorites and she loved Harrison, she really did, but Harry was a better child and they had more in common.

Looking to her husband for support she was disappointed as he said, "Lily love, he's right, with the attention and the training Harrison will get, Harry could more then likely get jealous and hurt Harrison when he comes to Hogwarts we will explain to him why we had to do it and he will understand."

"James, we cant just give up our son, our baby, for 10 YEARS especially not to my horse-faced, magic hating sister and you know she will hate him!!" she replied "If we do, he will grow to hate us and who knows what my sister will do to him."

Dumbledore then said "Lily, its the only option we have. He must be with a blood-related family to be truly safe and I promise you when Harry is ten, you will get him back and he will forgive you. You're his parents; he will understand when I give him a full explanation to him on why you had to do this."

Lily frowned even more. She really had no choice; it was her against James and Dumbledore but it doesn't mean she would give in easily. " Dumbledore, you know my sister hates me and magic she will hate Harry too."

To which Dumbledore replied "Lily, I understand your concern but surly your sister would not treat her own nephew like you claim; he's just a child." Lily saw their was nothing more she could do, she couldn't change their minds no matter what she said, but she was not going to be nice about it.

"Fine, Dumbledore, but I want him back before he goes to Hogwarts and so help me god IF I FIND OUT HE WAS MISTREARTED IN ANY WAY I WILL CASTRATE YOU DUMBLEDORE HEADMASTER OR NOT!" she screamed, to which Dumbledore and James both flinched.

Lily then gave Harry to Dumbledore but not before giving her son many hugs, kisses, tears, and 'I love yous.'

After the Potters finally left, Dumbledore looked at the child and thought, 'I regret lying to the Potters but I have no choice. You must grow up where you will be unloved and uncared for, you will grow up unrestrained and looking for guidance, which I will offer to you when you come to Hogwarts.

His plan was a sound one. He knew Harrison wasn't truly the one to defeat Voldemort. Harry had been unconscious from magical exhaustion and unlike Harrison, Harry's scar was a cursed one. Harry would one day be more powerful then even Dumbledore and he needed control over the boy not just to defeat Voldemort but afterward so he wouldn't be questioned and would not be a threat to Dumbledore or his power. Once Harry came to Hogwarts, Dumbledore would be his ordinary grandfatherly, kind self and gain Harry's trust. And with that he headed out off his office on his way to number 4 Privet Drive Surry.


Potter Manor, Somewhere in Scotland

Lily Potter curled herself up in the large windowsill, listening to the rain bouncing off the glass. It is two days after the attack, despite having woken up mere hours ago, she already had very little energy. The dark weather went well with her mood these days. Nothing could make her smile anymore; it was as if all of the light was missing from her life and she would never be whole again.

Harry, the pride and joy of her life and had looked forward to teaching and watching him grow up was gone. She wouldn't see her baby for nearly ten years; she would miss his first steps and words, his first bouts of accidental magic and wouldn't be able to hold him when he cried after having a nightmare or teach him all about magic. She would miss ten of the most important years of his life because of Dumbledore and Voldemort.

She couldn't wait for the day she would see her baby again when her emerald green eyes met his, these would be the longest years of her life. A heart wrenching sob escaped her as tears made their way from her red puffy eyes down her cheeks and collected on her chin until they could escape their prison that was her face.

This was the scene James Potter and Harrison Potter discovered as they entered the master bedroom. "C'mon, Lily, come play with Harrison and me… You don't yell anymore and we miss it." He said in an effort to brighten her up. Of course, he failed.

No smile, not even a twitch just a reminiscent and wistful account of the past "Harry always preferred to read."

Now James was worried. In one hand he had a squirming Boy-Who-Lived and on the other, a depressed Tiger Lily. This was not a situation he wanted to be in so he set his son down and tried a different approach.

"Ok, Lily, snap out of it. You will see him again so just lighten up and the time will pass quicker." Claimed James, not really believing himself.

The only response he gained was a quite and unbelieving "yeah."

With no small amount of exasperation the head of the Potter family attempted his trump card. "Remus and Sirius are coming over later."

Still nothing. Feeling a small tuck on the leg of his pants James looked down at his son who quite clearly wished to be picked up. Complying with his sons wishes, James picked up the toddler and vacated the room, planning to try again later.

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