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I found the story it is titled "Finding and saving the Boy-who-lived." by kittycow2004, it hasn't been updated in over a year, but it gives me an idea for a story, I need to find one more story if you can assist again I would be grateful- Harry is believed dead and his twin brother is believed to have defeated Voldemort, his brother is NOT a snob, he also has a sister that is born soon after, when Harry is fifteen they meet him again, they were looking for allies and he works for some organization that fights or something, he goes under a different name and but his parents recognize him and he believes they abandoned him. The story is only a few chapters but they are pretty long chapters, Harry is not seen in the story until they meet him when he is fifteen. I know it is not very specific, but if you know ANY story that sounds like this please tell me, it's important and thank you.

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Chapter 15: Harry meets his mother

The following takes place on August 3rd, 2002

Hogwarts grounds, somewhere in Scotland

"Harry, are you sure this is a good idea?" asked Daxter

"We really don't have a choice anymore, Daxter." replied Harry "Did you check the map?"

Daxter nodded. "Yeah, your mom is alone in her office, most likely she is preparing lesson plans for the year."

"Good, what about all the other teachers?" asked Harry

"All the other teachers are also in their offices." said Daxter

"Ok, lets go." said Harry, Daxter jumped onto Harry's shoulder, Harry snapped his fingers and vanished

Hogwarts 3rd floor, Charms classroom

Harry appeared in his mothers classroom, "You know, when I get older I think I would like to be a teacher." said Harry as he looked around the classroom

"Yeah, I can DEFIANTLY imagine you as a teacher." said Daxter "What subject would you want to teach?" asked Daxter, who knew Harry could teach ALL the subjects if he wanted to

"Defense against the Dark Arts." said Harry

" Figures, you pick the cursed job." said Daxter, who knew of Hogwart's long list of Defense teachers over the last few decades. "I think you would make a good auror."

"I do enough auror type things already, also that would mean I would have to take orders from my FATHER." said Harry, who knew his father was head of the auror department

"You do realize that if you become a teacher you will have to work under DUMBLEDORE, right?" asked Daxter

"No, Dumbledore will be gone by the time I plan to be a teacher." said Harry, Dumbledore's days as headmaster were numbered

"Right, I forgot about that" said Daxter "should we go meet your mom?"

"Yeah." said Harry, they walked across the classroom to a large wooden door with a sign on it that read "Professor Potter's office", Harry and Daxter placed their ears on the door and heard the faint sound of a quill scratching, Harry looked at Daxter and who nodded, he then knocked on the door and received "Enter", Harry opened the door and walked into his mother's office.

"What is it now Dumbledore?" said the redheaded woman, clearly annoyed, she didn't even bother to look up at him, Harry decided to have a little fun, even if this was a serious situation

"Has anyone ever noticed how parents are such hypocrites, they tell us kids to have manners when they themselves don't have manners." said Harry

Lily looked up and saw Harry, her mouth dropped, she softly asked "H-harry?"

Harry smirked, sat down on the couch across from her desk and said "Last time I checked"

Lily just stared at him, Harry looked around her office as she stared at him. The office was nice, it was fairly large and comfortable, it reminded him of a therapist's office. It had a comfortable couch and a large comfy chair, it had a large desk and bookshelf filled with photos and books. Hung on the wall was a degree that showed she graduated from Hogwarts, which was given to all students who graduated after completing their seventh year, and a degree which showed she had a mastery in charms. A mastery is a lot like a college degree, they are not necessary to get a job, but you are more likely to get a better job if you do have one. Usually teachers get one in whatever subject they wish to teach, they often took two to three years to get and the courses to get them were extremely difficult for the average person.

"You know you really shouldn't stare, it's very rude." said Harry, after his mother stared at him for over five minutes

"What are you doing here?" asked Lily, who still couldn't believe Harry was sitting right in front of her after so long

"I see I have to be the parent in this conversation." said Harry, who was kind of having fun insulting his mother's lack of manners

"How did you get into the castle?" asked Lily, she obviously wasn't thinking before asking her questions because they were pretty stupid questions to ask her son after not seeing him in over ten years.

"Magic." replied Harry "But seriously, this is the first time you see me in over nearly eleven years and you are asking me how I snuck into a nearly empty castle?" asked Harry

"Yeah, but we now know you obviously inherited your mothers intelligence." said Daxter, teasing Harry

"A talking ferret?" said Lily, who had heard of son's traveling companion but still couldn't believe a ferret could talk

"I'm an OTTSEL." yelled Daxter

"Daxter is a little sensitive about his species." said Harry "But, that is not why we came here."

"W-why are you here?" asked Lily nervously, she had a feeling he wasn't here to come back

"The marriage contract the Delacours want you to sign, I need to stop it." said Harry

"Your father is not going to sign that contract." said Lily determined

"Did he tell you this?" asked Harry

"No, but you will not be getting traded in any contract as long as I have any say in it." said Lily

"Well in that case I am screwed, because you don't have any say in it, the head of the family chooses whether or not to have their children married via contract, in wizarding law you have no say." said Harry

"B-But I'm, your mother." said Lily

"Well that remains disputed in my mind, you haven't actually done much to earn that title, although I am now giving you the chance to earn redemption for ruining five years of my life." said Harry

"By doing what?" asked Lily quickly, she wanted her son's forgiveness so she wasn't really thinking much

"BY NOT RUINING THE REST OF MY LIFE." yelled Harry, Lily fell back into her chair, she now knew her son had not only inherited her eyes, but also her anger. "I CANNOT marrying Gabrielle Delacour, she is a spoiled brat and so annoying."

"AKA she is an average pureblood child." said Daxter

"and I also HATE average, they are BORING." said Harry

"She will be quite the looker though." commented Daxter "Shame she is blonde, if she was redhead she would have a better chance, she is at a natural disadvantage, at least when dealing with a Potter."

Both Harry and Lily groaned, Daxter noticed this, "Anyway, I need the Delacours to back off." said Harry "Dad won't stand up to them, he thinks he needs all that political power for the second war with Voldemort, which means I need to stop them myself."

"Can't you just refuse to marry her? I read that that YOU need to sign the document to make it official, that's why they need you there." said Lily, who didn't know much about wizarding law because it was an extremely dull subject, even to her, someone would be considered quite a bookworm.

"I can refuse, but it would most likely result with my disownment and every European pureblood will be made my enemy, of course if it was just the former I would refuse to sign, but I DON'T want to piss off every wizarding family in Europe, Damn to hell those Purebloods." said Harry

"HARRY JAMES POTTER, WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE!!" yelled Lily, her motherly instincts suddenly returning

Daxter went flying off Harry's shoulder and hit the floor, face first, Harry stared at his mother wide eyed and said "Did you just MOTHER me?"

Lily sat back in her chair, "Well I am your mother." stated Lily

"As long as I am at risk of ending up engaged to a French witch you do not have that title, you lost it for abandoning me eleven years ago, but I am very forgiving, help me and you will earn that title back." said Harry bitterly

Lily's face guilt showed guilt, she didn't argue with what Harry said, mostly because she agreed, "I'm sorry"

"Whatever, back to the main problem, dealing with the Delacours." said Harry "The only way to end this is to MAKE them back off."

"How exactly do you plan to do that? They told us what you said to them, you insulted their children and family, yet they STILL want you to marry their daughter." asked Lily

"The Delacours own many businesses in France, if we buy enough stocks we can threaten to take control of their businesses, they will back off unless they want to lose their status as an elite pureblood family." explained Harry

"Harry, I am no expert on wizarding business, but I know stocks aren't cheap and you would need to buy at least 51% of almost ALL their stocks to take control." said Lily, she knew a bit more about business then she did politics

"Your right, it isn't cheap." said Harry

"How much will it cost?" asked Lily

"Daxter says he can buy bargain a bit and get the stocks cheaper then usual, but it will cost at LEAST 3 million galleons." said Harry

"3 MILLION GALLEONS?." yelled Lily

"Yeah, and sadly we can't use any of the Potter family money to get it." replied Harry

"What? Why not?" asked Lily

"The Potter family money is watched by goblins and WIZARDS, the Delacours would know if dad began buying stocks for their companies with any money from the Potter vault, they would know what he was doing and stop him." said Harry

"How on earth are you going to get THREE MILLION GALLEONS?" asked Lily

"I am going to enter the international dueling competition, the prize is 4 million galleons, more then enough to buy out the Delacours." said Harry, when suddenly he was hit by an earthquake


"Unfortunately, I don't have much of a choice, it's the only way I can get that amount of money, I have a spot from winning the French tournament." said Harry

"YOU COULD DIE!" yelled Lily

"Better dead then married." said Harry "I don't have a choice, I have to enter."

She could tell by the determined look on his face that all the yelling in the world couldn't stop him, he seemed immune to her yelling, which was a first for anyone. EVERYONE feared her anger, even Dumbledore, Harry didn't even flinch when she yelled, which meant he wasn't afraid of her. So Lily sighed and said "Do you honestly think you can win the tournament?"

Harry nodded "I can win, I have been training for years to duel, the problem is I need to keep outside influences out, which is where I need your help." said Harry

"What do you mean?" asked Lily, confused

"The Tournament takes place in a few weeks in New York, I need you to call off the aurors looking for me, I know you can make dad and the minister do that. They are going to find out I entered the tournament, I need you to stop them from pulling me out." explained Harry

Lily understood what he wanted and she could do it, but one thing confused her "What do you mean New York? The Tournament takes place in London this year." said Lily

"What do you mean? Are you sure?" asked Harry

"I am positive, your father, brother, and sister can't wait till the competition and have been trying to convince me to come along." said Lily

Harry groaned and turned to Daxter who had confused look on his face "DAXTER, you told me it was in NEW YORK."

"It is, I read the brochure, here look" Daxter pulled the brochure out of Harry's messenger bag

Harry grabbed the brochure and read the front, he suddenly realize Daxter had a brochure to the international dueling competition of 1992!! "DAXTER THIS BROCHURE IS FROM 1992." yelled

"So, it is 1992." said Daxter

"DAXTER, it's 2002, not 1992." said Harry

Daxter's eyes widened "It is? Oh right, I forgot"

"How did you forget what YEAR it is?" asked Harry

"HEY kid, YOU try living for OVER TWO THOUSAND YEARS, after the first thousand you stop bothering trying to keep track." said DaxterHarry sighed, Lily frowned "Does this change your plan by much?"

"No, doesn't matter much as long as you stop the aurors from hexing me the minute they find out where I am." said Harry

"I can, but it will be difficult, the minister is, well, an idiot, and Dumbledore is very insistent on finding you." said Lily

"All you have to do is tell them you know where I am and I am back in your custody." said Harry

"Will I know where you are and will you be back in my custody?" asked Lily

"No and no" replied Harry, Lily frowned, Harry looked her directly in the eyes and probed her mind for what she was thinking and what she wanted, she wanted him back and soon, Harry sighed "I plan to come back in a few years, but there are other things I need to do first, I am only back to get rid of the Delacours, then I am gone." said Harry

"May I ask what you need to do?" asked Lily

"No" replied Harry and Daxter

"Is it dangerous?" asked Lily

"Yes" replied Harry and Daxter

Lily groaned as she stood up, trying to look assertive , "May I ask you what you HAVE been doing?"

"Well we faced a dragon in Ireland, won a dueling tournament in France, passed Delta squadron training in America, got blown up and shot at by muggle Hamas militants in Israel/Palestine, and we got fireballs thrown at us by an army of angry veelas in France." said Harry, listening the numerous times Daxter and him had gotten into trouble

"Don't forget the time we were chased by an entire NEST of Acromantulas here in England and burned down HALF of the forbidden forest." said Daxter, who looked scared at just the memory

"Oh yeah, and we did that too." said Harry, who turned back to his mother, her face was as white as a ghost, her mouth was open wide and she wasn't blinking, she sighed and then passed out. "maybe we shouldn't have told her about the Acromantulas." said Harry as he got up to make sure his mom was alright, Daxter just nodded his head as Harry tried to wake us his mom.

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