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Chapter 2: Vanishing from the Orphanage and meeting Merlin

Vernon Dursley woke up in a good mood. He could practically taste a promotion coming and to top it all, off the sun was shinning giving the house a warm glow. 'Life couldn't be better,' the large man thought as he lumbered down the stairs towards the door for his morning paper.

'Damn' was the only coherent thought he could muster as his beady eyes looked upon the thing lying on his door step.

There a small green eyed baby lay wrapped in a blanket stared up at him with a inquisitive expression. It wasn't crying like his own son was at this very moment, just…staring like he could see into the depths of Vernon's mind and discover his inner most secrets. To tell the truth he was kind of unnerved by the child's eyes which looked as though they contained more intelligence then a child, a baby to be exact, should have.

Shaking himself out of his stupor, Vernon unceremoniously picked the infant up and made his way back into the house. The morbidly obese man dumped his nephew on the kitchen table and still it let out ever a whimper.

"Petunia!" he howled causing Dudley to spring into a new bout of wails.

"Yes, Vernon?" questioned a horse faced woman cradling an already overweight bundle of so called joy.

"This," Vernon stated waving around a letter and pointing at Harry. When she notice the infant on the table she almost dropped Duddykins and her face gained an unattractive expression of sever dislike and hatred.

"Well? What does it say!" Petunia snapped as she attempted to quell Dudley's discomfort.

After opening and reading the letter Vernon stood stock still for several minutes looking at the paper like it was some sort of sick joke. Finally Petunia had enough "Well?"

He read the letter out loud "Treat him like your own. His name is Harry James Potter. We will return to pick him up in ten years."

It was written in neat, loopy handwriting. Petunia gained a mixed expression of disbelief, anger, and disgust causing her already unsightly face to reach new heights of unpleasant.

"No explanation, no nothing! Just treat him like your bloody own and a name! Who does she think she is! She expects us care of this disgusting…" She looked at the green-eyed boy on the table. "Freak for ten years! I don't want to keep him for a day!" raged the so called flower, not really expecting an answer.

"Yes, dear" said Vernon "Well, it's off to the orphanage with him then. I will not have one of those freaks under my roof." Vernon stated leaving no room for argument even though none was forth coming.

"I'll drop him off after the babysitter arrives at eleven." Agreed Harry's aunt.

Then the Dursley family sat down to breakfast sending the occupant of the table mixed glances ranging from disgust to nervousness. Finally Vernon left for work and Petunia began her daily sterilization of the kitchen while watching Dudley play on the ground.

Eleven o'clock came and Julie, Dudley's babysitter, arrived. Petunia rushed through her instructions in an effort to prevent the sitter from seeing her abnormal Freakish nephew. She then grabbed her keys, purse, Harry, and practically ran out to her car.

Through the entire car ride, Harry just looked around without making a sound. After an hours drive they pulled up to a half decent looking building. It was an average brick house with a small front yard vacant of anything but grass. Surrounding it stood a brick wall that reached just above Petunia's head topped with barbed wire, the only entrance seemed to be the cast iron gate she was standing in font of.

For the first time this morning Petunia got a proper look at her nephew. "You know for one of those you're not so bad. So for what its worth sorry about all of this and I hope you take care of yourself." She said with very uncommon softness in her voice. Slowly she placed the boy on the front step and rang the door bell situated on the brick column to the right of the gate.

After waiting for someone to exit the build Petunia glanced once more at the bundle and drove away.


Orphanage- 5 years later

The years had been good for Harry, well only because he made them good himself. The orphanage was unwelcome at best. The teachers and caretakers were strict and harsh in their punishments, not that Harry got many. He, unlike many of the children did well in his studies and attempted to stay out of trouble with the caretakers.

This and his small size lead to difficulty with the older kids. However Harry had one big advantage up his sleeve, besides his mind, he had his magic.

Since the age of four Harry had been able to control energy without the others knowledge.


Harry had just pulled a prank on one of the orphanages bullies David. He was told by the head caretaker to get David up, so what did he do? Throw a bucket of ice cold water on the large boy.

Now he was running down a deserted corridor attempting to escape the wrath of the bully and two friends.

Harry was scared; he had received a beating from these boys before and had no wish to relive the experience. The hallway was long so by the time Harry was halfway the other orphans had rounded the last corner. He wished he had somewhere to hide, somewhere to escape the older boys. When he looked back he came to a stop when he saw that they had ceased their chase. The group of boys where looking around wildly as if he wasn't standing right in front of them.

If Harry was surprised at this then it was nothing compared to when they looked at each other, shrugged and walked away. The young wizard looked around with enthusiasm for the cause of the phenomenon until he looked down at himself and stops. Blinking Harry looks down at himself again but all he sees is the floor. As he gazed down at were he could fell his hands where supposed to be Harry was startled to see them rematerialize before his very eyes.

'So I was invisible?' Harry thought which shocking as it was didn't unsettle him as much as it probably should. In actuality he was more excited and interested then anything else.


After that day Harry had worked out that it occurred due to his emotions and will. That theory led him to attempt to remove the emotion component so he could command his magic at will. He had eventually accomplished it after a year of practice. He could levitate objects, unlock locks, summon objects, turn invisible, and many more things.

However, what thrilled and confused Harry the most was when he began using what he later classified as 'elemental magic'. When he first began using elemental type 'spells' a band of strange writing surrounded his upper arm. He gained one for each element he mastered red for fire; blue for water; green for earth, gray for wind, and yellow for lighting.. What Harry didn't understand was the sixth band which was both black and white. As these markings began to appear each of the respective forms of magic became easier to operate.

He didn't have any friends at the orphanage, the children either hated him or were to frightened to make the effort to get to know him. Even his dreams in this place provided no comfort, always being woken up by a flash of green light at some ghastly hour of the morning.

Due to the manual labor Harry underwent on a daily basis he was fairly lean despite the fact he was only six years old. His black hair was still short and messy, and he still wore glasses. His eyes where always the object of everyone's admiration and/or jealousy. The emerald green still shined with life and intelligence regardless of the hardship he had faced

Harry was in his very small room, laying on his bed reading a book, when suddenly a small ball of light appeared out of no where. Harry got up and went to it, it was obviously magic, the ball of light starting circling around Harry under he suddenly vanished in a flash of light.

Merlin's Tower, In between time and space

Harry suddenly appeared in a strange office in a strange tower somewhere very strange, Harry saw a very old looking man sitting at the desk in the middle of the room. The room was filled with books, large and small, many in different languages. The old man stood up from behind his desk and said "Hello Harry"

The man looked very strange, he was wearing robes and had a very long beard, Harry nervously replied "Hello"

"There is no reason to be afraid Harry, I am a friend." said the odd man

"I'm sorry, but who are you?" asked Harry

"I am Merlin, the great sorcerer." said Merlin

Harry was shocked, Merlin was nothing more then a cartoon wizard, Harry never thought he was real "You're real?"

"Yes I am, I suppose you have heard of me, I am very famous in both the muggle and wizarding world." said Merlin

"Wait, wizarding world?" asked Harry, he never thought there was a whole world of wizards.

"You didn't think you were the only wizard on earth, did you Harry?" asked Merlin

"Kind of, yeah" Harry said stupidly

Merlin chuckled and said "Oh Harry, there are thousands of wizards and witches all over the world."

"Really, you mean I'm not different?" asked Harry

"Oh no Harry, you are very different, but everyone is, the world would be very boring if everyone was the same don't you think?" asked Merlin

"I suppose so, but what's different about me?" asked Harry

"Merlin, I thought you said this kid was some sort of genius" said a odd voice from behind the desk, suddenly a orange ferret, walking on two legs appeared from behind the desk.

"A TALKING FERRET?" yelled Harry, this was very odd

"Kid, I'm an OTTESEL, if were going to work together your going to have to get that straight." Said the talking Ottesel

"Daxter, be nice to the boy, he doesn't know any better, which is why he needs you" said Merlin, "Harry, this is Daxter, he will be your guide as you explore the wizarding world."

"Guide? Explore? Huh?" Harry said, he was very confused, which was rare.

"Of course, I apologize Harry, I have not yet explained to you why you are here." said Merlin

"Why am I here?" asked Harry

"Harry, since wizards have walked on your world I have existed, for thousands of years I have watched the wizarding world change and grow." said Merlin

"Thousands of years? But that's not possible." said Harry

"Oh Harry, anything is possible with magic, that is something you must learn. Take this tower for example, it exists between time and space, which means time will not pass as long as you are here, if you were to stay here you would be six years old forever, that is how I live, I only leave the tower every few years. I travel time, I have seen the future and lived through the past." explained Merlin

"You have seen the future?" asked Harry

"Yes" replied Merlin

"What's in my future?" asked Harry, he was curious

"A redhead." said Merlin

"What?" asked Harry, that doesn't make sense

"That is all I can tell you, I can't risk telling you more about the future without possibly changing it." explained Merlin

"But a redhead?" asked Harry

Merlin chuckled and said "You will understand much later Harry, believe me."

"OK" said Harry, he would figure it out later he supposed

"Now as I was saying, I have watched the wizarding world for thousands of years, I have seen all sorts of people do all sorts of things, but you Harry, are the most special wizard I have ever seen." said Merlin

"What do you mean? According to you, thousands of people can do magic, what makes me special?" asked Harry

"You have done great things Harry, very great things." said Merlin

"But I haven't done anything." said Harry, he lived in an orphanage all his life, or at least that's what he thought.

"Harry, you know nothing of your past, it does not surprise me. You do not honestly think you always lived in that Orphanage, do you?" asked Merlin

"Yeah, kind of" said Harry

"Oh no, your parents are still alive and well, well one of them anyway, the other is miserable. You did something incredible Harry, something fully grown wizards were not able to do, but due to the manipulations of a manipulative man, you were abandoned by your parents." said Merlin

Harry couldn't believe this, his parents were still alive, they abandoned him. But why would they have listened to this man? "Why did they listen to him?" asked Harry

"The man in question is very powerful, both magically and politically, your parents trust him with their lives and your life, they do not know of his manipulations or that he is trying to take control of you." said Merlin

"Why does he want to take control of me? What did I do? Who is this man?" asked Harry, he wanted answers

"You are more powerful then the average wizard, what you did, I cannot tell you, I also cannot tell you who he is. You must figure that out for yourself." said Merlin

Harry groaned "So why exactly did you bring me here if you can't give me answers?" Harry asked

"I am here to help you, in order for you to fulfill your destiny you must study magic and master it, you cannot do that by yourself in a orphanage, you must travel and study it." said Merlin

"My destiny?" asked Harry, getting more confused by the minute

"Yes, I cannot explain it, but you are destined for greatness Harry." said Merlin

"So how are you going to help me?" asked Harry

"I have a gift for you Harry." Merlin pointed to a canvas messenger bag on his desk "Take it" Harry walked over to the desk, took the messenger bag and put it on. "I magically enchanted that bag to be weightless and bottomless, you could place an anvil in it and it would weight nothing and fit inside it." Claimed Merlin

"Really? Can any wizard do that?" Asked Harry, he would love to learn to do that

Merlin chuckled at Harry and said "Yes any wizard can do it with the proper training, inside the bag are items that may help you." Harry opened the bag, he pulled out a book "That is a guide to instant transmission, you learn it and then you can use to it to travel anywhere." Harry pulled out a small bag of gold "That is money, Daxter will explain to you how to use it, it may not look like much, but looks can be deceiving." Harry open the small sack and saw hundreds, if not thousands of gold, silver, and bronze coins "that should be more then enough to hold you over for quite a while" Harry put the sack back into his bag and pulled out a folded piece "Daxter will explain that to you, it will be very useful" Harry put it in his pocket, there were other things in his bag, basic things like a tent, sleeping bag, and other things he already knew how to use. "Daxter will accompany you on your journeys, he talks a lot, but he will answer any questions you may have and explain the wizarding world to you."

Daxter walked over to Harry and it looked like he was examining him "Merlin, are you sure this is the kid, he looks kind of scruffy." said the loud mouth ferret

"I am sure Daxter." said Merlin

Daxter sighed "Ok kid, first we're going to need to head to Diagon Alley."

"Diagon Alley? What's that?" asked Harry, he never heard of such a place

"Geez, you really don't know anything about our world, do you? Diagon Alley is where British wizards go to buy stuff." Explained Daxter

"Buy what stuff?" asked Harry, curious

Daxter groaned, he had a feeling this was going to take awhile "You know, like potion ingredients, broomsticks, and spell books, thing wizards use to do magic, we're going to need a lot of spell books to teach you more magic." said Daxter, he examined Harry a little more and then jumped onto his shoulder "This looks like a comfortable spot, ok let's go kid"

"Ahhhh…" Harry had no idea where Diagon Alley was or how to get there from here, so he looked at Merlin, who smiled and with a snap of his fingers they vanished.

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